Gundam Battle Assault 2

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Gundam Battle Assault 2

Gundam Battle Assault 2 is a Playstation game made in 2002 by the company Bandai. It features 30 characters and a variety of single player options such as time attack and survival mode.


Basic Mechanics


Most of the characters in the game have three health bars but some have up to five health bars. Each time a health bar is depleted, the gundam will overheat. Overheating causes the gundam to enter a knockdown state. The Gundam can still be combo'd with ultras and take damage from moves, but the damage is significantly reduced. Overheating is very useful due to the significant number of infinites GBA2 contains. It guarantees that it will take at least three hit confirms before the round is over.

Thrust Meter

Every character in GBA2 gets three bars of Thrust meter that recharge overtime. Thrust meter is used for dodging, entering vernier mode, thrust jumps, and, on some characters, creating a shield.

Vernier Mode

Vernier mode is activated by imputing down, forward, and thrust. Entering Vernier mode requires the thrust gauge to be completely full and will deplete the thrust gauge until the mode is exited, canceled, or the thrust gauge runs out. A large portion of the cast can enter Vernier mode but there are some exceptions (such as ball). Vernier mode is basically the flight mode of GBA2. Characters can move in any direction for a short period of time but can not block, dodge, or thrust jump. The most important feature of Vernier mode is that gundams in Vernier mode obtain super armor to projectiles. This makes projectile based characters, such as heavy arms, much easier to approach.


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