Marvel vs Capcom 2/Blackheart

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Blackheart is one of the Marvel characters in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Special Moves

  • Inferno (HCB+P)
  • Dark Thunder (HCF+P)

Super Moves

  • Armageddon (QCF+PP)
  • Heart of Darkness (QCF+KK, ends in normal jump state)
  • Judgment Day (HCB+PP, can also be done in the air)

Assist Types

  • Alpha: Dark Thunder/Judgment Day
  • Beta: Inferno/Heart of Darkness
  • Gamma: Standing Strong/Armageddon


Blackheart is skilled at occupying space through his demon normal moves; hitting fierce or roundhouse summons demons of varying effects. You can use those to keep the opponent busy while building meter and maintaining a lead.