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The Hadouken is the signature move of Ryu and of all fighting games in general. The weilder gathers Chi into an energy ball and releases that energy towards an opponent. Ryu and Ken can both perfom this move, but Ryu is more proficient with it. Most Shotokan fighters can perform a variations of this move, but they often give use different names. Fighters of other styles may be able to produce Hadouken-like projectiles. It varies in strength, speed, length, size, height, color, energy consumption, execution and recovery time, charge ability, and angle of attack.


  • Standard Hadouken: The normal "blue" hadouken that Ryu and Ken can perform.
  • Shakunetsu Hadouken (Red Fireball): A slower, more powerfull red hadouken that Ryu and Akuma can weild in some games. It can knock back opponents and set them aflame. Akuma's variation takes a while to load and can be slow.
  • Ex Hadouken: Ken performs this move. It is faster than a normal hadouken, hits twice.
  • Gohadouken: A purple/red Hadouken that Akuma can use.
  • Zanku Hadouken: A Gohadouken performed from the air. It attacks downwards at an angle. Only Akuma can use this. Shin Akuma throws two hadoukens at a time.
  • Tenma-Gouzanku: A powerfull multihitting zanku hadouken performed by Akuma.
  • Messatsu-Gou Hadou: A very large and powerfull multi-hitting go hadouken performed by Akuma and Evil Ryu.
  • Shinku Hadoken: Five closely packed Hadoukens are released at the same time that Ryu can perform.
  • Denjin Hadouken: A chargeable unblockable hadouken that can stun an opponent performed by Ryu.
  • Hado no Kamae: A "fake" hadouken that Ryu can do. The hand mostions are performed, but no hadouken is launched.