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This is Kyo.  He IS stylin.
This is Kyo.  He IS stylin.
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This is Kyo. He IS stylin.

Moves List

Normal Moves

These numbers aren't accurate. Copy'd pasted from Hibiki's section. I do know Kyo's numbers and command normals though so I'll update later.

Name State Spc Sup Hit Blk Sta Act Rec Dmg
Jab Close y y +5 +5 3 4 8 200
Far y y +5 +5 3 4 8 200
Crouch y y +3 +3 4 5 12 400
Jump - - - - 3 16 - 500
Strong Close y y +2 +2 4 4 18 800
Far n y +3 +3 6 4 17 800
Crouch n y +1 +1 5 4 19 700
Jump - - - - 3 8 - 700
Fierce Close n y -17 -17 3 8 41 1000
Far n n -15 -15 7 4 41 1000
Crouch n n -6 -6 5 4 32 1100
Jump - - - - 5 4 - 1200
Cl. Hold - - -8 -8 8 2 35 1000
Short Close y y +2 +2 5 8 7 300
Far y y +2 +2 5 8 7 300
Crouch y y +3 +3 3 4 10 200
Jump - - - - 4 14 - 400
Forward Close n n +6 +6 5 6 11 800
Far n n DWN -8 13 3 28 700
Crouch n y -6 -6 5 6 20 700
Jump - - - - 5 8 - 700
Roundhouse Close y y -9 -9 8 6 27 1300
Far n n -8 -8 12 4 40 1100
Crouch n n DWN -8 8 4 34 1100
Jump - - - - 9 4 - 1100

Special Moves


The Basics

Bread and Butter Combos

Three most basic combos done on reaction:

-d.LK, d.MP xx qcf+LP, qcf+P, K The standard low hitting combo into beatdown punches.

-jump in HP, d.MP xx qcf+LP, qcf+P, K The standard combo off a jump in attack.

-low jump HK, dp+HP The standard combo off a low jump attack.

d.MP gives you frame advantage to link combo after:

-d.MP, d.MP xx qcf+LP, qcf+P, K

-d.MP, d.LK xx qcf+LK, LK, super

Opponent dizzy or otherwise open for big punishment:

-(j.HK), close s.HK xx qcf+MK, K, dp+HK (three hits) The last hit slams the opponent down to the ground and he isn't allowed to tech roll or slow getup. If you hit with a dp+HK juggle from midscreen, your opponent will be brought all the way to the corner.

-(j.HK), close s.HK xx qcf+MK, K, f+HP xx qcf+LP (whiff), hcb+P (whiff), P (otg) A fancier version of the above combo that does more stun damage. Vega can tech roll the last OTG hit of the combo though, so stick with the first combo where you juggle with dp+HK instead.

-(j.HK), close s.HK xx qcf+MK, K, dp+HP Sometimes the opponent gets dizzy before the last hit of the three hit dp+HK move. To maximize the damage you do to your opponent, when you're sure the opponent will get dizzy, juggle him with the 2 hit dp+HP move instead.

Off a parry:

(These aren't guaranteed when your opponent uses anti-parry tactics like buffering a slow DP into whatever parry bait move he stuck out, or mashing on a command grab or super grab after the parry, but that rarely happens.)

-parry, close s.HK xx qcf+MK, K, dp+HK The number one reason P-Kyo is so deadly. Off just one parry opening from anywhere on the screen, he can bring you into the corner with a dp+HK juggle.

-parry, d.MP xx qcf+LP, qcf+P, K Do this when you see that you're out of range of your close s.HK. Also consider using d.MP xx qcf+MK, K too though.

Off a JD:

d.MP is a four frame startup attack and cancels into the beatdown punches or launching kicks perfectly. A lot of times you get a free combo when you JD certain laggy attacks your opponent throws out (like a Blanka d.HP for example). A super fast attack like d.MP is the perfect move to take advantage of that window for a free combo.

-JD a laggy ground move, d.MP xx combo


Super Combos

Using Level 3s
c.LK,c.LK xx qcf,qcf+P
low jump HP/HK xx qcf,qcf+P
c.LK,c.LK,c.LK xx qcf+LK,K -> qcb,hcf+P, release (in corner: hold, release)
c.LK,c.MP xx qcf+MK,K -> dp+MK -> qcb,hcf+P, hold, release
j.HK,close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K -> dp+MK -> qcb,hcf+P, hold, release
far s.HK xx qcb,hcf+P, release
trade dp+MP -> qcb,hcf+P, release

  • After combos which involve all of the level 3 cloud super connecting optional whiff qcf+LP,hcb+LP,P can be added on for extra damage (only last hit connects). This isn't hard, but requires practice. Make the first part of the super hit once (so do it deep, after dp+MK,K is easiest), then release the button right afterwards. The super should hit for 4 hits, immediately when you recover start inputting the qcf+LP and finish.

Using C-Groove
c.LK,c.LK xx qcf,qcf+MP xx qcb,hcf+P c.LK,c.LK xx qcf,qcf+MP xx qcf+MK, K -> jump forward d+HP (corner) c.LK,c.LK xx qcf,qcf+MP xx qcf+HK,K -> [finishers]
(corner) c.LK,c.LK,c.LK xx qcf+LK,K -> qcb,hcf+MP, release xx qcf+HK,K -> [finishers]
far s.HK xx qcb,hcf+MP, release xx qcf+HK,K -> [finishers]
j.HK,close s.HK xx qcf+HK,K -> qcf,qcf+MP (1hit) xx qcf+HK,K -> dp+HK (dizzy combo -- 66 stun)
trade dp+MP -> qcb,hcf+MP, release xx qcf+HK,K -> [finishers]

  • [finishers]
    dp+HK (easiest)
    f+HP, qcf+LP,hcb+P,P (only last hit connects) -- if this is done near the corner, you can usually mess it up pretty bad, and still hit your opponent if he techrolls.
    I wouldn't worry about landing level1s at the end of these combos, the stun helps out Kyo more.

Custom Combos

Combos into CC
close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K, dp+LP/dp+MK, CC, juggle with dp+MP, df+HK whiff
- start your post-CC juggle with dp+HP, df+HK whiff for a fullscreen CC
c.LK/c.MP xx qcf+LK,K, CC, juggle with dp+MP, df+HK whiff (corner)
RC qcf+MK,K, (dp+LP/dp+MK optional), CC, juggle with dp+MP, df+HK whiff
meaty c.MP/close s.MP, CC, c.LK, continue (easy)
meaty c.MP/close s.MP, CC, c.HP, continue (hard)
meaty c.MP/close s.MP, CC, dp+MP, df+HK, continue (harder)
c.HK, CC, juggle with dp+MP/dp+HP, df+HK whiff

CC setups (random activates)
blocked close s.HK, CC
blocked c.HK, CC
blocked meaty rdp+LK, CC
blocked meaty c.MK, CC
blocked 2nd hit of qcf+LK,K, CC
combo into qcf+MK,K, close s.HK xx rdp+LK (whiffs), CC
CC, RC rekka
CC, f+MK overhead, continue
hit with qcf+HP, hcb+P, wait, CC
the other obvious random activates, like empty jump, walk forward, etc

CC, (c.LK), close s.HK x 2, far s.HK, df+HK (1-hit), [far s.HK x 2, df+HK (1-hit)] x N to corner, df+HK xx qcfx2+P
- you can also switch up to mashed c.LK, df+HK (2-hit) at the end, but i find it smarter to keep it simple.

CC, [dp+MP, df+HK whiff]x8 (or to 8 hits), c.HP, c.HP, qcb,hcf+P
- this is your combo for many things, like anti-air CC, comboing after all sorts of juggles, or traded dp+LP/MP
- start with dp+HP (1-hit), df+HK whiff if you need the range, like after a traded dp

j.HK, close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K, dp+MK, CC, [dp+MP, df+HK whiff] x 2, dp+MP, s.LK whiff, [j.LP x 4] x N until no meter, close s.HK/c.HP xx qcf+HK,K, dp+HK (opponent dizzy), j.HK, close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K, dp+HK
- this should dizzy all characters 70 stun and lower if you land the qcf+HK,K correctly, without a jumpin it should dizzy 60 stun chars
- the final hits after the dizzy won't do good damage because the CC scaling will still be in effect, this is only useful for flash
- it's smarter to end this combo with a super, then try to land another combo afterwards to get some real dizzy damage

Special Custom enders
- combo to 8 hits, juggle with hcb+HK, qcf+LP, hcb+P, P (all 3 hits), continue with mashed ground custom into qcfx2+P super or qcf+MK,K, dp+HK for dizzy
- combo to 8 hits, juggle with c.HP x 2 (think rolento super at the end of CC), qcf+LP, hcb+P, P (first 2 whiff), continue with mashed ground custom into qcfx2+P super or qcf+MK,K, dp+HK for dizzy
- the execution of the connected rekka chains is pretty hard in CC mode, with kara cancels and shit, sometimes you do one rekka, juggle with a jab, then do another jab when you try for the hcb+P, it's hard, i would stick to setting up whiffed chains if you're gonna really practice this
- ground custom, end with qcf+MK,K, dp+HK for dizzy

Advanced Strategy

Kyo has possibly the most useful kick throw in the entire game.

The opponent is left right next to you, is unable to tech roll or slow getup, and the 52 pixel range of Kyo's kick throw even lets him do it after the pushback from a d.LK.

Wake-Up Pressure/Knockdown Mixups


vs. Blanka

Make it one of your goals to get in and land a kick throw. Once you do, you put your self in a highly advantageous mixup situation. Remember that since Blanka is a charge character, it becomes extremely confusing for him on how to keep his charge if you play tricky and keep switching sides with him. After the kick throw...

-low jump forward, crossup j.LK

This is safe against RC electricity, and you actually have frame advantage when you land.

From there...

-wait, kick throw again

-wait, d.LK combo to counter Blanka trying to throw you

Although it's not necessary in this instance, you can take a complete guess and try to dp+HP after the crossup low jump LK also

After the kick throw...

-low jump forward, land, kick throw again This grabs Blanka right out of his wakeup RC electricity startup.

-low jump foward, land, meaty d.MP, d.MP xx combo

The d.MP hit perfectly meaty when you do it like this.

Whenever Blanka sticks out a d.HP, you can sweep his limb from far away if he whiffed. You can even try to do far s.HK xx super if you like.

Kyo far s.HK is a guaranteed counter to Blanka's d.MK.

One of Kyo's most often used moves is his df+HK. Blanka knows this and will be jumping up and down with his vertical j.HK to counter you. Use your Kyo dp+HP to take him out of the air whenever you're in range.

The counter to Blanka trying to do super jump MK to cross you up is to use your Kyo close s.MK anti-air.

Random Tricks/Notes