Hotaru Futaba (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

Ten Rankutou - near opponent, press or N or + +

Hantentou - during jump, near opponent, press or N or + +

Unique Moves

Sengeki Shuu - Press +

Sengeki Shu - Press +

Koushuu Da - During jump, press +

Special Moves

Hakki Shou - + or

Soushou Shin - + or

>Break - Press +

Kobi Kyaku - + or

>Break - Press +

Rengeki Shou - During jump, + or

Tenshin Shou - + or

Shinjou Tai - Near opponent, + or

En Un Juurokushu no Kamae - + + (can move)

>Tanshou Shin - Press

>En Un Kasou - Press

>Engan Soushou Da - Press,

>Ryuu Ensen Kyaku - Press D

>Zensou Enbu - Press + , +

>Senkai En - Press + or

>Kamae Kaijo - Press

Ri En no Kamae - During En Un Juurokushu no Kamae, press + +

>Enryuu Banda - Press

>Enjin Kyaku - Press

>Haigeki Shu - Press (SC)

>Enbi Kyaku - Press

>>Break - Press +

>Haishin Tenrakutou - Press +

>Ri En Ryuubu - Press + +

>En Un Juurokushu no Kamae - Press + +

>Kamae Kaijo - Press

Desperation Moves

Soushou Tenrenge - + or (requires 2 stocks)

Tenshou Ranki - + or


(by Dark Geese)

Hotaru: -cr.D can be kara cancelled into virtually anything -cr.B, cr.A, st.A all have massive priority -df+C can be jump cancelled -jump D is used for crossups. lots of priority. -has air chains from jump A or B to C -air knee special is hard to punish without a gcfs -DA will combo after her standing D break in her backturned stance -kick flip from phoenix stance is great aa -first hop of her C super has invicibility -B super is faster than the D version -qcb+p is good to bait gcfs, and then punish the gcfs with her B super, as is the A attack from the backturned stance -f+B when used alone has auto-gaurd at startup, and if counter hits will wall bounce -incredible dash -Hotaru's B&B's do a lot of damage, and are easily confirmable -I play her with a lot of mixup and throw setups, as it's easy to cut off her chains, stances, etc. and then go for dash in->throw

Hotaru Part II

Last time I started with what you can do after her bnb launcher combo. I forgot to throw in that you also can do her Deadly Assault after the launcher combo. After a Deadly Assault most Hotarus throw a fireball because she can rush after it.

Also some more tidbits for you, if you are facing the corner you might wanna do an airthrow after the bnb combo so that your opponent lands in the corner so you can start the SieClayton/Keeroc Command Grab/Bnb combo mixup.

Random tidbits- Notice that the Japanese use cr.ax2 to link into df+c, C DxxBreak with Hotaru.

Also know that Hotarus least used move is:

Enter Backturned stance (BT Stance), There are 2 ways to do it-

  1. 1-Get into AOP Stance (Down A+C), then press Back B+D.
  2. 2- Press Df+C, then with her back facing you you are in backturned stance.

After this press forward, forward B+D in Backturned stance..this is the move least used

If this hits near the corner at a certain angle you can combo into Bnb Combo!

Other Misc. Things-

Watch out whoring Hotaru’s air qcb+k move..

Its fine at the beginning of the round or when your opponent does NOT have meter..

But when your opponent DOES have meter than can easily GCFS it.

Cajunstrike FRX Hotaru tricks –Once again proof try this shit man and I’m looking for it or I break it almost on reaction!!!

Cajunstrike will go into Backturned stance, and do her A attack three times in a row to catch you slipping. He will stop at the 3rd time though! LOL. Or between the 2nd and 3rd rep he will try to throw you from BT stance...

So yes get the Cajun loop down- That’s BT stance A, (which makes you go to AOP stance) get back to BT stance by pressing back B+D, then repeat.

Her Overhead- Get into AOP Stance- Down A+C, then press D.

In the corner you CAN combo off of it…

That’s right.. the overhead creates a stun..CROUCHING OR NOT.

So you can combo into cr.bxxdf+C, DxxBreak (A+C) whatever…

Triad will after a blocked bnb go into AOP stance and almost IMMEDIATELY do the overhead..all of them do it..Lucious (SieClayton), Cajun, P-Soul..its like I train my eye to see that pattern as they do and block high after a blocked BNB.

Also know that Hotaru CANNOT block in both AOP and BT if they wanna play that game PUNISH THEIR ASS!

Also know that Hotarus Crossover is Jump D..use it.use Jump-in D a lot too...has good priority.

For fun- A Texas Showdown 6 Hotaru combo-

Do her BNB, but instead of finishing with St.C to D, after DF+C, press A (Yes part of Cajuns loop this is how he gets into it to start his TRIPLE BT A SHIT) then finish the combo with a Sweep