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Fhd feilin.png
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She is an awful answer of Data East to Capcom's Chun Li. Nothing else to say.

Weak Spot

FHD-feilin-neutral.png FHD-feilin-squat-1.png FHD-feilin-squat-2.png FHD-feilin-crouch.png
Frame count - 2 2 -

Color Options

Punch Kick
Fhd-feilin-color1.png Fhd-feilin-color2.png

Moves List

Quick Reference

Special move name Input Nickname Note
To-Ro-Zan Qcf.png + P.png fireball
Mid-air To-Ro-Zan (in air) B.pngDb.pngD.png + P.png fireball
Double-Swan Punch Charge D.png,U.png + P.png Swan Punch anti-air, reversal
Sliding Double-Swan Punch Charge D.png,Db.pngDf.pngUf.png + P.png Sliding Swan Punch rush (invincible) → anti-air

Normal Moves

Light Punch Snka.gif

  • Standing (Close):
Damage 4 Startup FHD-feilin-stand-close-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

A usual elbow attack. Hits a bit higher than far LP.

  • Standing (Far):
Damage 4 Startup FHD-feilin-stand-far-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Standart jab attack (but without knuckle... what the heck, Feilin). The range is pretty bad comparing to other characters, but it's best light attack Fei has (cr.LK is 1px worse).

  • Crouching:
Damage 4 Startup FHD-feilin-crouch-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Looks like st.LP but with even less range, don't use it.

  • Jumping (Diagonal):
Damage 8 Startup FHD-feilin-diagonal-jump-LP.png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
Frame count 4

Good air-to-air.

  • Jumping (Neutral):
Damage 8 Startup FHD-feilin-neutral-jump-LP.png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
Frame count 4

Strong Punch Snkb.gif

Standing (Far) - Solid against far jump ins. Bufferable. Great all around attack.

Standing (Close) -

Crouching - Like standing hard punch but crouching (lol) (Doesn't work as an anti air though).

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) -

Light Kick Snkc.gif

Standing (Far) -

Standing (Close) -

Crouching -

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) - Neutralizes overhead assaults fairly well.

Strong Kick Snkd.gif

Standing (Far) -

Standing (Close) - Bufferable. Can work as an anti air.

Crouching - Excellent range. A solid attack for your ground game. Recovers a tad slow, but not everyone will be able to capitalize on its recovery.

Jumping - Good jump in with alright damage. Decent priority to boot.

Jumping (Neutral) -

Special Normals

  • Flying Kick: (in air) Db.png/D.png/Df.png + Snkd.gif

An odd move. The window in which you perform this is very tight, just at the apex of your jump. Arcs down at a less extreme angle than Aerial Mantis Claw.


Damage 21 FHD-feilin-throwbox.png
(From pushbox)
  • Toge Hizaochi: B.png/F.png + Snkb.gif

Special Moves

  • To-Ro-Zan a.k.a. Mantis Claw: Qcf.png + P.png

A fireball. Both versions are fairly slow on the recovery, but the projectile is big enough to catch Marstorius jumps. Note that Ryoko cannot slide under this.

  • Mid-air To-Ro-Zan a.k.a. Mid-air Mantis Claw: (in air) B.pngDb.pngD.png + P.png

This air fireball arcs sharply downward. I should also note it keeps Feilin in the air for a good second or so.

  • Double-Swan Punch: Charge D.png,U.png + P.png

Flash kick-type move. Light version is pretty safe. Both have good priority and work as a reversal.

Hidden Move

  • Sliding Double-Swan Punch: Charge D.png,Db.pngDf.pngUf.png + P.png

Input note: you can charge ↙ instead of ↓ and the move will still come out.

Feilin rushes forward and then does her enhanced Swan Punch. LP version travels half of a screen, when HP version travels the whole screen. This move is great. It has solid invincibility. You would be best off using this to punish fireballs.

The Basics

She is a orthodox character with projectiles and anti air only esque, surprisely she only have as a charge move her anti air one with a ground and overhead projectiles.

Your objetive will be about keepaway your opponent and overhead press him when its at medium range, when you throw projectiles you can charge down to release an uppercut if opponent jumps to you.


  • cr.WP x 1-2 xx Weak Uppercut
  • j.SP,cr.SP xx qcf+P
  • j.SP, cr.WP,cr.WK,cr.SP xx Sliding Uppercut
  • j.SP, j.b,db,b+P (In corner can be a follow up)

Advanced Strategy

Depends of the height and speed of the characters, you will be jump him with your overhead, spam him your projectiles on ground and air, or charge down for your anti-air.


Ray Lee Zaz Kar Jea Miz Sam Yun Mat Clo Fei Mar Ryo
Feilin - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vs. Clown:

Don't overhead him, try to wait for the Clown special of use and counter him, trade hits Head Stomp or Roll with Swan Upper

Vs. Jean:

Vs. Ryoko:

A solid matchup for Feilin. Throw fireballs, standing strong as an anti-air. This matchup should be easy. Just don't let Ryoko get in a position to cross you up (aka misjudging standing strong).

Vs. Karnov:

Vs. Lee:

Vs. Feilin (self):

Look for sweeps on opponent's fireball startup, or just use Sliding Swan Punch. Standing hard punch is solid in this matchup, don't get hit by it.

Vs. Yungmie:

Vs. Marstorius:

Vs. Matlok:

Vs. Mizoguchi:

Vs. Ray:

Vs. Samchay:

Vs. Zazie: