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- Full Name: Genryuusai Maki

- Age: 20 (as of Final Fight 2)

- Birthday: January 1, 1976

- Nationality: Japan

- Height: 5.4 ft

- Weight: 50kg

- From: Final Fight 2


In Final Fight 2, a new version of the Mad Gear gang kidnapped the 37th Bushin Master, Genryusai and his daughter, Rena (Maki's father and sister respectively). With the help of professional wrestler and then mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar and Carlos (a sword-wielding boarder that stayed with Haggar), she traveled around the world and defeated the group's leader, Retu.

(From Wikipedia)

Moves List

Shown Below..............

Normal Moves


  • lp - A quick poke with her tonfa. Ok range and chains into another lp or lk. If you're playing K-Maki, you'll come to find that punishing with one or two lp's (depending on distance)into a lk into kick super is a great tool for instantly owning half your opponent's life. Make them fear this when you are raged or have a level 3 ready.
  • mp - A long reaching tonfa hit. An awesome poke. This is what you want to use to piss people off who try to out poke you. It cleanly beats Honda head butts, Blanka balls, Crushers, and the like if you time it right!
  • hp -A far reaching swing of Maki's tonfa. Use this to munish blocked psycho crushers. Can sort of be used as an anit-air every now and again, but there are better options.
  • lk - A swift kick to the shin. Good range for a lk, which makes it a good poke. Can combo into her punch super or level 3 kick super. (You must learn to do the kick as soon as the super freeze ends.)
  • mk - Another awesome poke. A very fast side kick that has a little more range than her mp. You can win rounds using only this move if your opponent doesn't know any better and keeps trying to out poke you. Use this instead of mp if you need the speed or range to beat an opponent's attack.
  • hk -A high kich that moves Maki forward. This move is all right as an anti-air if you throw it out early enough. Able to super cancel.
  • close lp - Same as lp.
  • close lk - Same as lk.
  • close mp - Maki comes down with her forearm. Cancelable and you have advantage on hit or block.
  • close mk - A high knee attack. Able to special or super cancel.
  • close hp - A wierd looking upward tonfa/forearm attack. Able to special or super cancel. Bad recovery.
  • close hk - A very high reaching kick. Super cancelable only. Do not use this as an anti-air, it is way to risky and if you are waiting that long to try and stop a jump in, you should be using KKK anyway.


  • lp - Low tonfa poke. Chains into: c.lp,, s.lp,, KKK, and super.
  • mp - Low elbow attack. Chains into:,,,, c.hp, s.hp,, KKK, and super. Note: Chaining all medium and high attacks rrequire very tight timing but can lead to tremendous damage. An example of this is>kick super.
  • hp - Maki swings her tonfa upwards. This move has good horizontal range and even better vertival range. This is the best normal anti-air move in the game, in my opinion. Use this to stop jumps before they even get close to you. When they start air blocking this, mix it up with KKK and you're guaranteed a knockdown. This move is super cancelable.
  • lk - Maki slides out her left leg. Ok range and safe if blocked. Chains into: c.lp,, s.lp,, KKK, and super.
  • mk - Maki swings out her right leg. Good range, fast, and super cancelable. Make your opponent fear this into kick siper.
  • hk - Maki spins around and sweeps opponent. Super cancelable for who knows why but and all right move to use after a throw break or from max range since it pushes back an ok amount .


  • lp - Sticks out her tonfa. Stays out for a little while, so you can throw it out early. Special snd super cancelable (best to do this before the apex of your jump). This is important to know when playing P and K groove players because you can go into the special or super immediately after the lp makes contact. You also can use this as a jump in to setup a 720. Simply throw it out before you land and 720. This gives your opponent very little time to react which usually means you get a free 720, just something to keep in mind.
  • mp - Same as j.lp, but doesn't last as long. Special and super cancelable.
  • down+mp - Maki's down attack. Maki comes straight down with her elbow. Note:This move has an assload of priority! I've beaten out a lot of mistimed dp's with this. This move has a large vertical hitbox. Good side of this move, you have a high-ass priority attack out until you land. Bad side to this move, you have an attack out until you land. Although you can pretty much combo whatever you want if it hits when you're jumping in, you should save this move for air to air situations because it beats so many attacks and if you miss or have it blocked on the ground, nothing good is going to come out of it. Combo: Jump in, land,> (you guessed it) kick super.
  • hp - Maki swings her tonfa downward. Very fast attack with good vertical range. Can be done as soon as you leave the ground to keep/stall the opponent from pursuing you in air. Super cancelable.
  • lk - Maki kicks very high into the air. This is your air-to-air move of choice when you are jumping after or are below your opponent because it reaches pretty high and stays out for a bit. Special and super cancelable. Note: If you'tr stuck in the corner and the opponent is jumping in, you can either backwards jump late or small jump with lk and immediately wall jump (qcb+lp) to bail yourself out.
  • mk - Maki kicks straight forward. This is your air-to-air of choice when you and your opponent are at the same level in the air. It has great range and can be used as a cross-up. Note Jumping mk should be a move you use a lot because of Maki's awesome jump arc. You can normal jump and hit your opponent with mk, land, c.hp into level 3 kick super from full screen!!! Super cancelable.
  • hk -Maki performs a kick similar to her jumping mk, but at a lower angle. Good for jump in combos, but risky. Can be used to shut down an opponent who is trying to jump at you. Super cancelable.

Special Moves

Distance Punch (Genko)
QCF + P Maki swings a downward haymaker. Knocks down. Ths move has pretty bad recovery for all strengths, so make sure you do this at max range to make your life a little easier.
Suicide Spin (Reppukyaku)
KKK* *Drains 600 Vitality

Maki spins around on the tip of her tonfa.A lot of times this is your go to anti-air. It can't be air blocked and has a large, abusable amount of invincibility. If you can sense a wake up/reversal super form your opponent, do this right before their super freeze and they'll go right through you (you might even get a hit depending on what the super is). Important to know that while this move hits once, it can be blocked twice.
Wall Jumps (Hassou Kyaku)
Against wall, in Air:
QCB + LP or MP Leaping Grab
QCB + LK or MK Diving Kick
QCB + HP Wall Jump
QCB + HK Wall Stall

Command Air Throw (Tengu Daoshi)
In Air, HCF + P

Command Run Forward (Hayagake)
During Hayagake:
LK Stop Running
MK Sliding Kick
HK Jumping Overhead

Command Run Backward (Saka Hayagake)
During Saka Hayagake:
LK Stop Running
MK Super Jump Forward
HK Super Jump Backward


Punch Super (Bushin Gouraiha)
QCFx2 + P

Kick Super (Tesshinhou)
QCFx2 + K, K

Maki runs forward exactly like she does for her command run. When you press kick the second time, Maki does a flying kick (ends with an overhead punch if it's the level 3 version). This move can be used to punish moves with long recovery, but you must learn to perform the kick as soon as the super freeze ends!!!

Ways to combo into this are :

1. st mk/st fierce xx (canceled into) kick super. Damage is very good. You'll want to make sure you can do this consistantly. If you can punish whiffs with this, your Maki is a threat.

2. cruoching mp xx kick super. This can also be used as a way to combo into her punch super.

3. standing lp, (x2 if close enough) stancing/crouching lk xx kick super.

Grab Super (Ajaratengu)
(In Air) 720 + P

The Basics

s.lp,, s.hp, is her Final Fight chain.

s. lp s. mp s. hp xx d+fierce is an alternate chain that ends with a throw. The timing on the d+fierce is tricky and will probably be inconsistant the first several times you try it.

She isn't really a character with bnb's. The main ones you'll want to know.

(close) st fierce/st mp/st mk xx qcf+p or the slide/overhead off of her run will combo. Should you somehow mess up the previous option is safer.

cr lp lp xx KKK. Easy. It does have its disadvantages. If done in the corner the opponent can punish if they are in a safe fall groove. Also drains some of Maki's life.

Thats really all she has going for generic combos. She does have some super combos though.

Advanced Strategy

Throw super on opponent wake up

This is a nasty little trick tha can vastly improve your Maki game and have your opponent very fearful of getting knoched down. The setup is simple, knock your opponent down via a throw, sweep, or special punch. Afrer that you can do either two things.

1. Hesitate for a brief moment then jump to where the opponent is while inputting the command for the throw super in air. You should time this so that you land as soon as they get up and you perform the super as soon as you land. This can be a real bitch for your opponent to deal with on wakeup. Remember that Maki's throw super is invincible up until the acutal grab part if you're using a level 1 against people with good wakwup dp's.

2. Perform a command run and command stop (lk) just in front of the opponent. You should start the 720 as soon as you start the command stop so that so can instantly grab them as they wake up. This is usually your better option because it isn't as predictable as jumping and it just looks trickier.

Just Defend tips, mixups, and strategies

If you plan on playing Maki you absolutely need to be able to Just Defend like no other. Reasons being:

1. People will try to beat the shit out of you just because you're playing Maki.

2. Just Defending slowly gains back vitality, which Maki loses every time she does KKK. More vitality=more anti-air rape you can dish out.

With that being said, people will catch on to JD~KKK and start empty jumping into air parrying or JD's of their own. You should learn to mix things up after JD'ing a jump in attack. Here are some ideas:

1. JD~throw. Gives a free knock down and it that was the JD to set off your meter, you can command run and 720 as soon as they wake up or apply pressure until you break their guard and then s.hp->kick super.

2. JD~720. This one is pretty damn hard to do but do it once, just once and your opponent will think twice before they jump in again. As soon as you JD, start doing the 720 motion and grab them as soon as you leave the ground. Again, very hard, but scares your opponent into jumping less, leading to more ground trickery.

3. JD~command run and immediate stop. Honestly you dont even need to JD to do this, it's just to add to your flowchart of things to do. Depending on how close/deep the jump in was, you may or may not cross them up. You can influence this by walking backwards or forwards before you JD.

Dealing with air Just Defended DP gayness (sorta) Once you just defend an attack in air, you get sent upwards. So after JD'ing DP in the air your opponent is most likely going to be lame and keep DP'ing you until you fail at Just Defending. My only remedy to this that I know of is down+mp. Worst case scenario, you will trade hits.