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Moves List

Normal Moves

Magic Series
Ground: standard zig-zag
Jumping: standard zig-zag
Super Jumping: standard zig-zag



f.HK (hold):





Special Moves

Hyper Gravs: F,DF,D,DB,B+K

Well this move is no longer unblockable like it was in X-COTA, but it is still a very effective move to use. Once it connects it will bring the opponent closer to you and therefor let you combo the opponent. You can super jump or dash or whatever and your opponent will still follow you, sorta like a magnet. However the recovery time stinks and is easily countered and also it has very bad start up delay making it un-comboable. The stronger the kick button the farther distance that it goes.

Repulse Disruptor: B,DB,D,DF,F+P

This move is similar to Dr.Doom's Plasma Beam as it does alot of damage and has a bit of a start up delay. However unlike the Plasma Beam this can be used as an AC Finisher. This move has alot of range and can be used in an effective keep-away pattern. Definitely treat this like you would Dr.Doom's Plasma Beam.

Magnetic Blast: U,UF,F+P(air)

Well depsite the awkward motion this is a pretty effective move to use. Its a diagonal projectile going downwards, very similar to Akuma's Zankuu Gou Hadouken. This move has little recovery time and little start up delay and can be used as an AC Finisher. This is probably a better alternative in a keep-away battle than the Repulse Disruptor.

(flight): D,DB,B+3K

Exactly like Dr.Doom or Iron Man's flight capabilities, this allows Magneto to fly and he can no longer block during the duration of this move like he could in X-COTA. This allows him to move in any direction in the air he wants and also this can be used in an effective Keep away game throwing out E-M Disruptors, Hyper Gravitation, or Magnetic Blasts from the air and also using his MAgnetic Tempest. Just remember that he can't block in during the duration of this move.

Super Moves

Magnetic Shockwave: D,DF,F+2P - Infinity Combo This is an excellent move overall and has been toned down from the last game, X-COTA. It still does excellent damage and can OTG or be comboed off of his launcher it does good block damage as pillars of Shockwaves rush towards the opponent. Its hard to counter(unless the opponent is in the corner) since due to the fact that there's no push blocking in this game the opponent will be carried along the Magnetic Shockwaves regardless if they are blocking or not. Treat this like you would Hulk's Gamma Wave in other games.

Magnetic Tempest: D,DF,F+2K - Infinity Combo

Well this is no longer just shards of cheap metal that flies at you like it was in X-COTA. The damage has been toned down and no longer does 60% of your life. The damage that this thing does isn't very much, but it has an easier time comboing in than the Magnetic Shockwave. It does decent block damage and will follow your opponent making it extremely hard to avoid. The recovery time on this move is very minimal and its immensely hard to counter and this move has little start up time, but it can only be comboed during an OTG or an air combo.

The Basics

1. C.Fierce --> Magnetic Shockwave

2. C.Fierce --> Magnetic Tempest

3. C.Roundhouse --> Magnetic Tempest/ Magnetic Shockwave(OTG)

4. Fierce Throw, Hyper Gravitation, S.Jab, S.Fierce

5. J.Fierce --> Magnetic Blast

6. J.Roundhouse --> E-M Disruptor

7. D.C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab --> Magnetic Tempest

  This is what I call the "Mozzerella Effect" because its basically cheap.

8. D.C.Short, C.Roundhouse, C.Short, C.Fierce --> Magnetic Shockwave/Magnetic Tempest(OTG)

9. J.Jab, J.Short \/ C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher

  Basic air combo for Magneto, master it and you will already master

10. Fierce Throw, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher

  Another short variation of the combo above.

11. Hyper Gravitation, C.Fierce --> Magnetic Tempest, C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher

12. In Corner: J.Jab, J.Fierce \/ D.S.Short, S.Fierce --> Magnetic Tempest

13. J.Jab, J.Short, J.Fierce \/ D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse(1st hit) --> Repulse Disruptor

14. D.C.Short, C.Roundhouse, C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher

15. J.Jab, J.Short, J.Strong, J.Forward \/ D.C.Short, C.Roundhouse, C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, SJ.Fierce, SJ.Roundhouse (OTG)

   This combo consists only of chain combos, to get all 6 hits out of the

air hesitate for a short while after the Jab, then continue on from there. Also you may have to skip the a few jumping attacks against smaller characters.

16. In corner: Hyper Gravitation, C.Fierce --> Magnetic Tempest, C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab --> Magnetic Tempest, SJ.Jab --> Magnetic Tempest(OTG)

   Nothing much here, after the launcher cancel as soon as possible,

otherwise the opponent won't bounce as high from the Magnetic Tempest, afterwards the opponent will fall back unable to block, quickly hit the opponent with a Jab and cancel. Also the Hyper Gravitation is only optional. See, nothing to worry about.

Advanced Strategy