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Chun-Li was fairly top tier throughout the rest of the Vs. series, but was badly nerfed for Marvel vs Capcom 2. Her easy ground links into the Lightning Legs Super were removed, as was her Seven Stars Kick super. She doesn't do a lot of damage, but is an interesting anti-air assist and has a surprising amount of mobility when she's in.

Character Notes

Chun-Li is one of the "original" Street Fighter characters. She is a cop working for Interpol. Her father was killed by M.Bison.

Moves List

Normal Moves

One of her most valuable normals is her D+HK air head stomp - you can do this as often as you would like, and once you have done this it resets your jump assist counter so you can summon an assist again.

Her taunt can hit the opponent and cause one 1 point of damage. It cannot kill, though.

Special Moves

Kikou Ken (fireball)
Tenshoukyaku (dragon kick)
Sen'en Shuu (overhead kick)
Lightning Legs (Hyakuretsukyaku)
Mash a kick button (air)

She can also triple jump, wall jump, and air dash.

Her fireball is pretty pathetic and not generally useful unless your opponent is coming down from getting hit by an anti-air assist.

Super Moves

Kikou Shou (Super Fireball)
QCF+2P (mashable)
Senretsu Kyaku (Thousand Burst Kick)
QCF+2K (mash K for more hits)
Hazan Tenshou Kyaku (Supreme Heaven Rising Legs)
F,D,DF + 2K

The Kikou Shou is generally invulnerable, but has somewhat slow recovery.

The Senretsu Kyaku was heavily nerfed in this game. However, if DHCd at certain times (before they go flying), the opponent will stay frozen in the move, allowing the next super (or other combo option) to hit.

Assist Moves

Type Assist Counter Team Hyper Combo
A HP Kikou Ken HP Kikou Ken Kikou Shou
B HK Tenshoukyaku HK Tenshoukyaku Hazan Tenshou Kyaku
Y HK Sen'en Shuu HK Sen'en Shuu Senretsu Kyaku

The Basics

Chun-Li is fairly pathetic by herself, and as such is near the bottom of the Marvel tiers. Generally she is most commonly used as an interesting anti-air assist, as an opponent hit by this assist does not recover until almost the top of game screen. When she is being played as a point character, her chief assets are her mobility and speed. Her head stomp should be heavily abused if possible. She is fast and deadly.

Advanced Strategy

(Needs to be filled in...
She an infinite on Sentinel and can rejump in her air combo to continue it further.
Infinite (big characters only): (Jump, xx dash, J LK, J LK, J HK, repeat).