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Introduction Origin Game: The King of Fighters '95

Iori Yagami is the heir to the Yagami clan, whose ancestors aided the Kusanagi clan in sealing the Orochi. However, eventually, they made a pact with the Orochi in exchange for more power (consequently, it also gave them shorter lives). Iori himself is the sworn rival of Kyo Kusanagi and is naturally able to wield purple flames. He has a short temper and has been known to attack his teammates when their team doesn't succeed. Because of his lineage, the blood of the Orochi flows through his veins and it was activated during the '97 tournament. When the Orochi blood is activated, Iori goes into a frenzied state (known as "Riot of Blood") and killed his teammates Vice and Mature in the process. He was tamed in time and cooperated with Kyo to defeat Orochi, just as their clans had done in the past. Since the end of the Orochi Saga (KoF 95-97), Iori has been a mainstay of the King of Fighters series but has not played a significant role in the storyline. His Battle Coliseum entity is based on his King of Fighters 2003 character.

Moves List

Normal Moves

LP - a quick body punch
HP - a lunging front-hand slash
LK - a swift rear-leg shin kick
RK - a hard rear-leg roundhouse kick

Standing Close:
LP - a fast body jab
HP - a front-hand uppercut slash
LK - a low front-leg kick
HK - a swinging front-leg kick

LP - a crouching jab
HP - a rear-hand upward claw slash
LK - a front-leg low kick
HK - a drop-kick sweep

Jumping (Diagonally or Straight Up):
LP - a jumping jab
HP - a rear-hand swinging downward punch
LK - a jumping front leg kick
HK - a swinging front-leg hook kick

Special Normals

Ge Shiki-Yumebiki: F+LP, LP - Iori leans forward with a front-handed slash (very similar to his standing HP but slightly faster) then lunges forward with a front-handed backfist for a second hit.

Ge Shiki-Goufu In "Shinigame": F+LK - Iori takes one step forward and does a snapping axe kick with his front leg for an overhead strike.

Ge Shiki-Yuri Ori: while jumping, B+LK - Iori throws his back leg out and does a reverse jumping kick (when used for a cross-up, don't press back but rather, hold forward after Iori passes his opponent's head).

Special Moves

108 Shiki-Yami Barai: QCF+P - Iori throws his back hand forward and launches a purple, ground-based fire spark. The punch used determines how fast the attack travels (HP throws a faster spark). Iori can use this strike to hit a grounded opponent after an LP Oniyaki.

100 Shiki-Oniyaki: F, D, DF+P - Iori swings his arms upward as he spins into the air surrounded by a purple flame wave. The punch used determines how high it goes and how many hits are dealt (HP rises higher and does 3 hits).

127 Shiki-Aoi Hana: QCB+P (repeat 3 times) - Iori dashes forward with a rear uppercut, followed by a front uppercut, and finishes with a double-overhead leaping smash. The punch used determines how far Iori dashes. If you use HP in the chain, then those strikes will travel farther than the LP strikes.

212 Shiki-Kototsuki In: HCB+K - Iori runs at his opponent. If he connects with them, he'll grab their body and press it to the ground, following it with a purple flame explosion. The kick used determines how far Iori runs before stopping (HK travels farther).

Kuzukaze: HCB, F+P (must be close) - A command throw. Iori grabs his opponent and switches sides with them, leaving them briefly disoriented (and in prime position for the Aoi Hana or Ya Otome). Both punches have the same effect.

Super Attacks

Kin 1211 Shiki-Ya Otome: QCF, HCB+P - Iori crosses his arms above his head then charges at his opponent with a very low dash that can go under projectiles. The punch used to start the attack determines how far Iori dashes (but the difference is not great). If he connects, he'll initiate a series of slashes that end with a purple explosion. Does 10 hits and costs one super bar level.

Ura 108 Shiki-Ya Sakazuki: QCB, HCF+P - Iori stands straight up and holds a purple flame in his back hand then throws it forward as a ground spark. After traveling a certain distance, it will explode into a column of purple flame (or if it connects with your opponent). If your opponent is hit by this column or the spark, they will be encased in a purple flame and stunned for a couple of seconds. The punch used in the attack determines how far the spark travels before exploding (the HP version travels farther). You can either break the stun with another move (including another super combo) or let it run its course and they will be knocked down when it releases. Hits twice and requires one super bar level.

Chi no Busou: QCF, HCB+K- Iori will leap into the air with his hand extended downwards. If he lands on his opponent, the screen will turn black and Iori will slash his opponent through a red veil. The move is unblockable but cannot hit airborne opponents. Depending on what kick you use, the move will travel more vertical or horizontal (HK is the horizontal version where Iori leaps about 70% across the length of arena). Does 4 hits and requires one super bar level.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy