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Normal Moves

Motion Y. Damage R. Damage Meter Gained Startup Proration Blocked Shielded
5A 400 200 3%  ? 90% Ground Any
2A 350 200 3.5%  ? 75% Ground Any
j.A 300 150 3%  ? 78% Upper Any
5B 700 450 7%  ? 100% Ground High
2B 800 450 8%  ? 100% Ground Low
j.B 800 600 8%  ? 100% Upper High
5C 1000 700 10%  ? 90% Ground High
5[C] 300+1000 300+300 8+0%  ? 100% Unblockable High
6C 900 500 10%  ? 70% Upper High
2C 1200 580 12%  ? 50% Low Low
2[C] 1500 1080 13%  ? 70% Low Low
j.C 1100 700 9%  ? 85% Upper High
j.[C] 1500 1200 12%  ? 85% Upper High
214D 1200 1000 10%  ? 100% Ground High

(raw data)

Ground throw: 1300/800. Grabs the opponent and pops them up (while setting them on fire). Techable on ground impact.

Air throw: 1200/600. Slams the opponent on the ground; untechable.

Special Moves

Motion Y. Damage R. Damage Meter Gained Startup Proration Blocked Shielded
Santeisui (Some Engrishy Move Name)
236A> 550 400 3.5%  ? 100% Ground High
>236A- 550 400 4.5%  ? 100% Ground High
-236A 600 400 5%  ? 100% Upper High
236B 550 400 3.5%  ? 100% Ground High
>236B- 550 400 4.5%  ? 100% Ground High
-236B 600 400 5%  ? 100% Upper High
236C 885*3 635*3 -100%  ? 70% Ground High
Niteisui (Some Engrishy Move Name)
623A> 600*2 500*2 4%*2  ? 100% Any High
>236A 600 500 6%  ? 80% Upper High
623B> 400*2+800 300*2+600 14%  ? 100% Any High
>236B 600 500 6%  ? 80% Upper High
623C 500*8 450*8 -100%  ? 100% Any High
Niteisui (air) (Some Engrishy Move Name)
j.236A> 800 600 8%  ? 100% Any High
>j.236A 600 500 6%  ? 80% Upper High
j.236B> 500+700 400+500 5+6%  ? 100% Upper High
>j.236B 600 500 6%  ? 80% Upper High
j.236C 380*7 300*7 -100%  ? 70% Any High
Akkai (Some Engrishy Move Name)
214A~5 2000 1500 0%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
214A~2 2200 1500 0%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
214A~4 2400 1200 0%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
214A~236C 3000 2500 -100%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
214B~5 2000 1500 0%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
214A~2 2200 1500 0%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
214A~4 2400 1200 0%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
214A~236C 3000 2500 -100%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
214C 3200 2400 -100%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
Kabutogami (Some Engrishy Move Name)
22A 1000 750 8%  ? 75% Ground Any
22B 0 0 0 n/a n/a n/a n/a
22C 1000 600 -100%  ? 100% Ground Any
Dokkaku | Enbu Enjou (Some Random Arc Drive) [Requires Heat or Max Mode]
41236C (trw) 400*11+1600 275*12 -300%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
41236C 2500 2100 -300%  ? 80% Any Any
Koushu | Enbu Daienfujou (Some Random BH Arc Drive) [Requires Blood Heat Mode]
41236C (trw) 435*17+2200 300*17+750 -300%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable
41236C 3200 2800 -300%  ? 80% Any Any
Yama Hanketsu (Some Random Last Arc) [Requires Blood Heat Mode]
D (air) 745*8 615*8 -300%  ? 100% Unblockable Unshieldable

(raw data)

Strategies, Tactics, and Combos

Strategies and Tactics

Kouma is the closest thing to a grappler this game has. His 214A is dirty, as it comes out very fast and does solid damage. 214A~2 sets up his wakeup game, whereas 214~4 in the corner can lead to even more damage. Do not use 214C randomly, as people can jump out of the way after the super flash -- use it only to grab people out of moves (it has the range of the B version and the speed of the A version).

His 214B also makes up the best bara cancel in the game, costing no meter, being absolutely undefendable, and leading to more damage than some EX moves. 214C can also be used when you need that extra pip of damage (while also setting up wakeup options well).

Kouma's 5B is a solid poke and is very forgiving, as it is fairly fast and moves him forward. It also carries lots of implied damage behind it, as landing it clean means you are doing 4,000 points of damage.

His 2B acts as a really wonky anti-air -- it only works in situtations where you are not going to get crossed up (in the theoritical sense, anyway).

When an opponent is waking up, his options are braindead simple. Jump up right next to them, hold forward and do a j.[C]. The trick here is to either do a meaty j.[C] or land before it is finished charging and do a 214A. People do NOT want to eat the j.[C], as it means they are eating over 5,000 damage.

Kouma has NO high/low game to speak of whatsoever. You may as well be playing SF2:HF.

623C is his 'random super' move. This does a ton of damage (over 3,000 damage) on hit but is extremely unsafe on block. If you do this move late in a round, the round is going to end.

22C is useful as a wakeup move to get people off you. The only way anyone will ever punish it is if they are explicitly looking to bait it.

Things not to do with Kouma:

  • Whiff canceling with 5A. It's too slow and you gain nothing except a reverse beat penatly.
  • Air-to-air combat. His air dash and air normals suck.


His standard combo is 2A 5B 2B 5C 2C 6C jump canceled into an air throw. This does a ton of damage for a standard combo at ~3700 damage. If you can start the combo with a 5B or 2B (dropping the 5A), the damage goes up to over 4100. On some characters you may to double jump immediately into the air throw once in the air, so input the throw as 9A D instead of 6A D.

An alternative combo to do (that does more damage but is also more prone to random failure) is 2A 5B 2B 5C 2C 6C, jump cancel j.C 236B 236B. This does 4000 starting from 2A and 4700 starting from 5B. You can do j.C 236C at the end instead, but that wastes meter to add a whopping 200 extra damage.

In landing a j.[C} (mainly happens when someone is getting up), do j.[C] 2B 5B 5C 2C 6C jump cancel air throw instead of the normal combo. If you do 5B 2B, you will be pushed too far back.

If you land a 2A or 5B in the corner with meter to spare, you can instead do 2A 5B 2B 5C 236C (wallslams) 5A 2B jump cancel air throw. This does 4800 damage starting from a 2A and 5500 damage starting from a 5B. The timing of the 5A after the wallslam is the hardest part of the combo, as it is effectively a three-frame link. Again, on some characters you need to input the throw as 9A D for it to consistently land.

When you are in the corner and you land a 214A~4 throw, you can follow up with 5C 2B jump cancel air throw. This does about 3700 damage. The 5C needs to be done late so that they will be low enough for the 2B to hit.

Changes Between Arcade and PS2 Versions

  • His Last Arc has been sped up now so that people can not block it after the super flash.