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About the Shoryuken Wiki

The Shoryuken Wiki is intended to be a repository for all Fighting Game strategy knowledge. While our roots are in the Capcom franchises, we invite fans of all Fighting Game series' to augment the site with their strategies and techniques. The front page is reached via the Strategy Guide link at the top of this page. In addition to the strategy section, we've decided to include a section on the History of the Fighting Game community for those who are new.

Rules of Engagement

Anyone can edit the content on the wiki. All you need to do is create an account and log in. While adding to the wiki, please obey the following rules to make sure everyone gets along:

Play Nicely

Don't scribble all over someone's page. The Wiki has built-in tools to help authors protect their content. Don't make their job harder by trashing up the place. A wiki is most useful when it's open to the entire community to edit and refine its knowledge. Right now it's completely open, but we will start moderating it if things get too out of control.

Maintain a Consistent Style

We've filled in a basic skeleton for the way things should look for most sections. Check out the section on Capcom vs SNK 2 for an example of how the front page for a strategy section should look, and Ryu's page for an example of how a character's page should look.

Section Headings

Don't skip levels, like from two to four equals signs.

Start with 2 equals signs not 1 because 1 creates H1 tags which should be reserved for page title.

SRK Wiki Sections

Main Wiki

Strategy Guides[Strategy_Guide|Strategy_Guide]



If you've never used a wiki before, the MediaWiki User's Guide contains lots of information for usage and configuration help.

If you'd like to jump right in, editing a Wiki is lot like writing a forum post, except the markup rules are much more rich. You can check the Editing section on MediaWiki for a description of all the rules available, with some brief examples.

Be sure to read the Rules of Engagement section above before authoring or editing any pages! Thanks!!

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