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|-Stance.gif Widely considered to be at her peak in A-Groove, Hibiki leaves much to be considered so far as her placement on a team. As an A-Groove battery she fares well vs a good number of the cast, but with a strong showing of K groove and certain A/C groove characters in the #1 slot she's reduced to jailbait for the low-jumping Blanka's, Sagats (however well she fights them in A/C) or any groove Vega's (claw). As a user she narrows those odds somewhat, and generally she could be quite lethal as her CC's can net upwards of 10000 damage via her resets.

With a groove such as N or K, she gains more momentum with run/run slash and short jump and arguably greater mobility and defense with counter-movement (in light of her below average counter-attacks) which contribute to her knockdowns and subsequently her mixups. She gains a rushdown akin to that of the threat of her point blank CC activation. Just Defense helps a bit against abusable low jumps.

While playable in P or C grooves, she doesn't benefit quite so much from air-block or lvl 2 supercancels. Parrying helps her a lot, and small jump is always nice, but compared to whats offered to her from A/N/K she's typically reduced to simply zoning throughout the course of a match.

Even so she remains the solid upper mid tier character she's always been since the earlier days of CvS2.

Moves List

Normal Moves


Name State Hit Blk Sta Act Rec Dmg
Jab Close +5 +5 3 4 8 200
Far +5 +5 3 4 8 200
Crouch +3 +3 4 5 12 400
Jump n/a n/a 3 16 n/a 500
Strong Close +2 +2 4 4 18 800
Far +3 +3 6 4 17 800
Crouch +1 +1 5 4 19 700
Jump n/a n/a 3 8 n/a 700
Fierce Close -17 -17 3 8 41 1000
Far -15 -15 7 4 41 1000
Crouch -6 -6 5 4 32 1100
Jump n/a n/a 5 4 n/a 1200


Name State Hit Blk Sta Act Rec Dmg
Short Close +2 +2 5 8 7 300
Far +2 +2 5 8 7 300
Crouch +3 +3 3 4 10 200
Jump n/a n/a 4 14 n/a 400
Forward Close +6 +6 5 6 11 800
Far DOWN -8 13 3 28 700
Crouch -6 -6 5 6 20 700
Jump n/a n/a 5 8 n/a 700
Roundhouse Close -9 -9 8 6 27 1300
Far -8 -8 12 4 40 1100
Crouch DOWN -8 8 4 34 1100
Jump n/a n/a 9 4 n/a 1100

Command Normal

Cancel Close Standing Fierce Frames 20-27

Can either tap or simply hold fierce down

Name State Hit Blk Sta Act Rec Dmg
Fierce Downward Slash Close -8 -8 8 2 35 1000

Special Moves

Forward Slash (Distance Slash)

Running Slash (Beckoning Slash)

Overhead (Piercing Moon Pounce)

Counter (Melding Being Blade)

Dodge (Narrow Escape)

dodge run/hop (Essential Crunch)
During Narrow Escape Towards + K or Away + K


Dash Super (Heavenly Spirit of Victory)

Blackout (No Fear Feint)

Rave Super (Going My Way)
HCB, F + Lk (Begin Roots 1, 2, or 3 upon 1st hit of super)
Root 1 Lp, Mp, Hp, Lp pause Mp, Hp, Lp, Mp qcf+HP
Root 2 Lp, Mp, Hp, Lp pause Mp, Hp, Lk, Mk qcf+HK
Root 3 Lp, Mp, Hp, Lk, Mk, Lk, Hk

The Basics

Bread and Butter Combos

d.lk x 3, d.lp xx qcf+mp

You want to use qcf+mp instead of LP because it recovers faster (slightly)

Try to do the d.lk's as slow as possible so it still combos to prevent being punished by moves such as Bison's short Scissor kicks.

d.lp xx qcf+mp

Whereas the combo listed above is done if they're close, this is done primarily to establish/maintain Hibiki's excellent ranged defense. For best results it's best executed by tagging the opponent with the tip of her sword while inputting the qcf+mp motion so that the slash combos only if the jab hits. Since it is a jab practice so you don't accidentally kara-cancel this.

close s.HK xx qcb+HP xx qcf+HP

Punisher BnB, scores knockdown and set's up Hibiki's Wake-Up Pressure Game.

RC qcb+HP xx qcf+HP

Roll groove Hibiki's wakeup reversal, as well as her best answer to fireballs. Like any instance where she uses a crossup beckoning slash xx fierce distance slash she sets up her deadly mixups. Its benefits over a wakeup dp:

-hit confirmation into qcf+HP or Supers.

-safety. As it crosses up its harder to punish, also messes up charge characters

-If blocked it still gets you out of corners

-If you land it you have the initiative.

counter, qcb+LP

Best non-meter use followup to a counter with good setups after.


Hibiki's fairly descent at zoning, with some strong defensive moves based around her Fierce. However some of her strongest attacks for the most part leave her fairly open.


Perhaps Hibiki's strongest whiff punisher outside of her standing/crouching MP, if she misjudges the distance she is in for a hurting as the recovery is somewhat long.

Forward Slashes


Best used in her B&B's for positioning purposes, if done at near max distance it's night unpunishable by anything short of fast lvl 3's such as Balrog's lvl 3 Gigaton Blow. The reason you want to use the strong version is the -17 frames you'd be at on the hit or block vs the jab version's -19. This isn't so much of an opening as it is a reminder to stay sharp.


A good move she could throw out to catch whiffs, or to use in response to Fireballs (Although the best move for that'd be RC qcb+p). The lag on this move is horrible when whiffed however. You can roll it on reaction and kill her if she's too predictable.


The biggest reason Hibiki uses this move is to bait your stronger moves with greater startup and recovery so that she can block and punish in turn. She is quite vulnerable to fast long range moves during this moves recovery. HOWEVER this move is excellent for more than just baiting whiffs.

Jump attacks

Hibiki likes to jump on people with her j.HK. It's ambiguous, even for the player at times if not used right. If used too early she can even be punished on recovery. Not to mention if she mistimes or doesn't set-up her jump, the somewhat slow speed of her jumps make her vulnerable.


120 [27/6U/4R] Referenced from Buk's Sys. Guide I don't think I need to describe in too much detail why she will die doing this randomly. I do think it may have some use for a crossup roll following a knockdown though.

For those too lazy to figure out what those numbers mean, thats

120 pixels covered by the roll 27 frames full body invincibility 6 frames upper body 4 frames recovery

So in other words don't do this too often.

Just Defense/Parry

While not really an opening for Hibiki, her usual single hit anti-airs are very risky vs P/K grooves and she shouldn't rely on them too much.

Super Combos

Info from Buktooth

-close roundhouse xx qcb+fierce xx qcf+fierce:

3400 dmg, 34 stun

Your big mistake punisher. The trip slash can be swapped with a level 1 super (not recommended, only 1200 more damage) or higher. However, if you have a level 3 available you wouldn't want to do this combo anyway. The non-super combo is great as it does good damage and a whopping 34 stun; halfway to dizzying any character. Great set ups after also.

close roundhouse xx deadly rave, close roundhouse xx qcb+fierce xx qcf+fierce:

7878 dmg, 47 stun

Your big mistake punisher into level 3. Very good damage, HUGE stun damage and great set ups after. If you hit this, chances are you're going to win.

The way to do the finisher combo when you're in the corner is to input the close s.HK xx qcb+HP xx qcf+HP part as if you DIDN'T cross-up with the qcb+HP running slash. Do the qcf+HP knockdown slash as if you're FACING the corner, not as if you crossed up and your back is to the corner like you would naturally think.

(S/N-Grooves only) deadly rave, close roundhouse xx qcb+fierce xx level 1:

7979 dmg, 0 stun

After a deadly rave super, the combo hit count is high enough that damage scaling becomes fairly severe on the running slash xx trip slash combo. The level 1 super becomes more worth it in this case, doing roughly 1600 more dmg. By comboing into the deadly rave super you can do roughly 10000 dmg in one combo.

-counter, level 1/3 super/blackout super:

2900/5500/6100 dmg, 0 stun

Doing the level 1 generally isn't worth it, but the level 3 is good for a nice chunk of free damage. N-Groove can also activate after the counter and still land the level 3.

The most damaging finisher after the counter is the Blackout Super. To do it consistently in both run or dash grooves, input f, f (hold for a brief second), hcf+P.

-dp+kick, level 1/3 qcb, hcf+P super:

3100/5700 dmg, 8 stun

The overhead will only cancel into the super when it HITS. So go ahead and buffer the super input every time. You don't need to worry about accidently wasting your meter.

Custom Combos

Info from Buktooth

For R1 Damage I referenced Buk's System's Guide (-18%)

Since the damage output on most of her CC's as an R1 do pitiful damage, it's practically mandatory that you master usage of her Resets to reach/break 10000 and make her worth it as a user

CC, (close RHx2, c.HP xx qcb+LP)x2, (c.LPx4, c.HP xx qcb+LP)x2, c.LPx4, c.HK xx super:

7892 damage (R2)

6471.44 damage (R1)

Very respectable damage. This generic ground CC is your "big punisher CC" and also the CC to use when you activate randomly. First hits hitting low is nice too, but I find that it's a little too slow to use as trip guard anti-air.

CC, qcf+MP, qcb+LP, qcb+MPx3, qcf+MP, c.LK (whiff), (jump HPx5)x2, super:

6864 damage (R2)

5268.48 damage (R1)

This is your anti-air CC. The beauty of this CC is that you can anti-air somebody from REALLY far away on reaction and get a whole CC out of it. Is Blanka jumping up and down? Kill it. Blanka low jumping up and down? Kill it. Did you just block a Bison psycho crusher (or Blanka ball)? Kill it. Sak whiffing dive kicks? Kill it. You get the point.

kick throw, CC, qcf+MP, qcb+MPx4, qcf+MP, c.LK (whiff), (jump HPx5)x2, super:

6812 damage (R2)

5585.84 damage (R1)

This is lovely. Guaranteed CC after a midscreen throw. You can also activate, THEN throw and combo off of that for a bit less damage. Still worth it, though, and pretty much guaranteed to work several times on everybody before they start catching on. And then when they start trying to jump out you do a low move and go into the ground CC...

CC, jump HKx4, c.HP, then go into generic ground CC:

7760 damage (R2)

6363.2 damage (R1)

Overhead CC on big characters. Works on characters Eagle-sized and taller. Also handy as an easy reset mid-CC, or if you went for a low hitting CC and they blocked.

Eagle sized logically would mean while crouching

Referenced from Buk's system's guide->Eagle, Zangief, Sagat, Geese, Chang & Raiden

CC, qcb+LP, c.HP, (qcb+LP, c.HPx2)x2, (c.LPx4, c.HP, qcb+LP)x2, c.LPx4, c.HK, super:

7672 damage (R2)

6291.04 damage (R1)

Whiff punisher CC. Also works as one of the best anti-projectile CCs in the game. Hibiki can be really far away from the fireball thrower and still get a CC off of it.

To get an idea how far this can connect imagine the opponent in the corner and you opposite corner and dash forward.

Advanced Strategy

CC Resets

qcb+mp, just as you pass through and past the opponent KKK ~ b+K, you will hop back over the opponent. j.HK, j.MP, c.LK into ground CC.

While normally used when the opponent blocks your CC, it can also be used mid-CC to reset the combo meter.

--Can be avoided standing, in which case you mixup after the dodge with either a low attack or kickthrow

Dodge KKK, d.mk

Also a mixup following the dodge on the 1st reset. If they stand, go low with d.mk and continue the CC.

---This is a good alternative if the opponent stands to avoid the 1st Reset. Probably better than the next since the kickthrow takes a lot of time from the meter.

Dodge KKK, kick throw

Another followup to the dodge on the 1st Reset, it suffers in comparison due to the time (and hence damage) it takes from CC's, and it effectively nukes the chances for further resets.

---This is mashable of course, but for mixups it's there.

s.HK xx dp+k continue CC

Getto old-school reset. s.HK has enough hit-stun so that the similar looking dp+k will counter-hit jabs/shorts. It will catch people trying to jump out as a nice bonus.

--This is roll-able (hence RC, lvl 3, dp reversable). The timing fortunately IS strict. It is of course blockable standing if they see it coming.

d.HK, qcb+P, continue CC

Sweep then cross them up with the qcb+P Beckoning Slash and continue with the generic Ground CC.

---It's a crossup.

Wake-Up Pressure/Knockdown Mixups

d.lkx2 xx dp+k xx qcf+HP

d.lk tick kickthrow

s.HK xx qcb+HP xx qcf+HP

dp+k xx qcf+HP/qcb,hcf+P

RC the dp+K at your pleasure.

super j.HK

Much, Much faster hitting overhead attack than dp+K. Only worth doing if you'll win with that one hit though or you're sure it'll stun.

qcb+HP xx qcf+HP

Crossup qcb+HP xx qcf+HP

Dash Mixups

Basic dash mixups(d.lk x 2 dash kickthrow/BnB/activate), while her throw is much shorter than the norm at only 44 pixels, her dash (81 pixels) more than makes up for it.



Provided A-Hibiki is put in the user position, and starts this matchup with either a full bar or close to it activation helps her dearly; if she lands her CC at all he's done. Otherwise, this matchup typically goes to Vega.

-His pokes pretty much own hers

-His anti-airs (s.HK, airthrow, jump back mashing)are solid.

-Vega's fast enough to take advantage of all her openings

Seems like the only way Hibiki can kill Vega is to knockdown, get up close and mixup 'till Vega dies. The problem is landing that initial knockdown. Her only moves that give her that are qcf+HP, s.MK, d.HK, and her kickthrow. Vega's not too likely to give her the opportunity to land the latter 3, so she's dependant almost entirely on qcf+HP, which he can easily take advantage of if she's too predictable.

She could try to play it defensive, but typically the match will result in Vega whittling away at Hibiki's life.

Fortunately her s.HP seems to work just fine as anti-air, though a low jumping Vega would give her fits. His d.MP both outranges and seemingly outprioritizes her own also.

Activation at least gives her something to use against his anti-airs, his straight-up jumping bullshit, and some of his lag-heavy pokes if he whiffs.


Where Vega zones Hibiki to death, Cammy rushes with her close s.HP following a knockdown. When that happens Hibiki's options are exceedingly limited outside CC activation or counter-attacks (a plus for C/N/K grooves) since she lacks a good reversal outside RC run slash. She ends up blocking the Fierces or getting thrown.

-Never let Cammy score that knockdown, hence never leting her get close enough to work that s.HP, unless you've taken the initiative with a knockdown of your own, then feel free to mix-up.

-You can anti-air fairly freely between s.HP or counters

-As with Vega, keep a close eye on your openings, especially vs P/K Cammy

-Don't try any forward slashes if she has a lvl 3 stored, though if you're feeling gutsy you could aim for a qcf+HP while she's dancing back and forth.


Sak's got too much going for her for A-Hibiki to try to challenge her up close without meter. While both have nice mixups when they've got the intiative, this match is best done at range. In particular, just barely past the reach of her s.HK.

At that range you can prepare yourself for a drawn out match.

-Hibiki can d.HP whiffed Sak's s.HK's, RC Fireballs

-counter RC Hurricane Kicks

-use d.LP xx qcf+MP to keep her out

-anti-airs are pretty solid vs Sak, but don't get too predictable when she has bar. That as well as including her dive kick give her unique setups for her CC's.

-You don't want to whiff anything. Sak's roll at 112 [27/4R] is not quite Iori fast, but its fast enough to punish all of Hibiki's whiffs outside s.MP, d.MP, d.LP. Her mixups are strong enough that vs Hibiki it's practically guaranteed that you'll at the very least loose 1/3 of your guardbar if you let her land her BnB once. Watch your openings.

-Sak's normal anti-airs are susceptible to Hibiki's ambiguous j.hk crossup attempts. You can beat her close s.HP or d.HP between good distancing and varying the timing of the hits.

-Sakura lacks naturally invicible attacks outside CC activation, so she's highly vulnerable to Hibiki activating point blank (for her that's a mixup in itself) and throwing or just throw and activate.

-Vs Sak's who end their CC's with HK hurricane kicks to super you can grab her with Hibiki's counter during that gap between the 1st and last hits of the hurricane kick.