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Jin Saotome and his giant robot Blodia are from the giant robot fighting game Cyberbots. In the Marvel vs. Capcom games, Jin fights on foot, utilizing fiery punches and kicks, some disturbing clothes-exploding action, and several supers that call in Blodia from the sidelines.

Moves List

Normal Moves


LP: Weak nothing punch.

MP: Jin's launcher, decent damage, short range.

FP: A strong flaming punch with really good range.

LK: A quick kick that does okay damage and moves Jin slightly forward.

MK: A spinning kick that does two hits and knocks your opponent away.

FK: Jin jumps forward and does a drill kick. It can hit from all the way across the screen, and knocks the opponent down.


LP: Stronger than a standing jab.

MP: Jin smashes downwards with a flaming fist. Quick and the damage is about right.

FP: Decent damage and speed, knocks the opponent over and will push you back a ways.

LK: Has some nice range for a short, and will knock you back a bit.

MK: Jin kicks upwards. If you do this after a crouching short you'll be knocked back too far for it to connect, unless you're fighting some huge guys or your opponent's moving forward or something.

FK: Ground drill kick. Doesn't have the range of the standing roundhouse, but comes out faster and does the same damage.


LP: Weak as ever.

MP: A regular forward flaming punch. Seems like it'd be good in a combo.

FP: A downwards smash. Pretty good for catching someone in the air, I think.

LK: I think Jin's scream is funny. Not much else to say about this one.

MK: Jin kicks upwards. The damage on this move doesn't seem quite up to par.

FK: A jumping spinning kick that hits twice. Does a little bit more than the standing forward.

d+FK: A Dhalsim-style, downwards drill kick. This one can hit three times and makes a good way to top off an air combo.

Special Moves

Saotome Typhoon: Charge b,f+P. Jin spins like a screen-wide cyclone forwards. If it's blocked you're left wide open for a counter.

Saotome Dynamite: Charge d,u+P. Jin's clothes explode off his body and hit everything nearby. All right as a move, but much better as an assist.

Saotome Crush: hcb+K. Jin does a short dash forward and grabs. If he connects and isn't blocked, he'll drag his opponent all across the sides of the screen and deposit him back in the corner for minor-ish damage.

Super Moves

Blodia Punch: qcf+PP. Jin punches forward, then Blodia's fist comes flying out of the side of the screen. This does more damage the closer your opponent is to your corner, and can also put some hurt on his assists.

Blodia Vulcan: qcb+PP. Jin snaps his fingers, calling in a machine-gun assault from Blodia. If this hits, it'll cut to a view inside the cockpit, and if it misses or is blocked, Jin will jump back out and punch the ground. Mash it for all it's worth.

Saotome Cyclone: qcf+KK. A stationary, short-ranged, high-reaching version of the Typhoon special. Doesn't seem to actually do any damage until your opponent hits the ground... I wouldn't recommend cancelling this into anything.

Assist Moves

Expansion Type: LP Saotome Typhoon/Saotome Cyclone

Anti-Air Type: Saotome Dynamite/Blodia Punch

Launcher Type: Standing MP/Blodia Punch

The Basics

Advanced Strategy