Hugo (3S)

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Hugo's Character Select Portrait
Hugo's Neutral Stance


Moves List

Normal Moves


Neck Hanging Three LP LK
Body Slam F or B LP LK

Command Normals

Body Press While jumping, D HP
Hammer Hook F HP

Target Combos

  • None

Special Moves

Giant Palm Bomber D, DB, B P (EX)
Moonsault Press 360 P
Monster Lariat D, DF, F K (EX)
Shootdown Backbreaker F, D, DF K
Meat Squasher 360 K
Ultra Throw F, DF, D, DB, B K

Super Arts

I Gigas Breaker 720 P 1 stock
II Megaton Press D, DF, F, D, DF, F K 2 stocks
III Hammer Frenzy D, DF, F, D, DF, F P 2 stocks

Move Analysis


Instead of Jumping HP, you can use Down HP in the air for any combo that starts with Jumping HP.

Combos: Midscreen

  • Jumping HP-->Standing LK-->QCF 2K
  • QCB 2P-->QCF HK
  • HCB HK-->SA II
  • Jumping HP-->Standing LK-->SA III
  • HCB HK-->F, D, DF HK
  • QCB HP-->QCB MP/LP-->Crouching MK
  • Crouching LK-->SA III


  • HCB HK-->QCB P-->F, D, DF HK

Stun Finisher

  • HCB HK-->Standing MP (x4)-->F, D, DF LK

Frame Data



Command Normals

Special Moves

Super Arts

Additional Frame Data



Super Art Selection

The SA you choose will depend on your preference and the matchup. The two most used supers are Gigas Breaker and Hammer Mountain.

Gigas Breaker is great because it creates a sense of fear in your opponent, has great comeback potential and can be setup in a variety of ways including an SJ cancel called a Tachi or standing gigas. It can also be buffered in a dash, but is mostly used in a situation where a parry or block can lead to fat ass damage. Drawbacks include a lack of combo-ability and loss of some EX potential. Hayao is arguably the best known SAI player, also notable is Eriho.

SAII isn't used much, but Megaton Press can be used a lot like Gief's Aerial Russian Slam. It can be used to counter characters who want to be in the air a lot, like Yun and Akuma and force them to play a ground game. It can also be used after an ultra throw, and in the corner after ultra throw and a clap. Does decent damage and allows for EX uses, most people pass it up to have either the power of Gigas or the flexibility of Hammer Mountain.

Hammer Mountain is Hugo's most flexible SA. It deals decent damage, can be used on wakeup or to charge through poke strings and as a whiff punisher. Deals excellent stun damage. Can be comboed from claps, clks, jhk, bodysplash, clk and allows for EX usage. It is one of two ways Hugo can deal big damage with a combo, the other is a clap comboed into EX clothesline. It is generally preferred in the Dudley matchup because he can escape Gigas/Earthquake Bomb with Backswing Blows and his strange hitbox. SAIII is also seemingly more popular in America than Japan, some of the best known mainly SAIII players include YSB, Adolfo Luevano, and Y-Da.




Additional Notes

  • Personal Action: Attack and Defense up, max 4 per round. Holding HP HK = Throw damage up.


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Hugo has no matchups where he is at a serious advantage.

Advantage Match-ups


Fair Match-ups


Disadvantage Match-ups


Ken- Watch out for crossup air EX Tatsu!

Makoto- If the Makoto does too much dashing or Hayates, they can be stuffed with lk/clk/clp and anticipation mp/cmk. If she tries to fight on the ground and use the general Makoto playstyle, she'll likely get destroyed. Earthquake Bombs/Gigas will own her dash punches and close attacks that get blocked or parried. All of her useful pokes can be high parried besides clk and chp. Her only ground poke that can beat Hugo's crouching pokes is cmk which trades w/ Hugo's sweep. (in your favor) If the Makoto knows that she can't do a lot to Hugo on the ground, he will likely play it safe and try to hit with cmk on the ground, jumping tsurugi and safe (to parry/grab) jump ins. You have to then rely on Hugo's pretty bad anti airs and Backbreakers, try to bait her to jump with cmp and pokes, if she jumps for a tsurugi you can sometimes backbreak it on reaction. Cornering Makoto is the best thing you can do in this match... no need to worry so much with the big man about her Karakusa bullshit, she won't likely be able to land it due to Hugo's various throws beating hers and the aforementioned countering her ground offense. SAIII is recommended cause you can use it for another anti air and you're unlikely to Gigas a smart Makoto.











Serious Disadvantage Match-ups

Chun Li- Chun is the master of ground combat, she can zone you really easily with her long high priority pokes and can atleast trade with everything Hugo has. She also has the threat of SAII.

Dudley- Dudley has the ability to outzone you with his long fierce and forward fierce, there isn't much to retalliate against this with rather than trading hits. His hits also do a lot of damage, but most importantly is the fact that his hitbox is strange so he is harder to throw. That combined with the powerful backswing blow makes this match difficult for Hugo. Even if you close the distance, he can still slip out, SAIII is generally preferred in this matchup, and your objective is to corner him and then control him there being mindful of his EX Uppercut.