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Karnov is Data East's flagship character, and his powerful is *nearly* unmatched in FHD. His invincible balloon, high damage output and doable infinites make him a strong contender in this game. He is often thought to be unbeatable, but the more you play him you will recognize the weakness of Karnov....

Moves List

Normal Moves

Light Punch

Standing (Far) - Spammable.

Standing (Close) -

Crouching - A staple in Karnov's ground game. This will be your primary poke.

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) -

Strong Punch

Standing (Far) - A bufferable move with good damage and high priority. Great inside combos.

Standing (Close) -

Crouching - Great anti air. Stuffs pretty much any jump in.

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) -

Light Kick

Standing (Far) -

Standing (Close) -

Crouching -

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) -

Strong Kick

Standing (Far) -

Standing (Close) -

Crouching - A slide. Fairly slow, but you can catch opponents off guard if used sparingly.

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) -


Special Moves


  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

Slightly slow recovery, traverses full screen. Incorporate this into your ground game and be sure to try the slide glitch... Your opponent might have trouble blocking ;)

Fire Breath

  • Forward, Forward + Any button

Better up close than Fireball, this attack stays out longer. Karnov also recovers pretty much right after the fire dissapates, so don't worry about getting punished. A solid way to help keep an opponent locked down, especially in the corner.

Super 100-Kick

  • Charge Back, Forward + Kick

Balloon Attack

  • (In Air)Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back, Back, Up-Forward + Punch

This is the one. Incredible invincibility, stays out forever. Experiment with this for crossup fun and lock down shenanigans. If you want to play Karnov you will need to be able to effectively use this move.

Super Move

Karnov does not have a super move

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Karnov can cheat the game a little and do a glitch with his 100 Kicks special combined with the df+hk slide. The input it charge b (or db), then do lp~df+hk. Karnov slides across the screen to the other end. Useful for crossing up with his fireball.


Vs. Clown:

Vs. Jean Pierre:

Vs. Kano Ryoko:

Vs. Karnov (self):

Vs. Lee Diendo:

Senkyutai is an issue here because 100 Kicks is beaten by it, and he can counter most jump ins with it as well as balloon. Use fireballs to keep him at bay, and crouching hard punch to counter his jump ins. Sliding is a bad idea here.

Vs. Liu Feilin:

Vs. Liu Yungmie:

Vs. Marstorius:

Vs. Matlok Jade:

Vs. Mizoguchi Makoto:

Vs. Ray McDougal:

Do not brainlessly spam balloon. Ray has the edge here with Wheel Kick. You will also not be using close fireballs / flame breath for this same reason. Ray's fireball is incredibly fast, so use balloon to float over those. Just be careful to never enter wheel kick range. (Need more info)

Vs. Samchay Tomyamgun:

Vs. Zazie Muhaba: