Marvel vs Capcom 2/Flying Screen

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Flying screen is a property that's used to decrease the ammount of abilities your character has, ruling out possible combo follow ups. To enter the flying screen state you must connect a knock down attack with the opponent while in a super jumping state. Once flying screen has been activated you will not be able to do the following actions untill the combo counter is reset:

- Super jump
- Super jump cancel

There are two kinds of flying screen. The first has a visual representation which is activated by comboing a light attack into a knock down move before flying screen is activated. The result is the opponent flying off across the screen and your character racing back in behind them. This does not take effect when activated in the corner.

The second doesn't have a visual representation which happens when you DON'T combo a light attack into a knock down move, before flying screen is activated. This version does allow combo follow ups, but the actions above are still restricted, so you have to make without them.