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This section to contain all sorts of information for people in the FGC interested in building (or obtaining) custom hardware built by the FGC (joysticks, cabinets, TZW boxes, whatever).

Gaming Systems

Arcade Cabinets


Input Devices


Control Pads

Buyer's Guide

Arcade Equipment/Cabinets

Joystick Parts


  • Wico(defunct)
    • Wico Flash (discontinued
    • Wico NOS Leaf Switch (Discontinued)
    • Wico NOS Micro Switch joystick (Discontinued)
  • Happ
    • Happ Competition
    • Happ Super
    • Happ Perfect 360
  • iL (Industrias Lorenzo)
    • iL Eurostick - If you are looking for what was used in American Arcade cabinets in the 90's get these. Individual Microswitches for each direction.
  • Ultimarc
  • Suzo

Japanese Joysticks for the most part are smaller than their American counterparts witch allow them to be placed in smaller custom cases. Typically come with square gates by default.

  • Sanwa
    • Sanwa JLF - These are the most popular arcade stick used in Japanese arcades. These are the default joysticks used in Street Fighter 4 cabinets. They are different from American style sticks in that they have a square gate which makes the joystick feel like it is in a square hole and they are more compact.
    • Sanwa JLW-TM8
    • Sanwa JLW-UM8
    • Sanwa Flash(discontinued)
  • Seimitsu
    • Seimitsu LS-32 and LS-32-01 - Second most popular stick used in fighting games. Stiff spring. Big with the 2d Shoot-em-up community.
    • Seimitsu LS-33
    • Seimitsu LS-40 and LS-40-01
    • Seimitsu LS-55 and LS-55-01
    • Seimitsu LS-56 and LS-56-01
  • Taeyeoung
    • Taeyeoung Fanta
  • Myongshin
    • Myongshin Fanta
  • Crown

Building A Joystick

List of custom joystick makers

Remember this is a community editable list, as always be sure to do your own homework before any online transactions.