Guilty Gear XX Accent Core/Ky Kiske

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Ky Kiske is a leader of the holy knights, and has a robot version of him

Special Moves

236+S/HS(^Core) Stun Edge

236+HS/D(^Core) Charge Stun Edge

236+S/HS Aerial Stun Edge

236+D Aerial Charge Stun Edge(^Core)

623+S/HS Vapour Thrust >HS Stun Rays (^ Core)

214+K Greed Sever

236+K Stun Dipper

222+D/HS That one secret move

OverDrive Moves

632146+HS Ride The Lightning

236236+P Sacred Edge

Move Descriptions

Stun Edge -A simple projectile. He throws a small lightningbolt foward at high speeds for little damage. In ^Core HS does a faster version of it instead of Charge Stun Edge. In the air, the Stun Edge travels diagonally downwards. S makes it go perfectly diagonally down from Ky, HS makes it travel almost horizontally across the screen.

Charge Stun Edge -A more powerful version of charge stun edge. Ky charges for a short while and throw a large version of the Stun Edge. It moves slower, but does much more damage and hits multiple times. In ^Core, you can use this in the air to shoot it diagonally downwards.

Vapour Thrust -Ky jumps up in the air with his sword raising to make an uppercut attack. Very little horizontal range, but great vertical range, and can knock enemies upwards.

Stun Rays -Only able to be done in ^Core. Simply makes it so after Vapour Thrust, Ky shoots foward a thin lightning bolt which usually knocks the enemy into a wall.

Greed Sever -Ky does somewhat of a frontflip and out keeps his sword outstrechted. Hits in almost a circular fashion, and knocks enemies into the ground.

Stun Dipper -Ky slides along the ground with he leg outstretched and kicks the opponent in the shins. He then quickly swings his sword at the same place, knocking the enemy back a bit and into the ground.

That one secret move Makes Ky hit the ground with his fist, causing lightning to come down. Hits enemies that are on the ground.

Ride the Lightning -Ky surrounds himself with a large ball of lightning and dashes straight foward quickly. Able to be done in the air and hits multiple times once connected. Remember to always Ride the Lightning, and not to Throw the Lightning.

Sacred Edge -Ky draws a blue circle in the air and throws his hand through it, sending out a large lightning bolt, which looks like the end of a spear. Very fast and hits more times then a Charged Stun Edge.