M. Bison (ST)

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Dictator's portrait in Super Turbo


Color Options

New Dictator Colors

New Dictator's color options in Super Turbo
To choose the "Hold" color, press and hold any button except Start for 2 seconds. To choose any other color, simply tap the desired button.

--Raisin (April 30, 2007)

Old Dictator Colors

Old Dictator's color options in Super Turbo
Old Dictator's input code is DUUD. Pressing Short simultaneously with Jab or Fierce will give you the alternate color.

--Raisin (April 30, 2007)

Move Analysis

Normal Moves

Note: If I don't mention what the move does, I'm not generally using it that much. My style may differ quite a bit from your Bison style, so if you find something that works, put it up here. =)



MP- Bison does a body shot that can be used in ticks

HP- Bison's main ground to air defense in lieu of a Knee Press Nightmare.

LK- Bison does a quick knee that is used mainly in combos and ticking.

MK- Bison's main "harassment" move. It is safe, beats fireballs, controls a large amount of space, and can be whiffed while charging to start a pindown.

HK- A slower version of MK. Deals really solid damage and has some of the same uses as MK. It is great as a whiff punisher for things such as OG Ken lp shoryu.


MK- This move is great as a meaty on wakeup because it can stuff even Shoryus with proper timing. Bufferable, on block can safely be used to setup an lk Scissor Kick for a pindown.

HK- Slide trip. Useful if opponent techs your tick throw. Also great for positioning with a knockdown. Quite unsafe on block.


Neutral LK- Gret priority, stays out for a really long time, low damage but it does beat a lot air to air.

Neutral MK/HK- Both stay out a decent amount of time, horizontal kick can stuff problem jump ins like Shoto jhk quite well.

Diag MP: Connects up to three times, either on 2 jumps or three, can be comboed into after Kneepress Nightmare. Outprioritized and not as good as Ryu's jmp juggles in my opinion.

Diag MK: Great when used as an "instant overhead (Re: Main page)", ok crossup, decent priority.

Diag HK: Great crossup, big damage, easier to use than jMK on slimmer characters. Decent priority air to air.

Normal Throws

Bison can only throw with Strong and Fierce. He has no kick throws, but Bison can still tech throws with any medium or higher punch or kick even if Bison has no kick throws. This rule applies to all characters.

Special Moves

Psycho Crusher [B (charge), F+Punch] - Also known as the torpedo, Bison flies across the screen in flames. It can do a maximum of 3 blocked hits. The distance and the speed at which it travels depends on the strength of the punch. It has been severely weakened since Super SFII, no longer has great priority besides the Jab version. Can be used to escape corners at times and can also hit opponents from behind/underneath with ridiculous timing and a lot of balls. Generally, stick with the scissor kick. If you make a mistake you can easily corner yourself. Normals beat this far too easily.

Double Knee Press [B (charge), F+Kick] - Also known as the scissor kick, Bison kicks the opponent twice in a forward motion. The distance and speed at which it travels depends on the strength of the kick. When properly spaced to do only one hit, they can be quite safe and useful in pindown strategies. They also are quite useful for scoring knockdowns if opponent tries to counter standing kicks or do low attacks. Can be used as a ghetto anti air, unlike the Psycho Crusher which gets stuffed a lot.

Head Stomp [D (charge), U+Kick] - Bison flies towards the opponent and stomps their head with his boots. You can move very flexibly after the head stomp makes contact with a grounded opponent, but when the head stomp hits an airborn opponent, the control over mobility is not as flexible. Works well to get over fireballs.

Skull Diver [press punch after the head stomp makes contact with the opponent and before landing] - This is the punch that hits the opponent's head after head stomp. You can move left or right using the joystick while performing this move. The active hitting duration of the move depends on the strength of the punch. This can combo in really weird situations.

Devil Reverse [D (charge), U+punch, (optional) punch] - Bison jumps into the air and when the player presses another punch, he turns upside down midair and does a flaming punch. You can control the movement of the attack with the joystick. Learn how to control this as it can be a safe move to do. Also good for trying to charge up and get out of the corner.

Super Move

Super [B (charge), F,B,F+kick] - He does 2 scissor kicks in a row. It has invincible startup. It is Bison's only proper reversal attack.

--Laugh 03:56, 4 May 2007 (UTC)

Remixed Changes

This section refers to HD Remix (360 / PS3)

New move:

         Fake Slide = DF + HK

The fake slide recovers much more quickly than the real slide, travels a shorter distance, and it does not put the enemy into blockstun because it can’t hit at all. It’s just a way to travel quickly (and then usually throw!).

Modified moves:

               Devil Reverse: Has 2 frames of invulnerability at startup, and
                              several more frames where feet and midsection are
                              invulnerable, so you can pass through fireballs.
               Standing LP: Has better priority, can stop Honda's Headbutt and
                            Blanka's Ball but is not any better as an anti-air
               Jump MP: Jump straight up + MP now juggles the same as jump Back or
                        Forward + MP.

--added by: _MJ_#R


Bison is a high pressure, high risk/reward character. He can deal big damage but has unreliable defense. He has one of the best ticking games in ST and can control the mid range with his standing kicks. There are a couple of ways to play M Bison, you can try to do a pindown/harassment offense because his pokes are pretty safe, and the scissor kick can beat a lot. You can also bait quite well and stuff a lot on wakeup with meaty clk. Other players try to go for big combos and secure a win with his dizzying high damage stuff, that's not my style, but it seems viable.

No matter your style, the main objective with Bison is to not allow yourself to get cornered. There are a lot of ways to do this, personally, in a serious match I rarely jump backward and NEVER walk backward. If I need to get over firballs at a range just outside of my mk/hk where I can't counter them, I will hop straight up over fireballs or simply block them. If I can see they're going to do it again, I want to walk up and kick them out of their fireball animation. When I can make them fear throwing fireballs, I can bait and use scissor kicks for knockdowns/chip and pressure. In the corner, his tick throws are quite difficult to get around.

If I have an aggressive one on my hands, I deal with their jumping at me with stand hp, neutral jump kicks and jmp if I have the opportunity. Jmp is great because you can push them into the corner from mid screen with 3 jmps (I don't usually do the juggle with 2 jumps only as the spacing is a lot better.)

I hope some of you add what your style is, so this can expand. Remember, there is no "right" way to play Super Turbo.

What to do in the corner without meter

This depends on the matchup and how things are going. If your opponent is playing a fireballer like Ryu and has you trapped, your best bet is to initiate head presses or whatever. Unless the Ryu sucks, you'll be getting hit out of it obviously. That doesn't matter. You're likely to lose more energy in the corner blocking fireballs/trying to hop them and hoping they make an execution mistake. Hoping for an execution mistake is the wrong way to go about it. Once you get your kneepress nightmare, try to get out of there and turn things around.

If your opponent is E Honda, sincerely hope that his hand explodes. Without meter in the corner you take Ochios until you die. There's not really a way out. Gief is also great at keeping you pinned with his body splash and can tick you to death as well as T Hawk. Basically, the only way to win these matches is to get them before they get you, don't block their jump ins, don't get cornered and try not to take a tick. Easier said than done against Honda, but Gief and T Hawk are quite a bit more "controllable" because they don't out prioritize you as badly.

Against a lesser tick thrower, aka somebody without a command grab, try to reverse their throw. You might atleast get a tech, and if you get a throw, you can escape with a slide.

Advanced Strategy


j.rh, st.lk, cr.mk XX (any strength) scissor kick or fierce psycho crusher - This is the combo that works on any character and does good damage. Note that if you use short scissor kicks, the second hit might not connect against some of the thinner characters like Chunli.

cross up j.mk, (close) st.lk x3, st.rh - This is a 5 hit combo that requires no charging and canceling and does really good damage. It will often dizzy the opponent also. The trick for this combo is to walk forward a little bit with each close st.lk so that the third st.lk is also a close one, because far st.lk has little frame advantage and a st.rh won't combo afterwards. If you want more consistency, use one less short.

j.strong, j.strong, j.strong, super - This combo is best used in the corner, where you can get more hits of the super. It's possible to do 2 j.strong's into the super as well. After 3 j.strong's, the maximum number of juggle hits you can get with the super is 2.

(meaty) cr.mk, st.lk XX (any strength) scissor kick - A decent, practical 4 hit combo starting from a meaty that knocks down. You can substitute cr.mk or cr.mp instead of st.lk for more damage but you have to use forward or roundhouse version of scissor kick in this case.

--Laugh 04:17, 4 May 2007 (UTC)

Attack Info and Frame Data



The most important thing is to sort out your anti-air. Bison's primary air defense is going air-to-air: climbing jump strong, vertical jump rh/strong, escaping jump rh, etc. This isn't his only option, however - two other choices to keep in mind:
1) crouching fierce. If Blanka is eager to win an air-to-air clash with his jumping jab or short you can generally shut him down with this ground attack. You need a feel for the spacing and a read on your opponent, but crouching fierce is a good back-up anti-air.

2) run away. Psycho crusher underneath him as he jumps in. Or, if he's trying to start a cross-up short trap use a slide kick to sneak away.

In a ground battle standing medium kick is ok. Keep backing up - it's good to have a quick trigger finger on the scissor kicks and psycho crushers to catch him doing a slide punch or crouching roundhouse.

Cross up medium kick loses to reversal vertical ball. You can beat that ball from the front though. The jump kick has to be a little bit high (i.e. a shade later than "well timed") to avoid a trade.

Fierce psycho crusher seems to be a decent option. Blanka can block and counter with a crouching fierce but in my experience it's a little random. If you do one psycho crusher and he misses then another and he hits, the 6 ticks of life from the blocked crushers will add up to more damage than the one fierce punch. (nohoho)

Serious Advantage Match-ups

T.Hawk, Cammy

Advantage Match-ups

N.Sagat, Fei Long

Fair Match-ups

Boxer, Zangief, Guile

Disadvantage Match-ups

Ryu, Ken, Blanka, Boxer, DJ

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups

E Honda- Honda is Bison's worst match up because one blocked jump in can mean death in the corner. With no reversal, Bison loses to clp tick Ochio Throw. Bison has only one special move that beats Honda's headbutt clean, Jab Crusher. Jab Crusher must come out before the heabutt though, so it requires great timing. Your general ticking strategies won't work so well against Honda because he can store a reversal Ochio and then start ticking you back. You can zone him with mk/hk some, however, if you don't build that meter he can eventually land the one Ochio or blocked sequence he needs to win. Headbutts beat everything you want to do clean, jab crusher is unreliable as previously stated.