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Ah Dan, trained by Akuma he has most of his abilities...with none of the power!!! With some of the least powerful attacks in the game, Dan is what you would call a "joke" by the Capcom developers...(sick pups!)




Moves List

Normal Moves

I put these under his normal moves because even though they do no damage, they make Dan look really COOL!!! (All of these moves raise Dan's power bar like a strong punch would)

Taunt: (g/o) Start Ok, everyone has one right...Exactly!!!

Forward Roll: (g/o) QCF+Start Oh yeah! Who's the man?!

Backward Roll: (g/o) QCB+Start Huh! Dan's the man!!!

Jumping Yell (a/o) Start Man, this guy is so excellently cool! This taunt is fun to keep S.Jumping with if your up against slower characters.

Special Moves

Gouduken: (g/o) QCF+P Does little damage w/ even worse range!

Shoryu-ken: (g/o) DPM+P Unlike the other shoto's, it relativly goes straight up.

Hurrican Kick: (g/a) QCB+K Poor Dan just can't quite "spin" like the rest, but he gets some good distance out of it!

Auto-graph: (g/o) QCF+K If it wasn't enough to say he is the weakest character; he flaunts being the strongest!

Super Moves

Shin Goudu-ken: (g/o) QCF+2P No lie, this move has like 300% the range and power of it's predicesor!!!

Shin Shoryu-ken: (g/o) DPM+2P Ladies and gentlemen, not one, but 2 HITS!!! (Does 1/2 amount of damage Ryu's does)

Dan Barrage: (g/o) QCB+2K "YABA-YABA-YABA-YABA YEA!!!" You go Dan! *tear*

Ultimate Poser: (g/o) 360F+Start This is why you love Dan...right!

Demon Explosion: (g/o) HP,LK,Back,LP,LP Alright so at least he got this move down from Akuma. Wrong! While it's still a Lvl.3 move, and beats the living daylights out of whoever your opponent was, when he's finished he gets caught in the blast and loses all but 1 point of health...At least he tried!

Assist Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy