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(Special Moves)
(Super Move)
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== Super Move ==
== Super Move ==
'''Screw Upper'''
*Forward, Half Circle Forward + LK+HP
**Will absorb projectiles
= The Basics =
= The Basics =

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Moves List

Normal Moves


  • Hold Down-Forward

Low Dive Punch

  • LP/LP+LK from opposite plane

High Dive Punch

  • HP from opposite plane

Low Thai Kick

  • LK from opposite plane

High Thai Kick

  • HK from opposite plane

Command Moves


  • Down + HK

High Kick

  • (While Blocking)Forward + LP

Line Blast

Stomach Kick

  • HP+HK
    • Will knock opponent to other plane


Leg Throw

  • (Close to opponent)Forward or Back + HP

Rapid Knees

  • (Close to opponent)Forward or Back + HK

Special Moves

Hurricane Upper

  • Half Circle Forward + Punch

TNT Punch

  • Press Punch rapidly

Dynamite Fist

  • (During HP TNT Punch)Stop pressing Punch

Tiger Kick

  • Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Up-Forward + Kick

Slash Kick

  • Charge Down-Back, Up-Forward + Kick

Super Move

Screw Upper

  • Forward, Half Circle Forward + LK+HP
    • Will absorb projectiles

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


Vs. Andy Bogard

Vs. Axel Hawk

Vs. Big Bear

Vs. Billy Kane

Vs. Chin ShinZan

Vs. Duck King

Vs. Geese Howard

Vs. Joe Higashi (self)

Vs. Jubei Yamada

Vs. Kim Kaphwan

Vs. Laurence Blood

Vs. Mai Shiranui

Vs. Ryo Sakazaki

Vs. Terry Bogard

Vs. Tung Fu Rue

Vs. Wolfgang Krauser