Iceman (XMCOTA)

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A solid middle-tier character with great normals but slow specials. Most people pick him for his MP throw -> Super, and his chipping ability. But he's actually quite adept rushing down, and good at zoning due to his normals. He fights Sentinel rather well, due to Sent's large size and the space Iceman is capable of controlling.

Ground Chain: Kick to Punch (any)
Normal Jump Chain: Kick to Punch (any)
Super Jump Chain: Zig Zag 1
Tech hit type: Counter Throw
Weight Class: Middle

Moves List

Normal Moves

down + hp in the air drops a projectile normal that does alot of stun, and if it hits as part of a juggle, the opponent will be held, then start flying up+back.

Throws: MP throw is the "freeze" throw. If this isn't teched at the beginning or end of the "grab" animation, it seems it can't be safe-falled. Doesn't apply to his counter-throw/air throw.

Special Moves

Icebeam: D,DF,F+P (ground, air; beam type)
LP - Down angle
MP - Straight
HP - Up angle
Easy to combo but long recovery. You can mash to make the beam last longer, but it will only ever do up to 6 hits.

Ice Avalanche: Same Strength P+K(ground, air)
LP+LK - Falls towards you.
MP+MK - Falls straight down.
HP+HK - Falls away from you.
All start out a slight ways (3 character widths?) in front of him. Lots of dizzy power, will combo off of stand/crouch HK on many characters.


Ice Fist: D,DB,B+3P (ground only)
Powers up punches (range, stun, some multi-hit and juggle). You don't gain meter from punches as long as it's active. Only lasts for about 3 attacks.

Super Attacks

Arctic Attack: D,DF,F+3P (ground, air)
Easily comboed into as a juggle, and most famously off an MP throw. Mash for more hits, and hold up while mashing at the end for a longer juggle window.

The Basics

Beam Resistance

When playing as or fighting against Iceman, note that he doesn't take block damage or get pushed back from certain special attacks and supers. Generally it's "energy" based attacks, but there seem to be exceptions. All "physical" specials/super aren't listed, since they cause chip. Characters with chip normals will all cause chip as well.

Does NOT Take Chip From

-Akuma: Regular Fireballs
-Cyclops: Optic Blasts, supers, bullet end of gene splice. Bullet(HP) doesn't push back
-Iceman: Icebeam
-Psylocke: Psi-flash
-Sentinel: Standing HP (beam), Super

Takes Chip From

-Akuma: Super Fireball
-Colossus: All
-Cyclops: "Physical" hits of gene splice
-Iceman: Other "physical" specials/supers
-Omega Red: All
-Psylocke: Other special/super
-Sentinel: Everything else
-Silver Samurai: Shuriken, Supers
-Spiral: Swords
-Storm: All
-Wolverine: All

Any "resisted" attack will not push Iceman backwards. If you're jumping and block a "resisted" attack, you'll drop straight down.

Advanced Strategy

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