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As far as I'm concerned, the best grooves for Joe is K, A and P-Groove though the popular opinion is that A-Groove is his best, I will write what I usually do when using K-Groove.

Joe has 3 supers:

Screw Upper - qcfX2 P: Joe throws a single tornado that rises to the top of the screen and travels almost all the way across the screen. This super is good for catching low jumpers.

Double Cyclone - qcbX2 P: Joe raises both arms and creates 2 giant cyclones above his head and around his body. This super does great damage and is great if someone is dumb enough to jump in. If for some reason you are going to wake up super, this is the one to go with.

Bakuretsu Hurricane Tiger Kakato - qcf, hcb, P: An auto combo super, Joe starts with hundred hands, throws a pair of tornados, raises the opponent with a tiger knee, and brings it down with a flip kick. I don't really use this super too often, so if anyone does, they can give you the goods.

Joe's specials:

TNT Punch - Any punch button X 5: Similar to E. Honda's hand slaps, this is probably Joe's best special. Mainly used if Baku cancelled.

How to Baku cancel: The baku cancel basically cancels the hp version of the multiple punches and gives you a great frame advantage, allowing you to link previously unlinkable things, like the slide{down+hk} or trap the opponent in the corner forcing them to block. You must use the hp version of the move, and to cancel, you must hit the HP and LP buttons twice, after the first hit of the punches connects and before the second connects.

Cyclone Upper - Hcf, P: Joe's fireball, the lp version throws a single tornado that travels half screen, the mp throws 2 tornados half screen, and the hp throws 2, full screen. These are great, the lp recovers very quickly. Mix these up and try and get your opponent to jump over one and into you knee or super. Be careful, these are highly punishable.

Tiger Kick - Dp, K: Pretty good dp, the hk version has much invincibility. and the lk version is very fast, think of Ken's lp dp, but not quite that good.

Golden Heel - Qcb, K: Joe does a flip kick, eats opponents up in the air, but highly punishable on the ground. The mk version is a really bootleg crossup.

Slash Kick - Hcf, K: Use in combos or the short version to cover some ground.

Joe's best pokes:

S.Hk: Pretty good poke, long range.

S.Lk: Annoying and quick.

C.Lk: Good and fast.

C.Hk: The slide, great and fast, great range and is a good punisher.

C.Lp: I mash this when the opponent is waking up, they get hit by a couple of jabs and that combos into the hands. After the first couple of times, I stop so they try and dp me and than I can combo them when they land.

Joe should never jump really, but if for some reason if you do, use jumping mk.

Joe's combos

1. S.Lp, S.Hp (Yes. That's not a typo.) 2. J.Hk, S.Hk ~ Hk Slash Kick 3. S.Lp, S.Hk ~ Hk Slash Kick 4. S.Lp, S.Lp ~ Lk Slash Kick 5. C.Lk, S.Lk ~ Lk Tiger Kick 6. C.Lk, S.Lp, S.Lp ~ Hp TNT Punch 7. J.Hk, S.Mk ~ Double Cyclone 8. C.Lk, C.Lk, C.Lk ~ Bakuretsu Hurricane Tiger Kakato 9. C.Lk, C.Lp, C.Lp ~ Screw Upper

Joe's guard strings

1. C.Mk ~ Lk Tiger Kick (Not much, but does good chip.) 2. S.Lp, S.Lp, S.Mp ~ Lp Cyclone Upper, C.Hk* 3. C.Lk, S.Hk ~ Lp Cyclone Upper, S.Hk*

Asterisk = Use THAT normal sparingly.

Joe's main game:

Footsies are obviously Joe's style of choice. Mainly go poke for poke, once you get the opponent in the corner throw out safe cyclones (preferably the jab version) at almost half-screen to bait out jumps, rolls or to pick at their guard bar; try not to let them out. Tk their pokes and stay out of the air. The forward version of the Golden Heel is a good anti-air also the Baku cancel is very important. Joe's pretty underestimated, but that's my opinion.