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Obviously Guy was an overpowered character in SFA1 with redizzy combos up the ass, so it was only natural that Capcom nerf the hell out of him in SFA2. I've always been under the impression that Guy was pretty horrible in this game, probably 4th or 5th-worst or so. When GGPO came around I started using Guy as a fuck-around character, knowing that I would probably lose my matches but I was determined to use him anyway because he seemed fun. As I played him more and more though, I began to find little things here and there that made him more and more useful. All of a sudden I was winning more games, and it's gotten to the point where I consider Guy one of my "main" characters now. I'm not sure where exactly I'd put him in the tiers, but I believe he's got to be somewhere in the middle. He may be at disadvantages against some characters, but he can still win if you know what you're doing.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

qcb+MK is your friend. Use it. It beats so many normal moves on the ground clean, it's an excellent counter. It even makes for a great AC reversal if you're expecting one of your normal moves to be AC'ed (although it mostly only works against kick AC's). Problem is it leaves you vulnerable to a sweep or CC if they block it, but them's the breaks. The mk version does go thru fireballs also if the kick hits.

The LK version of the qcb+K hurricane kick isn't very useful, it goes through fireballs but usually whiffs against crouching opponents, and even if it hits you only get one hit. qcb+HK will practically always miss crouchers because it goes so high - use it only in juggles (especially if you can buffer into it off an anti-air normal move) and CC's.

The qcf+P Bushin Grab I generally don't use all that much, because you're a sitting duck during the jump. If you use the wrong strength button you'll usually stop short or fly past them, the latter of which is always dangerous. Nonetheless, it looks cool if you can successfully predict a fireball with it and grab them out of it. Remember that it doesn't grab if they're stationary in the corner, but if you can grab them out of certain moves (such as... well, a fireball) you will get the grab. Plus you have a potential juggle in the corner!

If the qcf+P whiffs, you get an elbow instead that does pitiful damage. If you land it against a crouching opponent, you can actually combo after it if you're fast enough. Try crouching LK into qcb+MK for a 4-hit combo that knocks them down. Be careful though, if your timing is off or the elbow gets blocked, whiffing the qcb+MK will leave you vulnerable.

His qcb+P, Northern Mountain Breaker or whatever ridiculous name it has, is useful for applying pressure. Buffer into it off a blocked normal move and you might hit them if they flinch. Unfortunately it's only a guaranteed combo after a standing or crouching HP, or a standing MP-HP chain. Whenever you get an opening and you don't have meter, always do Standing HP into qcb+HP to punish, or Standing MP-HP into qcb+HP if you're close enough. Even if you screw up your timing and they block, you'll be safe.

His qcf+K wind dashes... first of all, qcf+HK, K is garbage. Don't ever use it, unless they're almost dead and blocking low. There is no reason to ever use this if they have a lot of life, because it puts you at frame disadvantage on hit. Garbage. qcf+MK, K isn't that useful either, but okay to throw into the mix when they least expect it - usually from full screen distance, since it's so fast.

The qcf+LK, K dash cancel though? Very, very useful. Buffering into it off a normal move is almost always a good idea since it gives you an opportunity to get back in their face, instead of getting pushed back by the normal move. Of course, a great thing to do after a cancelled dash is to throw since you're so close to them. If you think they're going to reverse, use qcb+MK or CC. Or just do a crouching MK cancelled off the first hit into ANOTHER dash, etc. Whenever you throw someone across the screen and they're not in the corner, use the dash to get close to them. Remember, using the dash cancel is free super meter!

Another thing to keep in mind about the qcf+LK dash is that you do NOT have to push LK again to cancel the dash. Either MK or HK will cancel it, as long as you started the dash with qcf+LK. I find it easier to "piano" the buttons and hit MK immediately after the qcf+LK, instead of hitting LK twice in a row. Your mileage may vary, see what method works best for you.

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Custom Combos

This is where your super meter should be going. Although his CC's aren't anywhere close to being the most damaging in the game, they are very solid and give him the potential for an HKD juggle afterwards. Standard CC's activated against a ground opponent:

Level 1 CC - Activate, Crouching MK, qcb+hp, qcb+hp, qcb+HK - 35% damage or so.

You have to be fast to get two qcb+hp - if you're not fast enough, the meter will run out before the qcb+HK can juggle. If you're not sure you can connect two qcb+LP's, do one instead and then the qcb+HK. It's highly recommended to go for two though, especially if you have about 1.5 meters.

Level 2 CC - Activate, Crouching MK, qcb+HP, qcb+HK, qcb+HK - 45% damage

I think the qcb+HP gives slightly more damage than qcb+LP but is also slightly slower - although it's nearly impossible to tell in a CC.

Level 3 CC - Activate, Crouching MK, qcb+HP, qcb+HK, qcb+HK, qcb+HK - around 60% damage!

You have to be fast to get three qcb+HK's in. If you're not sure you can do it, try substituting a qcb+MK for one of the HK's - the damage will end up roughly the same anyway.

RSX note* If you get a blow out of punishing a whiff dp etc, do this cc at lvl 3:

df+hk (1 hit), qcb+hp x5, qcb+hk (about 75%) (lvl 3)

An alternate means of starting the CC is to do it with a Standing MK instead of a Crouching MK - this is useful if they whiff a move from a distance. They might think they're out of range from retaliation, but you can suck them in from half-screen distance with this! Only use a Standing MK if you're sure they can't block it though - in any other circumstance it's wiser to start with Crouching MK because of the whole "Valle CC" effect of catching an opponent in standing block.

RSX note* cc is nasty, it allows you to punish a lot of shit like blocked fireball or sagats on block/hit.

However, let's say they anticipated your CC and were blocking low ahead of time when you activate. Whoops! What you can now do is his f+MP overhead to break their guard, then do a crouching/standing MK into a qcb+P, possibly followed by a qcb+HK if you have enough meter. This isn't as good as it sounds though, as the f+MP is still pretty slow, and after you land this once, your opponent will be more likely to be on the lookout for this and poke you out of it. If that starts happening, try to keep doing crouching MK's to try to trip them up. Don't do them rapid-fire, wait a little bit between each one. If it doesn't work and you blow all your meter... well, that's life.

His AA cc is too good, Ive never seen it trade, basically there are a few variation at lvl 3, lower lvls just hk hurricane.

AA CC 1: s.lp, qcf+hp, qcb+hp x3, qcb+hk AA CC 2: s.lp, qcb+lk x3, qcb+hk AA CC 3: s.lp, qcb+hk x3 or qcb+lk x3, qcb+hp OR s.lp qcf+hp,p, qcb+hp x3, qcb+hk


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