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A mysterious, dark-haired girl. She is one of M. Bison's twelve brainwashed dolls (along with Juni). Her name represents the month of July. Her purpose is to serve M. Bison as an agent of Shadaloo. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, she is assigned to kill the rouge Shadaloo doll "Killer Bee" (Cammy). She is often seen in the game with her partner Juni in Dramatic Battle matches.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Normals

Falling Arc(X, A, or V-ISM)

  • Forward + MK
    • Juli performs a high-angle axe kick. If its performed close to her opponent, it will strike twice.

Special Moves

Sniping Arrow(X, A, or V-ISM)

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick
    • Juli turns around for a split-second then launches a jumping kick that travels forward. The strength of the kick used determines how far she travels.

Cannon Spike(X, A, or V-ISM)

  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Kick
    • Juli flies up at an angle with one leg extended. If it connects with her opponent (even if they're blocking) she does a backflip and lands. The strength of the kick used determines how high she rises (she will backflip whenever it connects, no matter how high she was supposed to travel).

Spinning Knuckle(X, A, or V-ISM)

  • Half Circle Back + Punch
    • Juli hops forward before launching a 2-hit spinning backfist that knocks down. The strength of the punch used determines how far she spins before she strikes. If timed correctly, while her back is turned, she is invincible to attacks and projectiles.

Super Combos

Spin Drive Smasher(X or A-ISM)

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Kick
    • Juli performs a multi-hit version of Cammy's Spiral Arrow then slides before launching a multi-hit Cannon Spike. The kick used to launch the attack (if in A-ISM) determines what level is used. The higher the level, the more damage and the more hits (Level 1=6 hits, Level 2=7 hits, Level 3=9 Hits). Can be used in a combo.

Reverse Shaft Breaker(A-ISM Only)

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + Kick
    • Juli inverts her body and launches a straight-vertical multi-hit Spiral Arrow. Your opponent must be directly next to you or above you to score the full hits. The kick used to launch the attack determines the height Juli travels. If you hit the kick button repeatedly once the attack has begun, you can extend the number of hits delivered (max hits: Level 1=12 hits, Level 2=14 hits, Level 3=18 hits). Can be used in a combo (if the preceeding strike does not force your opponent out of the range of the attack).

Extra Moves

Note: The moves in this section are exclusive to Dramatic Battle mode and can ONLY be performed when Juni is your partner

Psycho Charge Beta(X, A, or V-ISM)

  • All Punches + All Kicks
    • Juni stands with one fist upwards and flashes for a brief period. This charges up your team's Super Meter.

(Super Combo) Psycho Rolling(A-ISM Only)

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Punch
    • Juni and Juli team up and form a ball. They then launch themselves through the air directly at their opponent in a wide arc. The punch used to start the attack determines the level, how far they travel, and the hits done (Level 1=3 hits, Level 2=6 Hits, Level 3=10 Hits). To launch this attack, Juli must be near you and not in the middle of another animation.

(Super Combo) Death Cross Dancing(A-ISM Level 3 Only)

  • LP, LP, F, LK, HP
    • Juli will slide forward with a midsection backhand. If it connects, she'll attempt to grab her opponent. If that is successful (and it only works when Juni is near you and not in the middle of an animation), Juni will teleport to the other side of their opponent. From there, the two will launch into a barrage of punches and kicks before launching a multi-hitting Dual Sniping Arrow that crosses over your opponent. The total number of hits done is 17. This attack is very hard to land practically but a good way to set it up is to chain it from a standing Light Punch (it will stun your opponent long enough to hit the sliding backfist, however, Juni must still be near you to launch the remainder of the attack).

The Basics

A basic strategy to employ is to try and land her Sniping Arrow as much as possible. Its her primary way to punish whiffed attacks and if it strikes on a Counter Hit (hitting your opponent right before their strike was supposed to come out), then it can be juggled when she lands into a Cannon Spike. It can also be juggled into a Cannon Spike if it hits in the corner. This is her primary combo. Aside from this, her basic offense should be using her basic attacks (her standing Hard Kick has incredible range and can really surprise your opponent from about one-third screen's distance; her crouching Hard Punch can be used in the same way but you do need to be slightly closer).

Her Cannon Spike is a decent way to keep your opponents out of the air. However, you must remember that its a two-way street as she will backflip when it connects. If they successfully Air Block the strike, then you will be left vulnerable as she falls with the backflip. Alternatives for anti-air attacks include the crouching Hard Punch and standing Medium Punch.

Both of her Super Combos can be used in a combo off of jumping Hard attacks. You must remember that to use her Reverse Shaft Breaker, be aware that your opponent must be directly next to you to deal full damage (however, once they're struck, they stay in the vortex that's created). You can also two-in-one her Shaft Breaker from a crouching Light Kick.

Advanced Strategy

Hit Confirms for Spin Drive Smasher

  • Crouching LP
  • Crouching MP
  • Crouching LK

Hit Confirms for Reverse Shaft Breaker

  • Crouching LP
  • Crouching MP
  • Crouching LK

V-Ism Combos


  • (VC1)LK Cannon Spike, (Standing HK, LK Sniping Arrow, HK Cannon Spike) Repeat till corner. When corner is reached juggle with HK Cannon Spike x N


  • (VC1)Forward + MK, (HK Cannon Spike) x N



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