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Bison, leader of the criminal organization known as Shadaloo, hears of a fighter named Ryu who defeated his new henchman, Sagat. Bison decides to recruit Ryu and begins the search for him. In the meantime, he is confronted by Rose, a mysterious woman who wields power that is in many ways similar to his own. Rose wins the ensuing battle but only to find out that Bison has left the battlefield completely unscathed and has possibly threw the fight. Reasons for this are disclosed during the events of SFA3.

Afterwards, Bison encounters Chun Li. They have a brief duel in which Bison toys around with the girl. He flees and lets Chun Li know that he murdered her father.

After this, Bison is finally able to track down Ryu. At first, Bison attempts to persuade Ryu to join him by promising that he would make him the greatest fighter ever. Ryu mocks him and the two engage in combat. Bison wins and takes Ryu's body to his scientists for a brainwashing via exposure to Psycho Power. It is debatable whether this ending is canon or not, however, the exact events which it depicts did take place during SFA3.

= Moves List =

Normal Moves


Lp.png- Quick jab, with small frames advantage. Not great.

Mp.png- Glow version of his s.lp, with great priority and blockstun, similar to ST Chun’s s.mp. Can do multiple in a row to counter hit and anti jump characters up close. Serves as far anti air in a lot of matches. This is his up close bully move.

Hp.png- Upward angled punch, which looks like it can be used as anti-air, but has actually pretty bad priority, though it ok to use sometimes as it’s faster than c.fp. Lots of meaty range.

Lk.png- Quick knee kick to the mid section, cancelable, good priority.

Mk.png- Straight kick with good range. Universal poke, not too fast, not too bad recovery. Very good to zone.

Hk.png- A two hit Anti-air angled kick. Good anti air priority and first hit is cancelable to anything. Use for AC reversal up close.


cr.Lp.png- Little jab to the shin, not really all that though is has ok range for a jab.

cr.Mp.png- A straight punch with good priority, cancelable.

cr.Hp.png- Very good anti air once its out, must do early for it to be effective, lots of meaty frames.

cr.Lk.png- Quick kick to the foot, can hit meaty, not chainable.

cr.Mk.png- A low kick similar to c.lk, hits meaty and cancelable.

cr.Hk.png- Great surprise move and safe when distance right, same applications as other games, can be kara canceled for add reach on specials.

JUMPING Jumping U.png (Neutral jump)




nj.Lk.png- Best air-to-air, quick, but low damage.

nj.Mk.png- Jumping version of s.mk great neutral jump moves.


Jumping Ub.png Uf.png (Diagonal jump)




dj.Lk.png- Best air-to-air, quick, but low damage.

dj.Mk.png- Jumping version of s.mk great neutral jump moves.

dj.Hk.png- Angled jump in with good priority.

Normal Throws

F.png/B.png+Mp.pngHp.png -

Psycho Fall (In Air)F.png/B.png+Mp.pngHp.png -

Alpha Counters



Special Moves

Psycho Shot

  • Charge Back, Forward + Punch

Double Knee Press

  • Charge Back, Forward + Kick

Head Press

  • Charge Down, Up + Kick, then hold Forward or Back

Somersault Skull Diver

  • (After Head Press)Punch

Somersault Skull Diver

  • Charge Down, Up + Punch, then hold Forward or Back and press Punch again

Vega Warp

  • Back, Down, Down-Back or Forward, Down, Down-Forward + All three Punch or Kick buttons

Super Moves

Psycho Crusher

  • Charge Back, Forward, Back, Forward + Punch

Knee Press Nightmare

  • Charge Back, Forward, Back, Forward + Kick

The Basics

Try and think of the character as Dictator with a DeeJay style fireball, owerful in the right situations but can be unsafe if you don't pay attention. Keep the opponent away with your safe pokes and fireball. MP is your go to button for all kinds of situations. You can kind of mash out counter hits but don't go overboard. Standing MK is a good poke at far range. The hitbox is very low so it is not an anti-air. Also very good for poking shotos that try and move around the screen unsafely with tatsus. As far as anti-airs go you have 3 options. Stand HP, Crouch HP, and Stand HK. All of these have their own situations. For example Crouching HP is faster than Standing HP even though they have similar hitboxes. While Stand HK has a different range/hitbox all together. Mess around with the character in training mode and get a good feel for your normals. Most of your play time will be blocking and using pokes.

BnB Combos

1) Jump HK > Stand/Crouch MP (2 hits, 26 dmg, 14 stun)

Good 2 hit BnB off a safe jump in. Jump HK is pretty safe and the follow up is easy. Leaves you at +20 to +22 frame advantage. Can be followed up with fireball for free if you have enough charge time, but it will not combo.

2) Jump HK > Stand HK (3 hits, 30 dmg, 16 stun)

Another good and simple BnB off a safe jump in. Better damage than combo 1 but leaves you at an unsafe range to get clipped by a custom combo. However if they do not have meter you are outside of sweep range for most characters.

s.rh xx hk knee press s.rh or c.mk xx any super

Advanced Strategy

Bison's Crossup


Known working characters: Bison, Sodom, Charlie, Birdie, Zangief

Hard to do/Doesn't Crossup/Soft corner only: Adon, Ryu, Ken

(List will be updated as I do more training mode)

        • MEATIES!!!

These are important because if make it alot more difficult for your opponent to do wake-up reversals on you, and allow link not normally possible.

s.fp- Hits super meaty, but no real combo opportunity cause of push back

c.fp- same as above

c.mk- Hits low and can link a s.lk and I think rh, been awhile idr.

s.mp- Heavy frame advantage.

Advanced Combos

1) Jump HK > Stand HK (1 hit) > Scissor Kicks (4 hits, 38 dmg, 16 stun)

This will end up being your go to big damage combo. The charge time you are given from the jump in is VERY strict. Practice this one in training mode first to get the timing down. The input from the 1 hit of stand HK to scissor kicks is later than you think. It does the same amount of stun as Basic Combo #2 however 8 points of damage can be the difference between winning and losing.

2) Crouch MP > Super Move

Level 1 Psycho Crusher (4 hits, 42 dmg, 6 stun)

Level 2 Psycho Crusher (5 hits, 58 dmg, 6 stun)

Level 3 Psycho Crusher (7 hits, 79 dmg, 6 stun)

Level 1 Scissor Kicks (5 hits, 51 dmg, 10 stun)

Level 2 Scissor Kicks (7 hits, 56 dmg, 9 stun)

Level 3 Scissor Kicks (9 hits, 74 dmg, 10 stun)

Easier to pull off than it looks at first glance. Usually happens the most with shotos who whiff a DP up close. Basically anytime you know you have a charge and can land a close/meaty crouch MP. My personal favorite is to hit the strong and enter the joystick input. Then negative edge for the level 1 Psycho Crusher. If you mess up the input or don't have charge you should be safe.

3) Jump LK (Cross up) > Stand HK (3 hits, 35 dmg, 14 stun)

Harder combo to pull off but can catch people off guard. The follow is easy but getting the spacing for the cross up can be tough. I recommend doing this if you notice that you have a soft corner.

Example of a soft corner. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBIhZvoneKQ


Combo into super (1 frame??) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrhJyrZ_9LQ

Custom Combos


Practical Custom Combos:

1) Activate > Cr. HK > HK Scissor Kicks xN

2) Kick Alpha Counter (Teleport behind) > Activate > Cr. HK > HK Scissor Kicks xN

You can also Cr. HK after the CC is finished for HKD setups:

Bison: lvl 1/2- c.rh xx SK xN, sweep xx headstomp, p. Land and unblockable sweep

lvl 3- c.rh xx SK x4, s.mp xx headstomp, p. Land and unblockable sweep



Vs. Adon:


Vs. Akuma:


Vs. Birdie:


Vs. Charlie:


Vs. Chun-Li:


Vs. Dan:


Vs. Dhalsim:


Vs. Gen:


Vs. Guy:


Vs. Ken:


Vs. M. Bison (dictator-self): Dictator always wins the Dictator match-up.


Vs. Rolento:


Vs. Rose:


Vs. Ryu:


Vs. Sagat:


Vs. Sakura:


Vs. Sodom:

5-5 (Maybe 6-4)

Vs. Zangief:


Street Fighter Alpha 2
Adon - Akuma - Birdie - Charlie - Chun-Li - Dan - Dhalsim - Evil Ryu - Gen - Guy - Ken - M.Bison - Rolento - Rose - Ryu - Sagat - Sakura - Sodom - Zangief