Keiichiro Washizuka (NGBC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Body Tosses

Seoi Nage: B/F+CD

Command Normals

Pounce Attack: DF+C on downed foe

Special Moves

Shikku Satsu: (Charge) B,F+P

Koku Satsu: (Charge) D,U+P

Rouga Charge: B,F+K

Listed below are Rouga charge followups

1. Rouga Onshiki: QCF+K

2. Rouga Shashiki: QCF+A

3. Rouga Fukushiki: QCF+C

4. Rouga Hanshiki: QCB+A/B/C/D

Shun Satsu: QCB+P

Shun Satsu - Ren: QCF+P (can hit repeatedly)

Koshiki QCF+BC: (can delay)

Repel( Face Scraper in US ver.)

Mensuriage: F+BD

Dousuriage: B+BD

Naname Joudan Giri: BD when Repel is successful

Desperation moves

Shin Rouga: QCB,HCF+P

Saishu Rouga: QCB(x2)+AC (can delay) Takes 2 stocks

The Basics

Advanced Strategy