King of Fighters XI

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Game Mechanics

Saving Shift-

C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker anyone? Takes 2 skill meters(ill get those later)so think about if you really want to use it!

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy


S Tier - Oswald, Kula, Gato

A Tier - Eiji, Jenet, Ash, Kyo, Kim, Clark

B Tier - Shen, Vanessa, Duck King

C Tier - Everyone else, Mid-bosses

Bottom Tier - Momoko, Syo Hayate

The Characters

Hero Team

Fatal Fury Team

Rival Team

Ikari Team

Agent Team

K' Team

Anti-Kyokugenryu Team

Kyo/Iori Team

Kyokugenryu Team

Mark of the Wolves Team

Psycho Soldier Team

EX Characters