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Hayato's First appearance was made in Star Gladiator (PSX) and later on in Plasma Sword (DC).




Moves List

Shown Below...............

Normal Moves

Sword Pierce - (In Air) Down + HK

Dash and Slash - Dash + HP x2

Special Moves

Shiden - QCF + LP or HP

Guren - DP + LP or HP

Shirotora Hou - Back, Forward + 2P

Plasma Combos - Remember to hold back while doing these combos:

1.HP, HP

2.LP, LP, LP, LP

3.LP, LP, HP, HK, HP

4.HP, LP, HP, HP, HP

5.HP, LP, HP, LK, HP

6.HP, LP, LP, HP, HP

7.LP, LP, HP, HK, LP, LP

8.LP, LP, LP, HK, LP, LP

9.HP, LP, LP, LP, HK, LP, LP

10.HP, LP, LP, HP, HK, LP, LP

Super Moves

Rasetsu Zan - QCF + 2P (1 BAR)

Engetsu - QCF + 2K (1 BAR)

Plasma Field - QCB + 2k (In air too) (1 BAR)

B.Hayato Attack - LP,HP Back LK, HK (3 Supers Bars)

Assist Moves


     - Shiden
     - Rasetsu Zan


    - Guren
    - Engetsu


     - Shiden
     - Engetsu

The Basics

LP,MP,HP xx Shiden, Guren or Rasetsu-Zan,, xx Engetsu

c.lp,,c.hp xx super jump and chain.............

Advanced Strategy

Always play a mid/close range game. Try to get the enemy cornered and knock him out. Use his combos and moves well (since they have lots of lag).