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* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Akuma|Akuma]]
* [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Akuma|Akuma]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Amingo|Amingo]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Amingo|Amingo]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Anakaris|Anakaris]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Anakaris|Anakaris]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/B.B.Hood|B.B.Hood]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/B.B.Hood|B.B.Hood]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Blackheart|Blackheart]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Blackheart|Blackheart]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Cable|Cable]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Cable|Cable]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Cammy|Cammy]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Cammy|Cammy]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Captain America|Captain America]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Captain America|Captain America]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Captain Commando|Captain Commando]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Captain Commando|Captain Commando]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Charlie|Charlie]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Charlie|Charlie]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Chun-Li|Chun-Li]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Chun-Li|Chun-Li]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Colossus|Colossus]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Colossus|Colossus]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Cyclops|Cyclops]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Cyclops|Cyclops]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Dan|Dan]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Dan|Dan]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Dhalsim|Dhalsim]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Dhalsim|Dhalsim]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Doctor Doom|Doctor Doom]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Doctor Doom|Doctor Doom]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Felicia|Felicia]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Felicia|Felicia]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:50%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Gambit|Gambit]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Gambit|Gambit]][[Image:50%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Guile|Guile]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Guile|Guile]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Hayato|Hayato]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Hayato|Hayato]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Hulk|Hulk]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Hulk|Hulk]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Iceman|Iceman]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Iceman|Iceman]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Iron Man|Iron Man]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Iron Man|Iron Man]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Jill|Jill]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Jill|Jill]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Jin|Jin]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Jin|Jin]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:50%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Juggernaut|Juggernaut]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Juggernaut|Juggernaut]][[Image:50%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Ken|Ken]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Ken|Ken]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/M.Bison|M.Bison]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/M.Bison|M.Bison]][[Image:60%.gif]]
<div id="characterSelect" class="table" style="background: black">
<div id="characterSelect" class="table" style="background: black">
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* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Magneto|Magneto]]
* [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Magneto|Magneto]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Marrow|Marrow]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Marrow|Marrow]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Mega Man|Mega Man]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Mega Man|Mega Man]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Morrigan|Morrigan]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Morrigan|Morrigan]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Omega Red|Omega Red]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Omega Red|Omega Red]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Psylocke|Psylocke]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Psylocke|Psylocke]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Rogue|Rogue]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Rogue|Rogue]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Roll|Roll]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Roll|Roll]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Ruby Heart|Ruby Heart]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Ruby Heart|Ruby Heart]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Ryu|Ryu]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Ryu|Ryu]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Sabretooth|Sabretooth]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Sabretooth|Sabretooth]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Sakura|Sakura]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Sakura|Sakura]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Sentinel|Sentinel]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Sentinel|Sentinel]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Servbot|Servbot]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Servbot|Servbot]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Shuma-Gorath|Shuma-Gorath]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Shuma-Gorath|Shuma-Gorath]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Silver Samurai|Silver Samurai]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Silver Samurai|Silver Samurai]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/SonSon|SonSon]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/SonSon|SonSon]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Spiderman|Spiderman]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Spiderman|Spiderman]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Spiral|Spiral]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Spiral|Spiral]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Storm|Storm]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Storm|Storm]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Strider|Strider]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Strider|Strider]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Thanos|Thanos]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Thanos|Thanos]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Tron Bonne|Tron Bonne]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Tron Bonne|Tron Bonne]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Venom|Venom]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Venom|Venom]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:80%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/War Machine|War Machine]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/War Machine|War Machine]][[Image:80%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Wolverine - Bone|Wolverine - Bone]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Wolverine - Bone|Wolverine - Bone]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:60%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Wolverine - Claw|Wolverine - Claw]]
* [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Wolverine - Claw|Wolverine - Claw]][[Image:60%.gif]]
* [[Image:50%.gif]] [[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Zangief|Zangief]]
[[Marvel vs Capcom 2/Zangief|Zangief]][[Image:50%.gif]]

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Marvel vs Capcom 2 (a.k.a. "MvC2") was released in the year 2000 by Capcom. It was the last Marvel entry in the popular Capcom's Versus Series until Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released over 10 years later. MvC2 featured 3 on 3 battles instead of the standard 2 on 2 gameplay of the previous Versus games and has been widely played at fighting game tournaments world wide.



Emptyface small.png
Portrait MVC2 Felicia.png
Portrait MVC2 Mega Man.png
Portrait MVC2 CaptCommando.png
Portrait MVC2 Wolverine Bone.png
Portrait MVC2 Shuma-Gorath.png
Portrait MVC2 Thanos.png
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Emptyface small.png
Portrait MVC2 Dan.png
Portrait MVC2 Guile.png
Portrait MVC2 Amingo.png
Portrait MVC2 Cyclops.png
Portrait MVC2 Wolverine Adamantium.png
Portrait MVC2 War Machine.png
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Portrait MVC2 Ken.png
Portrait MVC2 BBHood.png
Portrait MVC2 Ryu.png
Portrait MVC2 Sonson.png
Portrait MVC2 Marrow.png
Portrait MVC2 Psylocke.png
Portrait MVC2 Silver Samurai.png
Portrait MVC2 Sabertooth.png
Portrait MVC2 Charlie.png
Portrait MVC2 Akuma.png
Portrait MVC2 Zangief.png
Portrait MVC2 Ruby Heart.png
Portrait MVC2 Cable.png
Portrait MVC2 Iceman.png
Portrait MVC2 Gambit.png
Portrait MVC2 Blackheart.png
Portrait MVC2 Dhalsim.png
Portrait MVC2 Jin Saotome.png
Portrait MVC2 Anakaris.png
Portrait MVC2 Hayato.png
Portrait MVC2 CaptAmerica.png
Portrait MVC2 Spider-Man.png
Portrait MVC2 Juggernaut.png
Portrait MVC2 Spiral.png
Portrait MVC2 M. Bison.png
Portrait MVC2 Morrigan.png
Portrait MVC2 Sakura.png
Portrait MVC2 Tron Bonne.png
Portrait MVC2 DrDoom.png
Portrait MVC2 Venom.png
Portrait MVC2 Magneto.png
Portrait MVC2 Colossus.png
Emptyface small.png
Portrait MVC2 Cammy.png
Portrait MVC2 Strider.png
Portrait MVC2 Jill Valentine.png
Portrait MVC2 Rogue.png
Portrait MVC2 Hulk.png
Portrait MVC2 Iron Man.png
Emptyface small.png
Emptyface small.png
Portrait MVC2 Servbot.png
Portrait MVC2 Roll.png
Portrait MVC2 Chun-Li.png
Portrait MVC2 Omega Red.png
Portrait MVC2 Storm.png
Portrait MVC2 Sentinel.png
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Game Mechanics

Although Marvel vs Capcom 2 shares a variety of standard found within previous games in the Versus Series it also employes a new set of Game Mechanics. Below you can find an indepth guide to all the details:


The concept of Tiers plays a large roll in MvC2 tournament play. The strengths and weaknesses included in this concept are detailed below:


After a sound understanding of the Game Mechanics it is very important to be formulating a strategy in order to increase your win percentage. Below some strategic details are outlined to assist in this process:


Other items that do not fall under the previous cateogries in Marvel vs Capcom 2 can be found in the following section: