The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/King

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Her offensive ability is high and her zoning moves are powerful. Her overall safeness has been raised from OG.

You should generally use her zoners to seize the initiative at mid-range.

Move list

Normal throws
Hold Rush (throw) f/b + C
Hook Buster (throw) f/b + D
Command move
Sliding Kick df + D
Special moves
Venom Strike qcf + K
Double Strike qcf qcf + K
Trap Shot dp + K
Surprise Rose dp + P
Tornado Kick hcb + K
Mirage Kick hcb + P
Super special moves
Illusion Dance qcf hcb + K
Silent Flash qcb qcb + K

Normal moves

  • cr.C – the hitbox faces upwards and is oddly strong in that regard.
  • st.C, st.D, and st.B – powerful as jump checkers. You should choose which one according to the situation.
  • cr.A – longish reach, so you can use it in ground zoning.
  • j.CD – the hitbox wheels from upward to diagonally downward, so it shines in air-to-air.
  • j.D – acts as an overhead if you use it while ascending. The reach is long, so it’s okay to do this with rear jumps, too.

Command move

  • Sliding Kick
  • df + D
  • Low-hitting move; if the very tip touches, you aren’t very open. It combos from strong attacks; it can only be cancelled when not cancelled into or by delaying the cancel.

Special moves

  • Venom Strike
  • qcf + K
  • Projectile with a fixed distance to travel. Generally useful for decreasing the vulnerability from a combo.
  • Double Strike
  • qcf qcf + K
  • Two Venom Strike projectiles in rapid succession. The second one has somewhat long reach. If your opponent reads you, it is easy for you to get countered, so you can’t use this very much.

  • Trap Shot
  • dp + K
  • A quickie Ranbu special with a good low-hitting hitbox. The startup is now faster, and you can use it to combo from weak moves. The reach is now longer, and the afterimage effect portion also has a hitbox. Even if blocked, King will retreat, so it leaves you only slightly vulnerable. In UM, it now leaves the opponent with a hitbox, so in the corner with a quick MAX, it is possible to juggle off it.

  • Tornado Kick
  • hcb + K
  • A diagonally upward bicycle kick. Leaves you extremely open, but it has some invincibility, so you can use it for anti-air or interruption.

  • Surprise Rose
  • dp + P
  • Kicks the opponent up, dispatching a multi-hit kick on the way down.
  • In the corner, only when the weak version hits from the first step, it is now possible to juggle off it.

  • Mirage Kick
  • hcb + P
  • The strong version can now do knockdown, and you can now use this in no-gauge combos.

Super moves

  • Illusion Dance
  • qcf hcb + K
  • The weak normal version now no longer has the rear roll, and now combos from strong attacks. The startup for the strong version is extremely slow. The move has full-body invincibility until the hitbox for the jumping portion comes forth. You can use it for anti-air and interruption. The recovery for both weak and strong has been reduced, so it is now difficult to receive a severe counterattack.

  • Silent Flash
  • qcb qcb + K
  • The follow-up motions only activate when the first step hits, but it does not lock the opponent. It combos from weak moves, so use it for combos.



  • j.D > cl.D (2 hit) >> Mirage Kick or weak Illusion Dance
  • Basic combo. Mirage Kick doesn’t leave you terribly open even without hit confirming, but try to do so anyway; if it’s blocked, use Venom Strike.
  • cr.B >> cr.B >> Trap Shot or Silent Flash
  • Combo from low hits. Try this one for meaties.
  • (corner) cl.B >> weak Surprise Rose > strong Tornado Kick
  • Rarely used, but keep this at the back of your mind anyway.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy