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1. _b f+C, _d u+C/jump qcf hcb+C(Buffer:qcf uf qcb+C) - 45%/55%
2. Crouch B, Crouch AA, _d u+C - 20-25%
3. _b f+K, jump qcf hcb+C(Buffer:qcf uf qcb+C) - 45%
4. D(1), rdp+K, Crouch C, _d u+C - 50%
5. D(1), rdp+K, Crouch C, f+B, qcf hcb+P - 65-70%
6. qcb+B, _b f+D, f+D, (S)qcf hcb+P - 75%


1. D(1), rdp+K, D, f+B, qcb+A - 45%

===Max Mode Activation===
1. D(1), rdp+K, Crouch C, BC, Far C, f+B, qcf hcb+P - 72%

Move Properties

-cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, close B, close C, far C, crouch C, close D, jump B, jump D
-CD is cancellable into specials and DMs
-f+B is an overhead knockdown
-qcb+B is a low attack
-f+D followup to _b f+D is supercancellable
-far D can evade low attacks


-to do the V-Slasher, it's best to buffer the qcf hcb on the ground then follow the qcb with ub u uf +C, this should give you a jump forward and a V slasher very close to the ground

-use the V-Slasher to punish any whiff from half screen, any fireball, any laggy move that usually staggers too far to punish on block. It has total invincibility to most attacks, with the exception of Robert's f b f+K kicks (although this can be punished by doing a jump D, V-Slasher instead)

-always jump around with Leona (usually straight up), and bait the opponent into attacking you (whether it is an anti-air, fireball, etc). Immediately cancel to V-Slasher to punish. Leona can also use her _b f+K to go through fireballs like Athena's

-her jump D has excellent priority and comes out reasonably fast. Jumping backwards with D will stuff most people out of their attacks, or attempted jumpins. This jumpin is also very meaty, as one can do it early on a waking up opponent, and it will still connect as they are getting up

-in the bomb combos with rdp+K, the bomb can usually be evaded with roll. Punish this by throwing them or using qcb hcf+K DM. If they roll, they will get hit by the DM or thrown, and if they block the DM, the bomb will explode on them

- one trick Leona has is her qcb+B hair pin. The exploding pin will hit low further out from half screen. At max range you can actually throw the hair pin then super jump forward D. The j.D will hit overhead, and the bomb will hit low. Timed right, you can actually land both at the same time for an unblockable. This you can then cancel to super. Generally this only works against unknowledgable or sleepy opponents, as the best counter is to roll the pin. In this case you can hyper hop forward and throw the opponent during his roll.