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1. Crouch B, Crouch A, df+D - 15-20%
2. C, qcf+C, hcb+C, f+C, dp+C - 24%
3. C, qcf+D D, qcb hcf+P - 40% (adding jumpin makes second hit of qcf+D D whiff)
4. C, qcf+D D, hcb+B, qcf+A - 25% (adding jumpin makes second hit of qcf+D D whiff)
5. C, f+B, rdp+B - 23% (only on Yamazaki, Goro, Chang, Yashiro, Maxima, Seth)
6. C, qcf+D D, hcb+B, (S)qcb hcf+P - 45%

1. C, qcf+D D, hcb+B, qcf+B B, dp+C - 35%

Max Mode Activation:
1. Crouch B, Crouch A, df+D, qcb hcf+BC(hold for split second during flash and release)
2. (Anywhere, should end up in the corner) Crouch B, Crouch A, df+D, qcf+BC, (C)qcf+A, (C)qcf+C, (C)qcf+A, (C)qcf+C, (C)qcf+D D, qcb hcf+P - 65%
3. (Corner) C, BC, run C, dp+C(1), (C)qcf+C. (C)qcf+A, (C)qcf+C, (C)qcf+DD, hcb+B, (S)qcb hcf+P/qcb hcf+AC - 60%/80%
4. (Corner) C, BC, run C, qcf+D D, hcb+B, qcf+A, (C)hcb+B, qcf+A, (C)hcb+B, qcf+A, (C)hcb+B, (qcf+A, qcf+A, K)/(S)qcb hcf+P/AC) -
5. (Corner) C, df+D(1), BC, run C, qcf+DD, qcf+C, (C)qcf+A(whiff), qcf+A, (C)qcf+C(whiff), hcb+P, (C)qcf+A(whiff), qcf+A, (C)hcb+B, (S)qcb hcf+P -

Attack Strings:
1. C/D, qcf+A, qcf+A, K
2. C, f+B, rdp+B
3. C, qcf+DD (repeat, corner)
4. Crouch D, (f+B, rdp+B)/qcf+BB/qcf+A/rdp+B

Move Properties:
-cancellable normals are close A, far A, crouch A, close B, close C, crouch C, close D, crouch D
-CD is cancellable into specials and DMs
-f+B, the P after qcf+A, qcf+P and the hcb+P after qcf+A are overhead attacks
-close B, and K after qcf+A, hcb+P are low attacks
-qcf+A/C has autoguard
-dp+C on first hit, and hcb+B, are supercancellable
-far D can evade low attacks

To get some of the qcbhcf+P combos to work you must use the JF timing release method.

How to do the c.B c.A df+D qcbhcf+BC combo

Surprisingly, the fastest hit possible from qcbhcf+P is not no delay, but a half second delay. It's just shortly after (like right away) Kyo says "ayeeee" when charging it up. To learn the timing, the easiest method is to practice the df+D qcbhcf+BC combo. The BC break timing is easy, it's right after the second hit, but to get it to combo, you must hold the BC (or just C) until Kyo begins to back up. As soon as you see Kyo move backwards, release. Master the timing, once you learn the timing you can now implement it in his hcb+B super cancel super, super combos.

-Always backdash with d+C, as it makes him go back further than normal, and can hit some opponents out of their moves (such as far reaching Billy pokes)
- Learn to do the max mode combos. They aren't as hard as they seem, they don't require as much memory as it looks, and Kyo is much weaker without them
- j.d+C has amazing priority, if you use it as a jump in, hit early. It stuns and staggers very heavily. If you hit late, you will stagger too far, comboing a far version instead of a close and killing any non BC cancel combo.
- Learn the art to comboing with Kyo instead of memorizing combos. This will make you more dangerous. Learn to BC cancel moves and combo them into qcf+C, after landing qcf+C you can push your opponent into the corner for a corner combo finish.
- While, qcf+A and qcf+C might look like good pokes, both are punishable, do not abuse them.
- rdp+K has high air to air priority, high air to ground priority and hops lows and fireballs, that said, don't abuse since on whiff it's very punishable. It has a nasty habit of beating late uppercuts.
- RED kick (rdp+K) will cross up if space right. This can be very effective on wakeup, since opponents will have a tough time anti airing kyo from above and will have to block from the other side, very difficult to see since most of kyo's body will still be in front of the opponent.

~ work in progress