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http://www.shoryuken.com/wiki/images/b/bc/K-stance1.gif Origin Game: The King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle

K' entered the King of Fighters series at the outset of the "NESTS Saga". He started as a rouge experiment of NESTS. NESTS infused his genes with DNA extracted from Kyo Kusanagi at the end of the '97 tournament. While he does have the ability to control fire like Kyo, it is only through the red glove he wears on his right hand. Without it, the flames become unmanagble. He was being pursued by NESTS (whom sent a multitude of agents after him such as Kula Diamond and K9999) until the 2001 tournament, where he helped stop the NESTS leader Igniz and his henchman Zero. His Battle Coliseum character is based on his King of Fighters 2003 entity.

Moves List

Normal Moves

LP - a quick open-hand poke
HP - a lunging rear-arm elbow
LK - a snapping rear-leg roundhouse kick
HK - a high-angle rear-leg hook kick

Standing Close:
LP - a short rear-arm elbow uppercut
HP - front-hand 2-hit body uppercut
LK - low leg check
HK - hard swinging leg check

LP - a low jab
HP - an uppercutting elbow strike
LK - a quick leg tap
HK - a wide rear-leg sweep

Jumping (Straight Up):
LK - jumping leg thrust
(the other moves are the same as the Jumping (Diagonally) strikes)

Jumping (Diagonally):
LP - a rear-hand downward punch
HP - front-hand downward punch
LK - jumping knee strike
HK - a downward-arcing front leg kick

Special Normals

One Inch: F+LP - K' leans forward with a forceful straight punch from his front hand. If it connects, it knocks down immediately and pushes his opponent away from him.

Knee Assault: F+LK- K' hops forward slightly with a rising rear knee strike.

Special Moves

Heat Trigger: QCF+P- K' swings his back hand upward and causes a small ring of fire to appear. This ring can be chained into one of three moves. The ring itself can also be used to hit your opponent and then two of attacks can combo after it. The LP version knocks down while the HP version hits but keeps K's opponent standing.

-> Second Shoot: (chained from the Heat Trigger) F+LK- K' swings his rear leg around and throws out a fireball from his foot. The speed of the fireball is determined by which punch was used to execute the Heat Trigger. LP throws out a slow fireball when you perform this move while HP throws out a fast fireball.

-> Second Shell: (chained from the Heat Trigger) F+HK- K' swings his rear leg up vertically with a trail of flame following its path. This attack knocks his opponent into the air which sets them up for a juggle. The punch used to initiate the Heat Trigger determines how high your opponent is launched. The LP version knocks them higher than the HP version (consequently making it easier to juggle outside the corner).

-> Trigger Blackout: (chained from the Heat Trigger) B+K- K' slides forward and vanishes briefly. Can be used to teleport behind your opponent. This is the only chain not dependent on the punch used in the Heat Trigger. The kick used determines how far K' slides (HK travelling farther than LK; the LK version will always go no farther than in front of his opponent no matter where its done from whereas the HK version will go behind them if done close enough).

Blackout: QCF+K- The same as the Trigger Blackout but is done outside the Heat Trigger group. Once again, the kick used determines how far K' slides.

Crow Bites: F, D, DF+P- K' swings his rear hand upwards as he spirals into the air. The LP version stays in one place while the HP version rises higher and moves forward. The LP version hits 2 times while the HP version hits 4.

->Crow Bites Kick: (after a HP Crow Bites) F+HK- K' does a downward-arcing rear leg kick that knocks his opponent back to the ground after the last hit of his HP Crow Bites. Useful for tacking onto the end of combos but has no standalone purpose.

Minute Spike: QCB+K- K' flies forward with his rear leg extended. Knocks down if it hits. The kick used determines how far he flies (HK travels farther). This can also be done in the air.

->Narrow Spike (after a ground Minute Spike): QCB+K- K' lands then slides forward after the Minute Spike. Sweeps his opponent if it connects. The kick used determines how far K' slides (HK slides further). Useful if you've misjudged the distance from the Minute Spike and need to close the gap quickly.

Air Trigger: QCF+K in the air- K' does a midair kick and throws out a downward fireball. The kick used determines the angle at which the fireball falls (HK travels further horizontally).

Super Attacks

Heat Drive: QCFx2+P- K' stays stationary and holds a flame in his rear hand before thrusting forward at blinding speed. This attack can be charged by holding the punch button after executing the attack. K' will attack on his own after the attack has been charged for a specific period. If charged to its maximum time, the attack becomes unblockable. Requires one Super bar level and hits once.

Heaven's Drive: QCFx2+K- K' launches two low Crow Bites before executing a multi-hitting high Crow Bites that ends with a Crow Bites Kick. Hits 10 times and requires one Super bar level.

Chain Drive: QCF, HCB+P- K' tosses his sunglasses across the full length of the screen. If they hit his opponent, he will dash in for a 14-hit auto-combo that ends with a One Inch. The sunglasses are considered a projectile so they will cancel any projectile presently in the air when they're thrown. K' will always dash in if the glasses hit, even if they're blocked (making it a risky gambit). Unlike other games where K' has this move, the combo will NOT connect if K' hits an airborne opponent (the dash will whiff). Requires two Super bar levels.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy