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This girl is Kasumi Todoh, a character from the Art of Fighting series(She appeared on some KoF games too). She is daughter of Ryuhaku Todoh, which is her master. If you played the first AoF game, you'll remember her father on the story mode(The guy with the name "Todo" is him). After her father was defeated by Takuma's son(Ryo Sakazaki), Kasumi wants to find Ryo, and defeat him(For revenge purposes, if you want to see her full history, go play AoF3). In this game, she is fairly good, but only as a defensive(But still strong) character. Now for her pros and cons.

Kasumi's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Great ground-defensive game(She has counter moves, like Geese, but she depends more of them, in my opinion);
  • Has short, but strong combos(No matter the mode);
  • Her Chou Hasane Ate Super covers the entire screen(Meaning that it's impossible for most characters to jump over it);
  • She has a very fast backdash;
  • Can do an air fireball during her backdash(Which is her way to build meter from far away);
  • Her short range Command Grab can be followed with her Chou Kasane Ate Super;
  • Her Grab Super has great reach;
  • Her Exceed does great damage.

Bad Things:

  • Hard to master;
  • Her stamina is lower than the average;
  • Hasn't many anti-air and long-range options;
  • Her Light Attacks won't help that much(They can help, but what Kasumi needs is damage, and that means, the Heavy Attacks);
  • The Exceed is a counter move(Meaning that you can't confirm it easily).

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP - (Far) A punch that doesn't have reach, and can't be canceled. Can be useful to stop tick-throw attempts. (Close) Elbow attack. Can link into itself, and the other Light Attacks, and can be canceled too(But why would you cancel it? Kasumi can't combo a Light Attack into a Command/Special move. The best thing she can do with them is, maybe... Cancel a Light Attack into the grab super! But wait, you can do the same thing with the Heavy Attacks, so... For the Light Attacks, use them as pokes, or for tick-throw attempts. Don't do Light Attack Chains too, you won't need them, sadly).
s.LK - (Far) Walking kick that can't be normal canceled. Use it as a poke only. Kasumi will walk a little forward during the move. (Close) A cancelable kick that can whiff on some small crouching chars. Only that(Hold It! No! It's not only that!!! I saw a contradiction on my own statement. Remember when I said that you can't combo a Light Attack into a Command/Special? I was wrong... The Light Attacks can combo into her Command Grab, and that means... Grab combos with a low starter!!! More details about it will be on her combos section).
s.HP - (Far) Strange punch that can be normal canceled(But I think you can't combo with it). It's just another poke over there. (Close) Kasumi's ground combo starter. You can easily cancel it into everything, so just learn how to combo with it.
s.HK - (Far) Another poke(But can't be normal canceled this time). Kasumi will move a little forward during the move. (Close) A cancelable kick with good damage. It's better to use the cl.HP instead, because it has better startup than this one.

j.LP - For all of Kasumi's jumping normals, the Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. This can be used as a jump-in for combos, but only that. Kasumi has better options.
j.LK - Kick with good reach. It can crossup, but it's hard to combo after it(Depends of the opponent's character, I think).
j.HP - A chop. It can crossup too, which is nice, but it's hard to combo after it too.
j.HK - A kick with nice reach and damage. It can crossup, like the other two moves, but... For me, it was easier to hit after the crossup(The worst part was "making it crossup"). Strangely enough, you can normal cancel it into her air projectile(Not sure if you can combo this way).

cr.LP - Straight punch. Use as a poke, but can be normal canceled, chain into itself and other Light Attacks.
cr.LK - A kick that hits low, and can't be normal canceled, but can chain into itself, and other Light Attacks.
cr.HP - Anti-air, maybe? Dunno if it's trustable, but you can normal cancel it(And use it on combos, but the startup is a little strange).
cr.HK - A sweep that can be normal canceled. Cancel it when you need meter(Or to do block pressure on your opponent).

Command Move

Hiji Ate

  • f+LP - This move has two versions: When you use it alone, and when you use it after a normal. This move does two hits, as you maybe saw by doing the input while playing with her. If you use it alone, it will be a non-cancelable attack(You can MAX cancel the hits), but the second hit will be an overhead. If you cancel a normal into this move, it will lose the overhead properties, but will be a cancelable move(On each hit), which is incredible! This move is important for Kasumi's basic combos.

Special Moves

Kasane Ate

  • QCF+P (In the ground or in the air) - Kasumi's projectile move(It can negate projectiles). It doesn't have so much reach, and that's why it's generally used on basic combos. The air version won't be an overhead, sadly(But you can cancel a j.HK into it), and has less reach than the ground version. If you do the "Quick Fireball Motion"(QCF, uf+P), she will do the projectile's animation(Near from the ground), but her jump arc still will be the same(And she can't do normals during this arc). It can be used during a backdash(If you time well), which is her way to build meter. Strangely enough, you can't MAX cancel a move into it.

Senkou Nagashi

  • QCB+P(x3) - Kasumi's main special move to do combos(It's that rekka thing). You can easily cancel a Heavy normal into it, so... Just use it, you'll need. On the first input, Kasumi will do two attacks with her hands, where those two can be MAX canceled(One of her MAXIMUM Mode loops is involved with it). The second input is just a linker for the first one, nothing special about it. And, finally, the last input will knockdown your opponent. Just learn how to do punish combos with it, and you'll be fine.

Hakuzan Tou

  • QCB+K - Kasumi's anti-air special move. It has some auto-guard hitboxes, so it's better when used as an anti-air. Although it doesn't look like, it won't juggle your opponent(Only on a counter hit). The LK version has better startup, and the HK version makes Kasumi move forward during the move(But she will come back to her initial position after the attack).

Messhin Mutou

  • HCF+LK - One of Kasumi's counter moves(Her counter moves are very important). This one will counter only high moves(Example: Jumping attacks). This one can be used to anti-air, but you'll need to be patient, because if you miss it... You'll take damage, I'm sure of that. It can stop certain Supers/Exceeds too.

Sasshou Inshuu

  • HCF+HK - Another counter move. This one is for mid-hitting moves(Example: Most standing attacks, crouching punches, and some Supers/Exceeds). To use it, you'll need to be patient(Mid-level attacks aren't so used, but you can catch pokes - Like Genjuro's f.HP - using it).

Hanshin: Morote Gaeshi

  • d, d+K (Easy input, I know) - Another counter move, but this one is for low-hitting moves(Example: Sweeps, certain Specials/Supers/Exceeds). The input is easy, it's up to you to react to the attacks.

Tatsumaki Souda

  • HCB, f+P (While near from the opponent) - Kasumi's Command grab. The input can be a little strange at first, but don't worry. A good thing about it is that you can juggle after the last hit, and on the HP version, there is a kick that can be MAX canceled(The kick before the last hit). A bad thing about it is that you can't combo it from the Heavy Attacks, but you can with the Light Attacks, which is good.

Super Moves

Chou Kasane Ate

  • QCF(2x)+P - Kasumi's most used Super. It covers the entire screen(Making it almost impossible for certain chars to jump over it), and will defeat most projectiles(Including some Super ones, I could defeat Ryo's Haoh Shoukou Ken using it), that's why. It's used on combos too(Can do up to 4/5 hits), and has some basic hit-confirms too(See the combos section for more details). Use it, it's a great Super on Kasumi's arsenal.


  • HCB(2x)+K (While near from the opponent) - A Super grab. It can combo from normals, and the damage is incredible! Use it on punish combos(To do damage while respecting your opponent). Note that this move is actually a parody of Ibuki's Raida(One of her grabs).


Shingan Kazura Otoshi

  • QCF, HCB+PP - Another counter move. This one can counter any non-projectile/throw move(No matter where it hits). The damage is great, and it is, without any doubt, her best anti-air, anti-poke, anti-super and anti-nearly-anything. Try to make sure you confirm it.

The Basics

Kasumi's gameplan

Kasumi isn't very simple to play, mainly because she is a defensive character, while most of the other characters in the cast are offensive, giving her a disadvantage on many matchups. The first thing you'll need to learn is how to punish, because that's the only way she can do good damage. The second is, obviously, the counter moves. They are things that you'll need to master, and I'll give you some help later. For her Supers, I think you don't need many details, they are basic to use: The Super version of the Projectile is useful to catch jumpers from far away, or to punish some projectile abusers, and her Grab Super is mainly for punishing(But you can punish with the other Super too). That's it, good luck on your future matches.

Some Combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
Kasumi has good combo options, but they are mainly for punishing, or to use after a stun(Which can be a little rare with her). You can add if you know some more combos(Doesn't matter if it's a good, or a bad combo. If we have more options, this section will be better).

Kasane Ate(QCF+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack(You won't use them that much, but make sure you crossup depending of the button used, and this will be keeped for nearly every combo in this list)] cl.HP, f+LP(Optional), (Cancel the second hit into) QCF+LP - 4 hits; 5 with the Jump Attack

Basic combo. To make it work, you need to do it from point-blank reach. It won't work with the HP version, sadly. For a Jump Attack, you can use the j.LP if you don't want to crossup, just remember that.

2- j.HK, QCF+P - (If they combo) 2 hits

This is what she can do in the air by canceling her j.HK. Not sure if it really works as a combo(I couldn't make those two connect without a counter-hit, but you can still cancel the j.HK).

Senkou Nagashi(QCB+P(3x)) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+LP(Optional, but you should use it), (Cancel the second hit into) QCB+P(3x) - 7 hits; 8 with a Jump Attack

Generally used as a BnB for punishing(Without meter). Learn it, in case you need to punish. The damage on this combo is decent too, which is good for her.

2- (Corner only) f.HP, QCB+P(3x)

Just a combo to use with a poke. It doesn't do more damage than the above, but can be used when you need.

Hakuzan Tou(QCB+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+LP(Not optional this time), (Cancel the first hit this time) QCB+K - 4 hits; 5 with a Jump Attack

Not that hard as a combo, really.

2- (Assuming your opponent is in a jumping state) QCB+LK(Make sure you get a counter hit, and only one hit on it), QCB+HK - 3 hits

Anti-air combo. This special move has autoguard frames, which makes it a little safe to use(But won't land this combo everytime, remember that). Do it only when you need.

Tatsumaki Souda (HCB,f+P) combos:

1- HCB, f+P, QCF(2x)+P - 5 hits

The most damaging followup for her Command grab, but won't do that damage(The Super will only do one hit, that's why). For the combos on this list, I recommend you to use the LP version, which gives you more time to react with something after the last hit of the grab.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK(Optional, like the Jump Attack), HCB, f+LP, Super Jump, j.HK - 5 hits; 6 with the Jump Attack

A reset setup(But you can use the Super after the last hit of the special move if you want) with an optional low starter(You can't combo the Command Grab from the Heavy Attacks, that's why). I'll talk about it later(The reset's place is on another part of the page). I'll search for a reset setup with the HP version later.

3- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+LP, (Cancel the second hit into) HCB, f+LP, do what you want here - 8 hits; 9 with a Jump Attack

Found this while testing some things. This is mainly for punishing, because it's probably the most damaging combo with the Command Grab(Outside of MAXIMUM Mode).

Chou Hasane Ate(QCF(2x)+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+LP, (Cancel the second hit) QCF(2x)+P - 8 hits; 9 with a Jump Attack

Kind of a more damaging version of her BnB. Does good damage(Almost one bar). I recommend you to use the LP version of the Super, because it will do a knockdown on the last hit, while the HP version won't.

2- HCB, f+P, QCF(2x)+P - 5 hits

Refer to the first Tatsumaki Souda combo.

Shiranui(HCB(2x)+K) combos

1- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cl.LP, HCB(2x)+K - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

Combo with a low starter. Probably the best thing she can do with the Light Attacks(On combos). The damage is pretty good too(Thanks to the super). Can be used as a BnB for the Super(It has good reach, you can use it).

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+LP, (Cancel the last hit into) HCB(2x)+K - 4 hits; 5 with a Jump Attack

For punishing purposes. You can need this one, I'll say(Does almost one bar in damage terms). Just use it, it's one of her most damaging combos(Thanks to the reach).

Advanced Strategy

Learning how to use her counter moves

Counter moves are the probably most important thing on Kasumi's arsenal. But if I'll need, how can I use them effectively? That's a good question. First, you'll need one of those(Use the one that suits better for you):

  • Reflexes(Using the counter on reaction, that's maybe the most used);
  • Patience(Meaning that you'll need to wait for the attack).

We know Kasumi is a big and cute turtle, and that's why she needs the counter moves. So, what now? Well, practice only one of the counters now, and I reccomend you... The d, d+K(Easy input, easy to do, but can counter only low-hitting moves), or the Exceed(Can counter any attack). Her counter moves don't need to be used everytime(You'll just be punished during them in case you miss them), but try to make sure you hit the counter(Especially the Exceed). How to begin using them on a real match? You can:

  • Use the counters on predictable moves(Like moves with bad startup, jumping attacks - in case you know your opponent will do it -, or certain Supers, where you can see the flash, and this one is good for the ones who choose "Patience");
  • Do the counters a split second before the attack hits(Good to use, but you'll need a lot of "Reflexes" to do that).

Those were just the basics, below you'll see more about those counters.

How can I use my counters against my opponent?

Now I'll answer the question. But we'll need to analyse every counter move she has(You can add more * things here if you want).

Meshin Mutou(HCF+LK, for the high moves)
This is the one you'll need to master quickly. Why? Jumpers. There are many players who like to jump on you just to begin their combos(And you'll most likely be on the ground, so... Damage is yours here), without the fact that it can stop some Special/Super moves. Some things that you'll need to know about this counter:

  • Don't be predictable(Never abuse of the counters);
  • You can use it to fake counters from far away(Making your opponent try to "punish" the move, where they can jump, or even do a low poke, but don't worry, you can see them, and counter them);
  • Never try to stop Supers everytime, because it's risky on some cases(Who knows, they can use other moves instead of the one you're waiting for);
  • You'll love to use any counter against characters without projectiles/long-range(Non-physical) options, or even rushdown characters like Kim, or even Ken, who'll just run forward to meet one of your counters.

Sasshou Inshuu(HCF+HK, for the mid moves)
You won't need it that much, mainly because combos rarely start with an attack hitting mid(Only on a punish, maybe). Things that you'll need to know about it:

  • This one won't be so used against many opponents(Maybe against pokers?);
  • I saw a player using it against Dhalsim's long-range normals, so... It has some uses.

Hanshin: Morote Gaeshi(d, d+K, for the low moves)
This one you'll need. Many players like to use low moves, because most of them are safe on block, and have extremely good reach. This one is probably the easiest to react, due to the input. Things that you'll need to know about it:

  • Don't even try to fake it;
  • Nearly every low attack is whiff cancelable in and/or outside of MAXIMUM Mode(Making the counter fail to work);
  • It can counter slide attacks as well.
  • You'll maybe like to use it against characters who like to attack while crouching, mainly chargers(Boxer, maybe).


Resets are important, that's what is said on nearly every SvC character section on this wiki. As you saw, Kasumi has a reset combo(It's on her normal combos section). What to do after it? You have some options:

  • Do a counter move(Some players like to use moves with startup invincibility after a reset, so a counter move could help you on these situations, most notably the Exceed, which can counter any physical move. Watch out for projectile/delayable supers too);
  • Do a cr.LK into her Special/Super Grab(On the super, you can do that combo mentioned before) - Low into knockdown;
  • Do a projectile(Normal or Super) - To push your opponent;
  • Do a f+LP - Overhead; make sure the second hit hits your opponent, because only that hit is an overhead.

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
She has some good combos here, but I'll put here only some loops(She can MAX cancel only some hits of the Command Grab, the two hits on the first QCB+P, and the two hits of her f+LP overhead). You can add if you know some more options.

MAXIMUM Mode loops:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+LP, (Cancel the first hit) QCB+P, (MAX cancel the second hit into) HCB, f+HP, (MAX cancel the third hit - the kick - into) QCB+P, (Again) HCB, f+HP, ...(When you want, MAX cancel the kick on the HCB, f+HP into) HCB(2x)+K - 5n+3 hits(Where n is how many loops were landed); 5n+4 with a Jump Attack

This is probably one of her most basic loops. She has more of those, and I'll put some more below.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, HCB, f+HP, (MAX cancel the kick into) QCB+P, (MAX cancel the second hit into) HCB, f+HP, (MAX cancel the kick into) QCB+P, ...(When you want, MAX cancel the second hit of the QCB+P into) HCB, f+LP, QCF(2x)+P - 5n+6(Where n is how many loops were landed, and 6 is the cr.LK with the HCB, f+LP, and the Super); 5n+7 with a Jump Attack

Loop with a low starter. Very good, but I don't know who is the most damaging here. Just use the one that suits better for you. (Note: The cr.LK is optional, but it's in there to help you... Try to cancel it, you can do it with practice, and it can help you on resets - see the second * on the list for more details.)

Hiji Ate(f+LP) combos:

1- f+LP, (MAX cancel the second hit of it, because that's where the overhead is), QCB+P, (MAX cancel the second hit) HCB, f+LP, QCF(2x)+P - 7 hits

Just a simple combo to use on the opponent's wakeup. "Are loops from the overhead possible? Only on the corner, sadly(If you try to use this combo with the HCB, f+HP instead of LP on midscreen, the attacks won't connect). And sadly again, Kasumi can't put her opponents to the corner easily.

Wakeup crossup glitch (Kasumi version)

This is a common glitch for the Neo Geo games(It's used on many games, I'll say). Most characters in the game has this glitch on their arsenal, and this hasn't changed with Kasumi. To do it, you'll need to be on the MAXIMUM Mode, and do this:

HCB, f+LP(You can add attacks before it if you want), (MAX cancel the third hit into) QCB+P

After this, your opponent will wakeup with his back turned(Meaning that he will need to block to the opposite side on the wakeup). While the opponent is knocked down, you will have some time to think:"Which combo I will use? You have two options:

  • In case you have enough meter, do any loop/overhead combo.
  • In case the meter is near from the end, just do a meaty QCF(2x)+P.
  • In case it ended, just do a simple combo(Do it with the Supers, you'll have two levels after the MAXIMUM Mode ends).