Guilty Gear XX Accent Core/Sol Badguy

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Sol Badguy is the main character of the Guilty Gear series, an immortal bounty hunter who uses his immense physical strength and fire magic in battle.

Special Moves

236P Gunflame

214P Fake Gunflame

623S or 623HS Volcanic Viper (214K during move to knock down enemy)

214S Grand Viper

214K Riot Stamp

236K Bandit Revolver (or Bandit bringer if kick is held)

41236HS Fafnir (41236D in ^ Core)

214214S Dragon Install

214214214214+HS+P Super Dragon Install (^ Core secret move)

632146HS Tyrant Rave

Gunflame Stabs the ground and make fire which travels forward. In Dragon install is a giant more powerful gunflame.

Fake Gunflame Looks identical to the Gunflame but causes no damage and fireless. (Does damage in ^ Core however)

Volcanic Viper A flaming uppercut, use heavy slash for a higher reaching uppercut. While in Dragon Install, Light Slash Volcanic Viper is a fairly quick move, and Heavy Slash Volcanic Viper reaches the top of the stage.

Grand Viper A dash followed by a heavy slash Volcanic Viper, mash directions and buttons while doing it to increase number of hits.

Riot Stamp Sol flies backwards to the wall, then flies forward in a kick.

Bandit Revolver A knee followed by an aerial roundhouse kick. An aerial bandit revolver hits more, and does more damage than a ground bandit revolver.

Bandit Bringer A knee followed by a flaming punch

Fafnir (Force break attack in ^ Core) Sol steps forwards and delivers a flaming punch with large knockback.

Dragon Install (consumes 50% of Tension Guage) Sol goes super, increases in speed and attack power, some special moves change, But defense decreases.

Super Dragon Install (consumes 100% of Tension Gauge) Dragon install, but lasts the entire match, longer startup, and drains health at a fast rate. A near useless technique.

Tyrant Rave ver.Alpha (consumes 50% of Tension Guage, Force break in ^ Core 46D after Fafnir) Ex Sol's version of Ride The Lightning.

Tyrant Rave ver.Beta (consumes 50% of Tension Guage) Sol punches and creates a fireball above his fist, then performs an immensely flaming punch with his other arm. (second hit has immense knockback)