Mai Shiranui (NGBC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves


Fuusha Kuzushi: b/n/f+ CD when up close

Basic throw. The one where Mai grabs the opponent's head between her feet and slams the opponent to the other side.

Yume Sakura: mid-air CD when up close

Mai's air throw. I haven't actually connected with this move, but I'm assuming it's the same as in the previous KOF games.

Command Moves

Benitsuru no Mai: df+ B

Mai slides along the floor and then sweeps the opponent with her other foot. Hits low, but you already knew that. Like in previous KOF games, she can cancel into other moves after the first hit.

Tsubaki no Mai: f+ B/D

Mai does a drop kick with both feet, similar to her CD attack in previous KOF games. f+ B is identical to her previous CD attack, while f+ D makes her hop forward while doing the drop kick.

Dairin Fuusha Otoshi: mid-air d+ A

Mai does a downward hammerfist with both hands.

Uki Hane: mid-air d+ B

Mai does a small hop in mid-air and floats straight down, smashing the opponent with her knee. As in previous KOF games, this move is an overhead. Nice as a confusion tactic or as a cross-up move.

Yusura Ume: mid-air d+ D

Mai floats down with her butt sticking out, knocking the opponent down. As in previous KOF games, this move is an overhead.

Sankaku Tobi: mid-air uf when next to a wall

Special Moves

Super Attacks

The Basics

Advanced Strategy