Marvel vs Capcom 2/Dashing

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Dashing (F,F or PP) will move your character forward at a certain rate/distance. Almost everyone character has their own unique speed/rate (there are 56 characters so for all I know one or two have the same speed/rate). Dashing is a very interesting ability since it allows you to move forward and block right away. This might sound simple but there are some characters who have a full screen dash and can pretty much follow you through out the whole match unless you have a way of avoiding them. Another interesting thing about dashing is that some people ‘hop’ instead of staying on the floor for the whole time. This means that some characters can hop over people’s low attacks and proceed to throw them or hit them and start their own combos/resets/other. Another fascinating thing about dashing is that the people who are technically in the air during their jump can block and when they block they will be on the ground. You can cancel your dash with a normal, a super, special, tag, jump, block, super jump, throw (if you’re close), tap down. Since there are a lot of ways to cancel your dash it is usually safe however, there are a few things that can hit someone while they are dashing... Since tapping down can stop your dash and you can dash the very next frame after tapping down you can do them over and over to get through the whole stage very quickly (if you’re character doesn’t already have a full-screen dash). This ability is called wave-dashing. It is used to get to one point of the screen that is normally not accessible if you were to dash and walk or dash and attempt a move. Even those characters who hop when they dash have the ability to wave-dash. For some reason when they do this and there is an attack already put out on the floor they can hop over it even if they wave-dash!