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Command Normals

1. One Inch - f+A
- counterwire
- hard knockdown
- cancellable to DMs, cancellable to special moves if cancelled into
- free cancellable out of

2. Knee Assault - f+B
- overhead
- cancellable if cancelled into
- free cancellable out of
- has a frame disadvantage even if it hits the opponent

Special Moves

1. The Trigger - qcf+P
- qcf+C comes out faster than qcf+A, but recovers slower
- negates normal projectiles
- can be followed up by Second Shot (f+B) or Second Shell (f+D) - there exists a bug where, if K' did his qcf+P on a waking up K9999, who decided to do his db hcb df+P moon DM, the moon DM will be negated entirely by the qcf+P. K9999's sphere animation will still be visible but since it was negated, K' can now just walk right through it

1a. Second Shot - f + B (after The Trigger)
- projectile that moves faster if qcf+C was used than if qcf+A was used

1b. Second Shell - f + D (after The Trigger)
- vertical anti-air that knocks opponent into the air for juggles

2. Crow Bites - dp+P
- dp+A is supercancellable on both hits, dp+C is supercancellable on the first two hits on the ground
- dp+C can be followed up by f+D, which is an overhead hard knockdown. The f+D followup is free cancellable out of
- dp+C has some startup invincibility
- free cancellable into
- free cancellable out of on all hits

3. Blackout - qcf+K
- teleport's K' forward. qcf+B goes half screen length and qcf+D goes full screen length
- can be hit out of it fairly easily

4. Minute Spike - qcb+K
- can be done in the air as well
- can be followed up by Minute Spike (qcb+K), on the ground only
- free cancellable into
- free cancellable out of

4a. Narrow Spike - (during Minute Spike) qcb+K
- low attack
- supercancellable
- free cancellable out of


1. Heat Drive - qcfx2+P
- A version comes out faster, but C version will hit if the opponent is right in front of you
- can be held to make unblockable (takes a long time though)
- hard knockdown

2. Chain Drive - qcf hcb+P
- throws his sunglasses...if he whiffs, he will stand there for a long time, otherwise he will dash forward
- hard knockdown
- qcf hcb+C is more likely to juggle than qcf hcb+A (mainly if used after his qcf+C, f+D)


1. Chain Drive - qcf hcb+AC
- same properties as qcf hcb+P, except it is not a hard knockdown


1. Crimson Star Road - qcb+C,A
- A must be pressed immediately after C
- K' travels forward a distance slighty more than his roll
- unblockable


-cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, close B, close C, crouch C, close D, crouch D, jump C, jump D, hop CD
-CD is cancellable into specials and DMs
-close B is a low attack



1. Close C(2), f+B, qcb+B - 25%
2. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+C, f+B - 20%
3. Close C(1), f+A, qcf hcb+P - 50%
4. Close C(1), f+A, qcb+Kx2, (S)qcf hcb+P - 55%


1. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+C, f+D, CD/(dp+C, f+D) - 32%/37%
2. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+C, f+D, qcf hcb+P - 55%
3. Close C(1), f+A, qcf+C, f+D, CD/(dp+C, f+D) - 40%/45%
4. Close C(1), f+A, qcf+C, f+D, qcf hcb+P - 65%


1. f+A(counterhit), qcf hcb+C(doesn't always hit)/qcfx2+P - 45%/31%


1. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+BC, f+D, qcf hcb+AC - 65%
2. Crouch C, BC, walk Crouch C, qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), (C)qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), (C)qcb+Dx2, dp+A(1), (S)qcf hcb+AC - 90%
3. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+BC, f+D, dp+A(1), (C)qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), (C)qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), (C)qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), (C)qcb+Dx2, dp+A(1), (S)qcf hcb+AC