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Character Colors

Ffspecjoe colors.png

Moves List

Normal Moves


  • Down + HK


Move Name Motion
Thai Kick Throw F/B+HP when close to opponent
Knee Inferno F/B+HK when close to opponent

Special Moves

Move Name Motion
Hurricane Upper HCF + P
TNT Punch Tap P rapidly
Dynamite Fist (During HP TNT Punch) Stop pressing P
Tiger Kick QCF,UF + K
Slash Kick Charge DB,UF + K

Super Move

Move Name Motion
Screw Upper F,HCF + LK+HP

* Screw Upper will absorb projectiles.




Normal Moves

Standing A

Crouching A

Standing B

Crouching B

Standing C

Crouching C

Standing D

Crouching D

Jumping A

Jumping B

Jumping C

Jumping D

Command Moves

Line Blast


Special Moves

Super Move



  • The Hurricane is a very fast FB with excellent recovery and means he can go head to head with just about anyone in FB wars. As with most jab projectiles in this game, the Jab version is very slow and is really good for meaty and follow up tactics. Because the Hurricane is a full character height characters like Tung and Jubei can't sweep underneath it to negate fireball pressure and the quick recovery sets up Joe's FB trap and anti air game (which is incredibly strong.


  • This to me is Joe's strongest area, he has multiple options in just about all AA situations. *If an opponent is able to close in when you are trying to zone him remember to make liberal use of the Quick Retreat (double tap back) to regain the range.
  • The standing Roundhouse is is a good weapon. Although it looks like a pure 45 degree AA, it has infact got a huge striking area. its horizontal range is huge meaning it can cope with jumping attacks coming in from between 60 and 30 degrees. The recovery is so quick and you stay planted to the ground so you can really get good patterns going with just this and the Hurricane! Terrific move.
  • The Tiger Kick is almost unstoppable AA. Its startup is very slow but is almost completely invunerable and stays that way until it has reached the peak of its motion. The only downside is its limited range and slow recovery, meaning you will often land close to an opponent after countering with this with almost no time to plan you next move, so the standing Roundhoue is better for zoning opponents.
  • Opponents jumping in out of range can be landed on the crouching Roundhouse, ST Dhalsim style.
  • With good anticipation, opponents jumping in at high angles can be shot down by the Screw Upper (Super). The start up time is slow but the good thing is, once it has started to come out it will come out all the way even if Joe is hit, so unless you are one hit from death you can trade hits with any air attack and come off better.
    • The Screw Upper starts to come out about 3 frames into the move so you still need fairly good anticipation even to trade.
  • In some situations (like an opponent jumping at full screen range or jumping backwards) the Slash Kick can be used to knock them out of the air. This is a surprisingly good tactic.
  • When fighting in close I like the crouching Jab. Its fast, will snuff many attacks and can be chained into other c.Jabs or the crouching Roundhouse. The standing Jab is just as good but can be ducked under especially by short characters. I find multipe jabs chained together is often better than the TNT punch because they don't push you out and will always combo.
  • The horizontal range of the far standing Roundhouse as mentioned above is big. You can even beat some low attacks (like Terry's crouching Roundhouse) with certain timings. Experiment with the strange hitting properties of this move. The close s.Roundhouse is a knee attack that can be handy for a close attack because it hits low, unlike the close standing Feirce or Jab.
  • The Tiger Kick can dig under (Dragon Punch style) most normal attacks that opponents stick out to poke. This is an excellent tactic that sort of makes up for Joe's weak med range and footsie game, but make sure you timing is good cause the whiff recovery is awfull.
  • When jumping at an opponent the Rounhouse has excellent reach and is very similar to Sagats mirror move in ST. Very intimidating when used at full range. It is also an excellent cross up weapon.
  • The jump straight up Short is good when used at full range for dropping on opponents heads when they are getting up, again this is a very intimidating move because of its range and tricky striking angle.
  • The Screw Upper as mentioned above can trade hit well with a little anticipation. This is also true against dashing attacks. Remember this attack is a screen height, character thick collision box that takes half a bar you can put infront of yourself on commad, thats one hell of a weapon. Experiment with it.
  • The Slash Kick is a good surprise attack. Like Tung's Lunge Punch use it at a range where it will bounce you out to safety unless you are confident of a clean hit.
  • The crouching Roundhouse is usefull for sliding under most FB's (even Krouser's low fireball!!!). Use this move sparingly in close because all characters can snuff it

before it gets going and its recovery is also slow meaning many characters can punish you if it is blocked even at full range.

    • I love to use this chip damage combo: When you have knocked an opponent down in a corner throw an early Screw Upper then hammer Punch. The last frames of the Screw Upper should hit the back of the opponent just as they get up, then you will chip them with another two hits of TNT punch before being pushed out to safety.
  • I have not found any real uses for the TNT punch outside of the above mentioned chip combo. I have never landed that impressive looking last punch. Anyone any suggestions.
  • Well thats all I can think of for now. I am going to be breaking down Lowrence Blood in the next few days so stay tuned.

Credit to Crayfish


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