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==Moves List==

Normal Moves


Tacchuu LP LK
Araiso F or B LP LK

Command Normals

Kazami F LP
Kaoruna F MP
Shimaki F HP
Press HP during this move for a follow-up punch (up to two times)
Shinbuki F LK
Naruto F MK
Kurushio F HK

Target Combos

  • LP -> LK -> MK
  • LK -> MK
  • F MK -> HK

Special Moves

Hayate D, DF, F P (EX)
Fukiage F, D, DF P (EX)
Karakusa F, DF, D, DB, B K
Oroshi D, DB, B P (EX)
Tsurugi D, DB, B K (in air) (EX)

Super Arts

I Seichusen-Godanzuki D, DF, F, D, DF, F P 1 stock
II Abare-Tosanami D, DF, F, D, DF, F K 2 stocks
III Tanden-Renki D, DF, F, D, DF, F P 1 stock

Move Analysis


SAI (Seichusen-Godanzuki):

Note: Her dash punch can combo into SAI if you do the super during the first recovery frame of the dash punch; any combo involving dash punch can be comboed into SAI, as a result (i.e. strong -> dash punch -> SAI, or low short -> dash punch -> super, etc.)

Cr. lk, SAI

Cl. mp, SAI

Cl. hp, SAI

Cr. mk, SAI

Cl. hk, SAI

Karakusa, SAI

SAII (Abare Tosanami):


Note: SAII tracks based on which kick is used. LK travels nearly vertically, MK goes to about half-screen, and HK goes about 3/4 screen. Sometimes there is character specificity involved in which kick to use; taller characters, for example, can be hit anywhere between pinned in the corner and half screen by MK (and sometimes HK, even), but shorter ones require LK if Makoto is pinned in the corner (MK hits once and then flies over the character's head) and MK otherwise.

(Karakusa), Cl. hp, SAII (only if opponent is on your half of the screen after the pushback from the standing fierce.)

Mp Oroshi, SAII (same condition).

Juggles after SAII finishes:

Note: All dash-cancels are in the direction your opponent is hit; therefore, if your SAII activates from the right corner of the screen, dash-cancel left, and vice-versa. Also, all follow-up uppercuts (fukiages) are in the opposite direction of the dash-cancel. Therefore, if you dash-canceled to the right, you have to do a left-directional DP motion. Finally, "JCD" = Jump-cancel directionally (towards opponent); JCU = Jump-cancel up.

(Dash-cancel) Hp Fukiage, (JCU) Hp

(Dash-cancel) Kara-Fukiage*, (Dash-cancel) Fukiage

(JCD) Mk Tsurugi, lp Hayate, hp Hayate

(JCD) Mk Tsurugi, hp Hayate, hp/cr. hk (corner only)

(JCD) Mk Tsurugi, SAII, (JCU) mk Tsurugi, hp hayate, hp hayate (corner only, 2 full stocks, strict timing)

*Character-specific, and sometimes the second fukiage is kara'ed, not the first.

SAIII (Tanden-Renki):

This isn't a traditional attacking super; Makoto gets a serious attack boost but can't block (until the meter runs out.) Therefore, there's not really any special comboes she can do with it, but there is a lot of damage potential if you can read your opponent well. The only one I've got is:

Karakusa, hp, SAIII, cr. mp, hp Hayate

Frame Data



Command Normals

Special Moves

Super Arts

Additional Frame Data



Work your entire game around the karakusa/landing the abare tosanami. Use standing jabs to poke jump-ins, dashing under after the hit. This sets up for low LK-hayate, throw/ techs, or karakusas. This will become predictable, so keep it fresh. Jumping MK is the all purpose air and anti air attack. Jumping HK is great for swatting down jump happy combatants.


Super Art Selection

SAI (Seichusen-Godanzuki):

Use this for the weaker stamina characters, including Yun, Yang, Ibuki, etc.* It does excellent damage, and has numerous hit-confirms, in addition to the guaranteed karakusa ones. Especially good if you get good comboing it out of dash punches, which are fairly easy to confirm. Weaknesses include lack of range and bad anti-air, but the first shouldn't be an issue if you combo into it, and the second isn't a big deal, as she has plenty of good anti-air normals.

* Some people use this super exclusively for all characters, which is fine, but not the norm. Even within the norm, there are some borderline characters, such as Chun-Li and Twelve, where it comes down to personal preference and skill. However, unless you really have a hard time landing karakusas, do not choose SAI for Akuma and Remy; always choose SAII.

SAII (Abare-Tosanami):

Typically used for higher stamina characters including the shotos, Urien, Hugo, etc. A lot of its usefulness depends on your ability to land karakusas, especially on your half of the screen, since the overhead link is virtually useless, and fierce -> SAII w/o karakusa is rare except for punishes. If you get good with karakusas, though, this super is excellent, as it has massive damage and stun potential. For the most damage, go the axe-kick, hayate, hayate route; for the most stun, follow it up with fukiage, hp/fukiage.

Akuma and Remy, having the shortest stun bars, have one of the easiest 100% stun combos in the game (the "fukiage, hp" follow-up to the super). Given their weak staminas (and therefore extra damage after the stun), this is why SAII is nearly always recommended for those two. Makoto actually has 100% stuns on everyone except the 5 characters with the longest stun bar (Alex, Q, Hugo, Oro, and Dudley), but they involve either two uppercuts after the super, kara-uppercutting either the first or second one. The timing on the second uppercut is very strict, and those 100%s are much more difficult to execute consistently. There is also character-specificity in which kara-uppercut to do. However, you can still get 80-85% stuns on those characters with the same combo than 100% stuns Akuma and Remy, so it's still an extremely worthwhile super.

The only downside (aside from its usefulness being totally tied to your ability to land stun grabs) is that it has absolutely terrible recovery if you mess it up (i.e. the fierce gets blocked, you land the fierce but the super comes out too late, the opponent is too far on the far half of the screen, etc.) This shouldn't be an issue once you get comfortable with it, but under virtually no circumstances should you use it outside of karakusa or guaranteed punish combos. In other words, terrible wake-up super, terrible super for punishing someone whiffing moves at a distance, etc. Just don't do it.

SAIII (Tanden-Renki):

Obviously the last super of choice, this is more a "fun" super than a practical one. If you can get your opponent on the back foot and guessing wrong once or twice, you can get insane damage by the time the meter runs out. However, if you're on the back foot against an experienced player, you're pretty much screwed.




Additional Notes

  • Personal Action: Attack and Recovers stun meter. Holding HP HK = Up to 2 more Stun Recocery bonuses Attack up.


Serious Advantage Match-ups

  • Sean
  • Q

Advantage Match-ups

  • Yang
  • Akuma
  • Urien
  • Ryu
  • Ibuki
  • Elena
  • Ryu
  • Necro
  • Alex
  • Remy
  • Hugo
  • Twelve

Fair Match-ups

  • Ken
  • Makoto
  • Dudley
  • Oro

Disadvantage Match-ups

  • Yun
  • Chun-Li

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups

Makoto has no match-ups where she is at a serious disadvantage