Kyosuke (CvS2)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Jab - LP

Strong - MP

Fierce - HP

Short - LK

Forward - MK

Roundhouse - HK

Command Moves

df + HK

  • Kyosuke twists and extends his leg diagonally upwards. The opponent will be launched when hit and will be open to mid-air combos (see Advanced Strategy Section). This attack launches fairly fast but has slow recovery and lacks some horizontal range. It also cannot be comboed from normal attacks except jump-ins. Recommended only when the opponent is open or as a possible anti-air.

Special Moves

Cross Cutter - qcf + P

  • Kyosuke launches two small projectiles, each arching upwards and downwards respectively and converge at the middle in a certain distance. Button used determines the height and distance of the projectiles; LP launches the highest and closest while HP launches the shortest and furthest. Neither buttons can reach full screen. If the projectiles haven't converged yet, they are considered as two projectiles and either one can negate a non-super projectile while the other still passes through. When the projectiles converge, it becomes considered as one projectile only and can be treated like any other projectile. The move has some start-up delay as well as recovery delay. Because of this, it is not recommended against projectile battles. Use especially for zoning and pressuring opponents.

Lightning Upper - f,d,df + P

  • Kyosuke swipes his hand upwards while lightning strikes from the ground up. Button used determines the distance of the attack; LP launches the closest while HP launches the furthest. The attack launches the opponents in mid-air and can combo into the Shadow Cut Kick or, in the corner, the Double Shadow Cut Kick. It launches fairly quickly but has low priority, usually trading hits from a jump-in attack. Recommended for combos only.

Shadow Wave - air only, qcf + P

  • Kyosuke creates a short blade of energy diagonally downwards in front of him while in mid-air. Button used determines the damage of the attack. The move launches quickly and has a fairly high priority which makes it a good mid-air combo finisher and anti-air. However, it has some recovery delay and can be punished if it whiffs or blocked.

Shadow Breaker - qcb + P

  • Kyosuke leaps fairly high then slams his opponent with energies from his hand. Button used determines the move's range and damage. It is an overhead attack that cannot be recovered from when hit. Though a good mix-up, Kyosuke once again lacks speed and can be punished if used out in the open. Also, the attack has a tendency to leap over crouching opponents if done too close.

Shadow Cut Kick - qcf + K, useable in air

  • Kyosuke does a somersault kick. Button used determines the strength and height of the attack. On the ground, it has excellent speed but, in spite of that, has poor priority. This makes the attack a great combo finisher but a bad anti-air. On the air, however, its priority somehow increases and will usually win in air battles. This attack can combo after Lightning Upper and Double Shadow Cut Kick.

Super Moves

Super Cross Cutter - qcf,qcf + P

  • Kyosuke launches several projectiles, which acts similar to Cross Cutter. Level 1 launches four projectiles while Level 2 and 3 launches five projectiles. Use like a normal Cross Cutter.

Super Lightning Upper - qcb,qcb + P

  • Kyosuke launches lightning from the ground up which is similar to Lightning Upper except has a taller height and can be followed into an air chain combo. Level determines how many hits the lightning does.

Double Shadow Cut Kick - qcf,qcf + K, useable in air

  • Kyosuke kicks similar to his far standing MK, followed by a Shadow Cut Kick and a multiple-hitting Shadow Wave which can follow-up into a regular Shadow Cut Kick. Like Shadow Cut Kick, the move has little priority and can lose against some attacks. Use in combos only.

Final Symphony Remix - Max Gauge, hcb,hcb + K

  • Kyosuke launches a far standing HP. If it hits, Batsu and Hinata from Rival Schools will appear and beat up the opponent launch them into the air and all three characters will deliver their final blow. Has high priority, does massive damage and makes a great combo finisher but is open to punishment when it whiffs or is blocked.

The Basics


In order from best to worst.

  • (most priority; super cancelable)
  • s.hp (special/super cancelable)
  • (longest but slowest normal; cannot punish as much as above)


Best to worst.

  • (fast; good vertical range)
  • c.hp (won't catch opponents that jump too high; special/super cancelable; I tend to follow this with a lp cross cutter)
  • dp + P (it will either trade or get beaten; the hp version rises about a character-length away from Kyosuke, so you can catch far away arial opponents)
  • qcf + K (NEVER USE THIS, unless it's RCed. I don't think it can hit air-blockers though)
  • df + hk (very short ranged; use only when the opponent is open)


  • j.hp (good cross-up though tends to knock down jumping opponents)
  • (good cross-up though tends to knock down jumping opponents)
  • (not too good because of its mostly vertical range; may often miss)

Advanced Strategy

Air Chain Combos

Kyosuke has the ability to chain multiple normal moves up in the air. However, it requires either of two launchers for startup. The df + HK command move is the easiest executable launcher but it lacks range and can cause Kyosuke to be open for punishment. The other, and often better, launcher is his Super Lightning Upper. A level 3 Super Lightning Upper is the trickiest, however, since it does more hits, leaving Kyosuke to delay a bit before jumping.

Once the opponent is launched in the air and starts to fall down, immediately jump towards the opponent (or jump up if the opponent is in the corner) then press LP. During this time, Kyosuke is now able to chain normals from light attacks to medium attacks to hard attacks. Sometimes, Kyosuke can do a special or the Double Shadow Cut Kick though the player has to execute it fast. Some of the best chains would be:

  • LP > LK > MP > HP > HK (HP may miss if the opponent is too high up)
  • LP > LK > MP > qcf + punch/kick
  • LP > qcf, qcf + kick



  • In A-Groove, it is possible to chain combo multiple Shadow Cut Kicks in the corner and ending with a Double Shadow Cut Kick. Doing so will cause both Kyosuke and the opponent go off-screen making Kyosuke the sole character who could attack the highest away from the ground in the game.