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= Match-ups =
= Match-ups =
( on the way )
( on the way )
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Ino's Select Picture
Ino Neutral Stance


I-No is considered one of the least popular character in the game. But IMO Shes one of the best considering shes my favorite character and why Im doing her wiki. But Tier wise I beleive she stands at Mid-Tier status. Her learning is quite the akward one , not just a type of character you can pick up and play.. let alone be amazing with her in a short amount of time.

Moves List


(on theirs way)

Special Moves

  • Stroke the Big Tree : HCF+S
  • Anti Depressent Scale: QCB+P (Also Air accessible)
  • Chemical Love (Horizontal): HCB,F +K
  • Chemical Love (Vertical) : HCB, F +S
  • Sultry Performance - QCF+ p-k-s-hs (During Jump; Chargeable)


  • Longing Desperation - HCB,F + HS
  • Ultimate Fortissimo - QCF,HCB + S (In Jmp)

Instant Kill

  • Last Will And Testament - QCF,QCF + HS


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The Basics

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Advanced Strategy

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