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Cable is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (AKA the Goblyn Queen, a clone of Jean Grey produced by Mr. Sinister). Infected by a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse as a baby, Cable must use his telekinetic powers to keep the virus from ravaging his body. Thus in one of Cable's win poses, his arm succumbs to the virus and deforms.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Viper Beam QCF + P (air, tap P and give direction to aim)
Psimitar DP + P
Electrap QCB + K (air, hold K to delay detonation - release K when you want it to detonate)
Psy-Charge HCB + P
Crackdown QCF + K

The Psy-Charge is generally considered to be one of the most insulting moves in the game. In Florida you had to pay your opponent a quarter if you got hit by it. It is hard to combo into, but can be used as a poor anti-air in some cases. Note that Cable stays in a special post-Psy-Charge stance after this completes until you perform any other move.

Super Moves

Hyper Viper QCF+2P (air, mashable, tap P and give direction to aim)
Time Flip QCF+2K

Cable's legs are mostly invulnerable during a Hyper Viper super. This is probably just a poor hit-box as opposed to intentional design.

You can continue to attack your opponent during Time Flip, but it is possible to knock them out of the Time Flip auto-combo. You may not use Hyper Viper or assists until the auto-combo completes. A common way to extend the Time Flip is to throw a Electrap grenade for the opponent to land on.

Assist Moves

Type Assist Counter Team Hyper Combo
A LP Viper Beam LP Viper Beam Hyper Viper
B HP Scimitar HP Scimitar Hyper Viper
Y LK Electrap LK Crackdown Hyper Viper

His B (anti-air) assist is considered his best assist, mostly because of his ability to use it as a counter and cancel into Hyper Viper. The A (projectile) assist can be used when more of a ground game is needed, and the Y (variable) assist can be used as a surprise assist.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


  1. Jump back + fierce and/or short beam
  2. Tigerknee grenade
  3. Block
  4. Wait for opponents mistake then tigerknee air hyper viper beam x4 or until dead.