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===Arcade Equipment/Cabinets===
===Arcade Equipment/Cabinets===
===Joystick Parts===
===Joystick Parts===
===Custom Joysticks===
===Building A Joystick===
===List of custom joystick makers===
[[SRK's Custom Joystick Builders]]
Remember this is a community editable list, as always be sure to do your own homework before any online transactions.
====Dreaded Fist====

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This section to contain all sorts of information for people in the FGC interested in building (or obtaining) custom hardware built by the FGC (joysticks, cabinets, TZW boxes, whatever).

Gaming Systems

Arcade Cabinets


Input Devices


Control Pads

Buyer's Guide

Arcade Equipment/Cabinets

Joystick Parts

Building A Joystick

List of custom joystick makers

Remember this is a community editable list, as always be sure to do your own homework before any online transactions.



Dreaded Fist

Wow. What can I say, but thanks to Ponder for giving us our own section on SRK's Wiki.

I have always enjoyed playing fighting games at the arcades. So much, that I even loved playing their console counterpart. More so because continues were free! Playing with strangers you just meet at a big famous pizza restaurant like Peter Piper's Pizza, or Chucky Cheese and playing with friends who shared the same interest of fireball fights and tiger uppercuts for hours

This was not enough. I had to get more of the arcade action at home. Sure, it could be argured that Sega's Dreamcast port of Marvel vs Capcom 2 is arcade perfect, but even if it was proven that it is I would strongly have to disagree. Why you ask? No sync. Playing on that bulky controller is far from arcade perfect and for that reason alone I say no synce. I don't feel connected. My mind wandering around trying to figure out what I'm missing, why can't I connect to this great game that I loved playing at the arcades and then it clicked. I'm not playing on an arcade control panel, thus I feel that I'm not there, in the thick of it all. So I began my search. My search for a TRUE ARCADE STICK that I can use at home.

Links lead to me one site that stuck out like a sore thumb. Click, as I left clicked my mouse and opened the link then there it was. An arcade stick... but it was home made! Upon further reading everything, I set out to build my first CUSTOM ARCADE STICK. After a few sticks, and a lot of green invested in tools, and other materials I bestowed my creation to my friends, who loved it and encouraged me to make more and eventually building and selling them online to people. So afterwards, I created a thread on SRK's forums for other builders to post pics, ask questions, and etc... A great thread that has ran for 3 years and very informative, but a pain to navigate and search through looking for answers that were already answered pages and pages ago. Now I have created a new thread. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=108857 Part II, a sort of continuance with more links and new/old faces lurking around.

Feel free to add tips, ideas, mods, your own work or anything releated to the subject. Thanks