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--Ozsega 05:49, 8 July 2006 (CDT)

Real Name: Cain Marko
Height: 6 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 900 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: red brown
Occupation: professional criminal
Identity: secret
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record as yet
Other Aliases: none
Place of Birth: Berkeley, Calif.
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Kurt Marko (father, a deceased), Marjorie Marko (mother, deceased), Sharon Xavier (stepmother, deceased), Charles F. Xavier (stepbrother)

Strength Level: The Juggernaut possesses Class 100 strength, enabling him to lift (press) over 100 tons. The Juggernaut is said to be unstoppable, and the upper limit to his strength is not known.

Marko and was serving together in the same U.S. military unit as his stepbrother Xavier in Asia. Marko ended up in a cave that housed the lost secret temple of Cyttorak, a powerful mystical entity. Marko impulsively grabbed a glowing ruby from the lap of an idol and read the inscription (which mystically appeared to his mind to be in English): "Whosoever touches this gem shall possess the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Henceforth, you who read these words shall become forevermore a human juggernaut." The gem's mystical power transformed Marko into a larger, superhuman being. Just then high, explosive bombardment from the enemy caused a cave-in, and Marko was buried under several thousand tons of rock.

Like The Hulk Juggernaut posses great strength and armor. He is however slow and bulky to move around he is often over looked but given time to learn his specials he can be a great asset to any team

Origins: X-Men: Children of the Atom

Other Appearances: Marvel Super Heros, X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

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