Marvel vs Capcom 2/Air Dashing

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Air Dashing is just what it sounds like however there are a ton of different properties for it. For instance you can’t block (no matter who you are) a few frames directly after you’ve air dashed; you’ll just air dash into whatever attack the person did. Depending on your jump, air dashing will either count as your last attack (although there are special exceptions [remember, this is MvC2!] or an ability that lets you do more attacks (it restarts your super jump)however, once you’ve air dashed once you can’t do it again unless you are Dhalsim who can reset his super jump by teleporting during some point of his SJ. If you air dash during your normal jump you won’t be able to attack or block until you hit the floor

There are properties that happen when you are in normal jump mode that one take place when you’re super jumping. There are also more properties to keep in mind that happen when those two things are happening and you introduce blocking/push blocking to the equation. I will get into detail about this in another section.