Mars People (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

Million Leg Lariat - Near opponent, press back or N or forward + C+D

Unique Moves

Mars Slider - Press down-forward + D

Mars People crouches down and swipes his tentacles across the ground, sweeping his opponent off of the floor.

Before in SVC some may remeber this animation as his crouching HK, while for his Mars Slider he performs a sort of low spinning head attack. Both attacks remain the same but their commands are different. Therefore the Mars Slider from SVC is crouching HK and the crouching HK fro MSVC is now performed by pressing down-forward + D.

The Mars Slider best use remains in his bread and butter combo - crouching Ax3, Mars Slider. Quick simple damage and knocks down. It also serves for good punishment against whiffed attacks from afar. With that said you should use this attack with some antcipation due to its slow start-up period. Compared to most sweeps, the Mars Slider is extremly dangerous to be whiffed or blocked. Strangely enough this attack hits twice on a block but you may use this to your advantage. For example you perform crouching A, Mars Slider. The opponent blocks the crouching A and begins to Guard Cancel Front Step. They blow through the first hit only to be sweeped by the second hit. Outside of combos and punishment situations you may use this attack in conjuction to his Mars Shot as a poke. Keep in mind though this attack is highly punishable, even from max range with the right move.

Special Moves

Mars Shot - qcf + A or C

Mars People points and his aims his gun and fires a small particle across the screen.

The A version may have a longer start-up period it travels across the screen faster. While the C version comes out faster to only travel slower. In addition, the A version travels in a straight line and the C version follows a zig-zag like path. The Mars Shot is mainly used as shield to dash behind to enter point blank range or to just pressure your opponent.

Roswell Vanish - rdp + A or C

Mars People explodes into flames, thus teleporting for a brief moment.

In SVC the Roswell Vanish was overly abuseable. Could be used as an anti-air or combo finsiher. The attack had high prioirity and was invincible upon start-up. Not only that, but it was unblockable when used against a waking up opponent. This has all been removed. The range is slim to none. A mere step out of point blank range equals a whiffed Roswell Vanish. Do this drawback it can no longer be used in combos outside of Plasma Spin juggles. The invincibility frames are completely gone. Mars People is not completely invincible until he fully teleports, and is invisible?? AHA! Due to the poor priority you will almost always trade hits with this special move. Another note is the command. In SVC, the command input wat hcb + K, but this slight change did not change anything. Besides that is the fact that the C version teleports Mars People forward and behind his opponent. Before in SVC, he would teleport and reappear further away from his opponent.

Plasma Abduction - Near opponent, hcb + A or C

Mars People grabs his opponent, slowly levitating his opponent into the air he reaches for a remote. Upon pressing a switch on the remote, electricity surges through the opponent's body.

Area 801 - qcf + B or D

Mars People leaps at his opponent, while smacking them down with his tentacles

Plasma Spin - dp + B or D(SC)

Mars People spirals up off the screen only to come back down spiraling.

Super Desperation Moves

Independence Day My Bleem! - hcfx2 + A or C

A UFO flies from the side of the screen and starts to fire down rings of energy as it continues its path off screen.

MP12 - hcbx2 + A or C

Several smaller martians fly across the screen in three various paths before leaving.

Bronze After - qcbx2 + B or D

Mars People leaps across the screen and fires down a small ring of energy.

Flatwoods March - Press down, down + B + D (requires 2 stocks)

Mars People lays several eggs that hatch into small baby martians. Upon hatching, the suicidal martians begin to charge the opponent.

Tungus Incident - Press down, down + A + C (requires 3 stocks)

A UFO flies down from the sky and crash lands on the opponent.


Jumping deep D, crouching Ax2, Mars Slider

crouching Ax3, Mars Slider

Jumping deep D, crouching A, Plasma Abduction

Jumping deep D, crouching Ax4, DA Assault

Crouching Ax5, DA Assault

Bronze After, juggle with Plasma Spin (B)

Bronze After, juggle with DA Assault

Plasma Spin (D), (SC), Bronze After (D), juggle with Plasma Spin (D), (SC), Bronze After (D), juggle with Plasma Spin (D), (SC), Bronze After (D), juggle with Plasma Spin (B)

Anti-Air crouching C, Tungus Incident

Anti-Air Standing close D, Tungus Incident

Cross-Up Plasma Spin (B), juggle with crouching C, Tungus Incident