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Sitewide conventions probably should go here. There also should be links to default templates and other fun stuff.

General help with the wiki can be found at MediaWiki's user guide. Or maybe you need help editing a page.

Quick Help

  • Don't worry if you get something wrong. Somebody is likely to fix it later.
  • Try to sign your comments on talk pages when it's important to know who is speaking (use ~~~~ to add a dated signature)
  • Links:
  • Titles: Start with
    == Level 2 titles ==
    then use
    === Level 3 titles ===
    and so on. Maximum is level 6.
  • Bullet lists: start each line with a * for a bullet, with a # for a number. Use two symbols (**) to add an indentation level.
    1. You can mix both symbols
      1. And go down as many levels as you want
      2. Numbers are given automatically. Don't add them yourself.
  • Upload a picture: use the "Upload file" link on the right of the page.
    • You can give your file a more meaningful name when uploading. Image:random dp.jpg is easier to undersand than Image:112456247863.jpg.
    • PNG files may not be resized properly, and resized GIF files are not animated.
  • Picture usage
    • [[Image:everyonegetsshot.jpg]] for the full picture
    • [[Image:everyonegetsshot.jpg|100px]] for a scaled picture without a frame
    • [[Image:everyonegetsshot.jpg|frame|caption]] for a captioned frame without scaling the picture
    • [[Image:everyonegetsshot.jpg|thumb|caption]] for a captioned frame with a scaled thumbnail
  • Use the preview button.
  • When you leave a message to an user's talk page, they will be notified.